Truth: Is drinking purified water harmful to health?

There is a widespread saying:

Because purified water lacks trace elements, drinking purified water will lead to lack of nutrition and damage health.

Is this really the case? If you believe it, would you believe it if someone said [because bananas do not contain carotene, eating bananas will harm your health]?

Drink water to replenish water, not nutrition.

It is true that pure water lacks essential minerals for human body, but drinking water is to supplement water, not nutrition. Nutrients needed by human body can be ingested through other foods, and other diets and fruits and vegetables contain far more nutrients than drinking water.

There are many sources of human drinking water. As people living in cities, drinking water mainly includes tap water and bottled water, which belong to processed water and need to pass strict drinking water hygiene standards. It is hard to imagine that there will be a kind of water harmful to human body in the market for a long time.

The water in the city waterworks is disinfected and will meet the drinking hygiene standards when leaving the factory. However, if the water delivery pipeline is in disrepair, it may lead to secondary pollution of the water quality. However, boiling the water can kill most bacteria and viruses in the water, so it is generally safe to drink boiled water or cook with tap water.

Pure water is prepared by [reverse osmosis] or [distillation] and is water with most impurities removed. This kind of water is clean enough and suitable for drinking. As drinking water, it is very safe.

In fact, developed countries in the Middle East and Europe and the United States have been drinking purified water for decades, and the penetration rate of purified water has reached more than 80%, but no one has anything wrong with drinking purified water.

The so-called harmful purified water must be a rumor.

The more minerals in water, the better.

Bottled water generally includes mineral water, mineral added water and purified water (reverse osmosis water or distilled water), etc.

Mineral water is usually taken from natural water sources containing various minerals. After disinfection processing and passing the inspection, it should be safe for human body. However, because the effect of any substance on human body needs to consider not only its composition but also its total intake, it is not clear how much value the minerals in mineral water will bring to our health.

Minerals are added to water, Urban tap water is generally used as raw water, And then through the pure processing, Add minerals, After sterilization, it is filled. That is to say, The so-called mineral water is blended by processing tap water into pure water and adding some food additives such as potassium chloride. Due to the different minerals and contents added by different enterprises, if you add too much or drink this so-called mineral water containing additives for a long time, it is likely to have adverse effects on health.

Where does purified water [poison] come from?

There are many rumors circulating on the Internet claiming that: Pure water does great harm to human body, And enumerated a variety of so-called evidences, For example, a rumor titled “Tap Water Cry” continues to spread among WeChat friends, The rumor claimed that [a couple in Shanghai gave birth to a baby boy who had been drinking purified water all the time. After 3 years, the child developed rickets and his IQ did not develop. Authoritative experts said that everything was caused by purified water. Since then, the Shanghai municipal government has stressed that all primary and secondary school students are prohibited from drinking purified water].

However, after investigation, Shanghai did regulate the drinking water supply mode in primary and secondary schools in the city, but there was no ban on drinking purified water. From a medical point of view, drinking purified water has nothing to do with rickets.

Some people say that pure water has no minerals and will dissolve and expel all trace elements in the body, which is not conducive to health. Others say that drinking pure water will lead to decalcification and osteoporosis. These are all ignorance of human physiology.

In fact, there is a mechanism for balancing the ion concentration in human body fluids. Moreover, adults have dozens of kilograms of body fluids and drink only 1-2 liters of water a day, which has very little effect on the ion concentration in the body. Even if there is a little effect, it may only be similar to the effect of eating less vegetables, so there is no need to worry too much.

So, why is this kind of rumor just like [the undead Jack Bauer]? Although scientists keep refuting the rumor, the rumor still keeps popping up?

In fact, there are profound reasons.

The initiators and advocates of such rumors are often inextricably linked to the producers or sellers of mineral water, mineral water or other what wading products. For example, rumors of harmful pure water in China are often followed by advertisements for other drinking water.

In addition, fear will help spread rumors. At present, Chinese people have long lacked confidence in the food hygiene environment. So when these rumors are spread using terrorist appeals, It can easily cater to people’s inner anxiety, And seems to be able to ease one’s uneasiness by believing in this false [truth]. Rumors rarely have positive or positive content, because we are naturally more inclined to spread negative news. Rumor expert Nicholas Di Fonzo explains: “People always control their inner fear by spreading rumors.”

Rumors stop at wise men. Only by continuously improving one’s scientific literacy, insisting on independent thinking and not blindly believing rumors and rumours can one be a knowledgeable youth in the new era.

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