Truth [Raw] Tomatoes Can’t Be Eated?

In the past two days, WeChat’s circle of friends has begun to have another piece of “bad news about tomatoes”! Let’s have a look! > > article. Like all rumors, this article uses the tone of DouZhang (bi), quotes the research results of some fabricated foreign researchers, and throws out an appalling conclusion: [Raw tomatoes are poisonous with Solanine, don’t eat them raw! Must be cooked before eating! ]

As a tomato lover, seeing this conclusion is really, uncle can bear it, aunt can’t bear it either!

The author of this article played a language trick intentionally or unintentionally.

There are two explanations for [raw]: one is the state in which food has not been cooked; The other is the state of immature fruit. The author of this article confused the two explanations. He equated the undeveloped green tomato with the uncooked tomato, and added the non-existent brain supplement to the whole sky, finally concocted this article.

I’d like to set the record straight here: those immature green tomatoes cannot be eaten raw or cooked.

Because only ripe red tomatoes can be eaten…

I. Solanine

The name may be unfamiliar to most people, but I’m afraid most people know that [sprouted potatoes cannot be eaten]. One of the reasons is that sprouted potatoes accumulate a large amount of solanine in their buds and sprouts.

Solanine is a cholinesterase inhibitor, which can be poisoned by people or livestock. Moreover, its toxicity is relatively strong, and 0.2 g of solanine can cause toxic reactions, causing stomachache, vomiting, even dyspnea and organ failure.

More importantly, this substance has good thermal stability and will not decompose until 285 ℃. Our usual cooking methods have no way to take it.

Therefore, immature green tomatoes cannot be eaten, nor can they be eaten when cooked.

Second, about tomatoes

This is not the first time tomatoes have been framed.

Tomatoes have been misunderstood and discriminated against because of their gorgeous appearance and their origin in South America.

Tomatoes were originally grown as ornamental plants, It is said that only wolves can eat it, so it is called “wolf peach”. In the 16th century, the Duke of Orodalari of England saw the delicious red skin of tomatoes and brought them back to England to give them to his lover. Since then, people have called them “love apples” and believed to have a certain role in promoting sexual function, probably similar to the effect of leeks in our legend.

Therefore, until the middle of the 18th century, missionaries still banned tomatoes.

At present, the tomatoes we eat are all screened. Mature tomatoes are rich in nutrition, vitamins, organic acids and various trace elements. However, there is a process of tomato ripening, and solanine is actually abundant in raw green tomatoes. In the process of ripening, those solanine alkali will be metabolized and converted by plants themselves.

So now the question arises, a normal person, who wants to eat those small and astringent green tomatoes?

Therefore, do not eat immature green tomatoes, but mature red tomatoes are safe even if eaten raw. It is suggested that the frightened friends should eat some cold tomatoes to suppress the shock.