Weekly Records of Pregnancy Delivery (2): [Amniotic Fluid Broken] Is It a what Experience?

The water is broken, will survival be far away?

After Miss Zhou knew that she had broken the water, Breathe a sigh of relief-[It’s finally going to be born, I don’t have to be bored in the ward any more]. Then, I began to think about [delivery room time] irrelevant, such as whether to take photos, use what hairstyle when I was born, what the baby looked like… I was still struggling with whether to call Dr. Tian and his mother back who had just returned home. In short, a pair of [suffering ends immediately, happiness begins immediately].

At this time, the clear-headed sister-in-law and aunt had already called doctors and nurses. The white figure that a group of [hula la] poured into the ward brought two bad news and completely shattered my [wishful thinking].

    The opening of the uterus has not yet been opened, so you will definitely not be able to give birth tonight, and it is not certain whether you can give birth tomorrow. Look at whether the uterine contraction will get up. Because the water is broken and the fetal head has not fallen down, you cannot get out of bed from now on, and you have to use bedpans to solve your defecation and urination in bed.

Huh? Can’t get out of bed? How uncomfortable that is. Why is this?

Wang Dafu, who was on duty, explained that since the fetal head had not yet dropped, it was easy to cause umbilical cord prolapse after breaking the water. [In that case, infection, intrauterine distress and the like could occur, and both the mother and the baby were in danger! ]

Well, looking at Wang Dafu’s serious appearance, Miss Zhou has only one way to do it.

After I finished the internal examination, explained the matters needing attention, and got on the fetal heart monitor, the doctors and nurses all [hula] withdrew again. Before leaving, Wang Dafu did not forget to explain one thing: [while the uterine contraction is not up yet, eat, drink and have a good rest quickly, so that the pain will give me strength to persist. Family members do not need to come immediately, they are far away.]

In this way, the ward returned to calm.

But my body soon became restless-the uterus contracted.

At first, just as usual, the lower abdomen was tight. Then, there is a feeling similar to dysmenorrhea, swelling and soreness. It comes every 7 or 8 minutes for more than 1 minute, but on the whole, it is still within the tolerable range.

Eating, drinking, pulling and scattering are all on the bed.

Sleep, is not to sleep. Lying in bed, also can’t do what recreational activities. Then [follow the doctor’s advice] eat.

As a result, my sister-in-law and aunt took me to the hospital for all kinds of delicious food, They were all stacked beside the hospital bed: Coconut, Ferriero, pork jerky, carambola, orange, whole wheat bread… Actually, there is also a handmade Ai Qingtuan, produced by Hangzhou’s well-known time-honored brand Zhiweiguan, which was transported by air. Green faint slippery dumplings, in the late night before the arrival of this Qingming Festival, shining with timely light, showing Zhou Girl’s self-cultivation as a food.

If you eat, you have to pull. Another problem is also very important-defecation and urination.

Don’t laugh, this is a serious and important problem. After breaking the water, because you can’t move in the fields, you can only use bedpans to solve your defecation and urination in bed.

Many pregnant women are not used to this toilet posture, and cannot make such actions that are detrimental to the image of ladies under the gaze of accompanying personnel, thus holding urine is very serious. This may not only lead to bladder enlargement, hinder fetal head descent, and affect the progress of labor. It may also lead to postpartum bladder function damage, urinary retention or urinary incontinence. In the end, only the catheter can be placed after delivery to allow the bladder to fully rest, reduce swelling and restore nerve function. That will be another crime.

Fortunately, Miss Zhou successfully solved the problem with the idea of “throwing caution to the wind”.

Any analgesic method is a floating cloud.

Just when I thought [it was also good to eat, pull and chat in bed like this], the intensity of uterine contraction slowly increased.

I can no longer talk and laugh, no matter how delicious the food is in my mouth, I can no longer enjoy it. I only hope that the inexplicable pain can pass quickly.

Lamazer’s breathing method

I think of Lamaze’s breathing method, which midwifery nurses have repeated many times: when the uterus is contracted, it is cleared with a long inhalation and a long breath. Then count the beats of [1, 2, 3, 4], slowly inhale through your nose, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. At the end of a uterine contraction, a suction and a breath are performed to clear it. When uterine contraction occurs, the whole body should relax, relax and then relax.

At first, this breathing method took effect quickly, but the optimistic situation lasted for less than an hour. At about 1: 30 a.m., under the continuous blow of pain, girl, I have faded.

Wilt to wilt, pain or pain, how to do?

Self-invented analgesic method

Girl, I created an English word analgesic, It seems that the pain can be effectively relieved when reading words. Therefore, Bracelet, fetal heart monitor, sickbed button, food packaging… All the English words I saw were carefully spelled out one by one. Don’t say, when reading, it really didn’t hurt so much. I understand, in fact, this is a typical case of distraction to relieve pain.

Just when the English word “run out of ammunition and food” appeared, Dr. Tian appeared. There is also Wang Dafu on duty, who comes to do routine internal examination.

[The uterus is still not open, it is still a long way off! ] Wang Dafu took off his gloves and looked calm.

[It’s so painful that I haven’t opened yet…] I’m in despair again.

Contractions are still worsening. In addition to spelling words, I have also tried some self-created methods.

For example, imagine that the contracting uterus is not an organ of your own body, and observe and experience the pain on [others] with a [bystander] mentality.

Another example, please month sister-in-law aunt Hotan doctor, touch, massage the sore part, especially in addition to the lower abdomen discomfort. I heard many expectant mothers said that when uterine contraction, they often feel that the waist is fast broken, and this kind of feeling can be effectively relieved by pressing and massaging.

However, no matter which of the above methods you use, one thing should be kept in mind-don’t shout.

Many girls were misled by the brain-dead dramas produced by the writers and directors of the gods. Empress small master children cry like pig. In fact, shouting will not only lead to abdominal flatulence, but also may consume physical strength too much, and then uterine contraction is weak, labor process is prolonged, more serious may let expectant mother lack oxygen, endangering the life of the baby and mother. Moreover, no matter you how shout, the pain cannot be relieved, so a little [do more harm than good].

Time is so one minute one second to 4 o’clock in the morning. With the aggravation of the uterine contraction, my analgesic method does not work. Every time the uterine contraction rises, the whole body seems to be left with only one organ, the pain masks all other feelings, as long as casually move, the pain is not only not relieved, but also will aggravate dozens of times.

Fortunately, there was painless childbirth.

Just when despair and helplessness were about to knock down Miss Zhou, Dr. Tian came up with the last move: Before giving birth, Miss Zhou applied for painless childbirth and also asked Dr. Daniel Pei, a classmate of Dr. Tian’s university and an anesthesiologist, to carry out it.

Just because the uterus is not open and it is midnight, it is not easy to arrest people from their sleep. However, it seems that nothing can appease my heart, which is about to collapse, except painless childbirth.

As a result, Dr. Tian set out from the hospital and crossed tens of kilometers in the dark in Beijing to pick up Dr. Pei.

In this way, at 4: 30 a.m., Miss Zhou, who was dying in her hospital bed, waited for the arrival of the anesthesiologist like waiting for dawn in the dark night.

At this time, Wang Dafu on duty came to do the internal examination again: Gong Eloquence had just opened and had not even reached a finger.

This means that although it has been painful all night and feels that the pain has reached its limit, the labor time should be counted from more than 4 o’clock. In other words, the birth of the baby will occur in the next 24 hours, and I may-another 24 hours of pain! And the more! Come on! The more! Pain!

Well, before dawn, there was indeed a wave of [darkest] nights. [I hope painless childbirth will make me feel better.] Miss Zhou thought in despair.

Editor: Zhang Jingyuan

Author: Zhou Shaoren