Training Injury and Fracture

Soldiers may suffer from traumatic fractures due to falls and injuries when training and performing tasks. It is also possible that excessive training intensity, long-term, repeated and slight external stimulation will lead to fatigue fracture. Fatigue fracture often occurs during long-distance marching, with fibula of lower leg and metatarsal bone of sole being more common.

Is there a local manifestation of what in the fracture?

The common manifestations of fracture are local pain, swelling and dysfunction.

Fracture also has some unique manifestations, such as:

  1. Deformity: Displacement of fracture end can change the shape of fracture limb, mainly manifested as shortening, angulation or rotation;

  2. Abnormal activity: abnormal activity occurs after fracture in parts where limbs cannot move under normal circumstances;

  3. Bone rub or bone rub sensation: After fracture, when the two fracture ends rub against each other, bone rub or bone rub sensation can be generated. In general, when deformity, abnormal activity and bone rub occur in the injured part, the existence of fracture can be preliminarily judged.

Emergency Measures for Fracture

  1. If a fracture occurs, the following first aid measures can be taken on site:

  2. Take off or cut off the clothes on the injured part;

  3. Wrap some ice cubes with towels and apply them to the injured parts.

  4. Fix the injured limb in the position where the problem occurred;

  5. Simple fixation at the fracture site, It is better if you have a splint. The splint can keep the bone from moving until you see a doctor, so as to prevent the broken bone from damaging peripheral nerves and blood vessels and play a protective role. Temporary splints can be made of small boards or cardboard or even folded multi-layer newspapers. Roll it up and tie it with elastic bandages or straps, and be careful not to tie it too tightly.

  6. When spine fracture occurs, the disease condition is more serious, At this time, it is strictly prohibited to move indiscriminately. It is best to call 120 and other professionals to deal with it, so as not to aggravate the injury. If you carry it by yourself, don’t lift your feet by one person or hunchback by one person. You must pay attention to keeping the patient’s spine straight. Several people pinto the patient together and let him lie flat on the hardwood board for escort.