Truth, does black garlic really have the effects of losing weight, resisting cancer and controlling three highs?

Garlic has unique smell and spicy taste, and the saying that garlic has health care effect is widely circulated.

All kinds of garlic products dazzle people. In recent years, there has been a more noticeable product-black garlic.

Businessmen claim that black garlic has the effects of reducing blood lipid, blood pressure, blood sugar, softening blood vessels, improving sleep, constipation, etc. It can even resist cancer.

As a result, many high-consumption people also highly praise this black garlic.

Is black garlic what?

Black garlic is not a special garlic variety in what.

It has only been more than ten years since Koreans invented black garlic. Because of the improvement of garlic’s original flavor and taste and the promotion of [health care function], black garlic has achieved considerable success in the market and its price is not cheap.

The processing process of black garlic is simple but long: heating for one month or even longer in a high humidity (moisture) environment.

Many places refer to this process as [fermentation] when introducing black garlic, and attribute the health care effect to fermentation, but this may be a misnomer. Because black garlic is made at a temperature of about 60 degrees or more, at which all kinds of microorganisms are difficult to grow.

Therefore, garlic actually turns black when heated [oxidized] and becomes black garlic.

Black garlic has no special health care effect.

There are various articles circulating on the Internet, claiming that black garlic has the effects of [regulating constipation] [sterilizing and treating beriberi] [preventing cardiovascular diseases] and even [eugenics] [delaying aging].

This is obviously an exaggeration.

After fresh garlic turns into black garlic, the original antioxidant active ingredient-alliin (S-allyl cysteine) and various polyphenol compounds have indeed greatly increased in content and activity.

However, [there are functional components] [there are antioxidant properties], which does not mean that black garlic can really produce various health care effects on people.

Black garlic has only been invented for more than a decade, and the current research is mainly to detect composition changes. There are a small number of animal tests, which cannot be counted as sufficient. For example:

In 2014, An animal experiment by Taiwanese scholars found that: Compared with the high-fat food group alone, the final body weight, relative weight of liver and adipose tissue, triglyceride in serum and oxidative stress level of liver of rats eating high-fat food and supplementing black garlic extract are significantly lower. Many indexes are close to those of rats eating normal diet, and the fat content in feces is higher.

The author of this paper believes that regulating fat production, decomposition and fatty acid oxidation is one of the ways to control body fat accumulation, while black garlic extract has certain effects and established a mechanism model.

We must admit that from the perspective of scientific research, this is a very good study. However, after all, it is only an animal experiment. How the situation in human body is still very much to be further studied.

As for the [anticancer] effect of black garlic, there are only some very preliminary laboratory studies at present, which have not really been confirmed.

How eats garlic scientifically

Most people eat garlic as seasoning food, and their daily consumption is very limited, so it is impossible to eat garlic with special health care effects.

Everyone can combine according to their preferences and choose to eat garlic or black garlic. It doesn’t matter. However, if the important task of preventing and even curing diseases is entrusted to black garlic or garlic (or any single food), wake up and don’t be too naive.

Black garlic does have several advantages over fresh garlic:

    Sweet and soft: The original oligosaccharides are converted into fructose, thus increasing the sweetness and soft taste of black garlic. Little gastrointestinal irritation: due to the reduction of the total amount of volatile organic sulfide, the reaction that garlic may stimulate intestinal gas production is eliminated; It is not easy to leave a breath: the unique pungent smell is also less, and there will be no strong breath after eating.

For many people, black garlic is more acceptable than garlic.

Apart from the relatively high purchase price, eating some properly does no harm to what. However, the rumor that black garlic has the effect of [losing weight, resisting cancer and controlling the three highs] can be laughed off.