Truth, Yuba will emit blue light and cause blindness?

The lamp-heated bath heater is truly [made in China] and has become a southern [bath artifact] without central heating in winter.

However, rumors of [blindness of Yuba] [harm of blue light] have never stopped. Will Yuba really emit [blue light] and damage his eyesight?

Blu-ray eye injury is not credible.

In the controversy over the security threat of Yuba, [Blu-ray Harm] is the most mentioned.

Among the eight kinds of light that may be harmful, the main light source of Yuba is infrared light, and [blue light, photochemical ultraviolet and near ultraviolet] are the three kinds of light source components of Yuba.

Compared with photochemical ultraviolet, near ultraviolet and blue light, in fact, the relevant parameters of eye irritation caused by infrared light are closer to the [maximum limit] stipulated by the state, but still belong to the [harmless level].

The luminous principle of Yuba bulb determines that the light it emits is more inclined to one side of infrared light, while blue light and ultraviolet light happen to be on the other side of the spectrum, so the blue light component in Yuba light is relatively small and the energy is relatively weak, and the rumor that [blue light will cause damage] is not credible.

Reasonable Use of Bath Bulls

Although the [blue light] released by Yuba does not pose a threat in the national standard, it does not mean that Yuba is [harmless to eyes].

The biggest problem is that the lamp-heated bath heater is mainly used for heating, but the luminous, hanging and installation positions of the bath heater are similar to those of ordinary lamps, and even there is a risk of more [direct] eye irritation.

Therefore, although the statement that Yuba hurts eyes is not accurate, the following two points should be paid attention to when using it:

  1. When using the bath bulb, do not look directly at the bulb of the bath bulb, there will be a risk of retinal damage for more than 10 seconds.

  2. Infants’ eyes are more fragile than adults’, and they have no awareness of prevention, so parents must pay attention when using them. In addition to avoiding direct eyes, they should also minimize the use time.

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