What about Xiong Haizi hitting people? Three schemes to deal with [the disease]

What if the child hits someone?

Severely criticizing education, it seems that the child is still too young to do it himself. Ignore it and think it’s just a child’s unintentional behavior, and worry that he will do it again next time. In the future, his character will become more and more irritable. Faced with this situation, many parents are neither light nor heavy, and it is very difficult.

It is quite common for children aged 3-5 (preschool age) to have aggressive behaviors. In fact, from the different attitudes of parents, we can already feel that children aged 3-5 should be treated differently in their aggressive behaviors.

Is what expressed behind the child’s attack? How should parents deal with it so as to guide their children correctly? Let’s talk about these issues.

What is aggressive?

Aggressive behavior refers to the destructive behavior that physically or verbally causes damage or even destruction to people or things, which can be manifested as beating, grasping, pinching, kicking, spitting, abusing, threatening, humiliating, etc.

However, [aggressive behavior] and [aggressive] are two concepts, and having aggressive behavior does not necessarily mean that children are aggressive.

Aggressive behavior is only a kind of performance. Parents should learn to identify the reasons behind this kind of performance and guide their children’s behavior correctly.

Case 1: Stop Unintentional Injury