What’s the matter with cola teeth? On the Correct Posture of Drinking Coke

Summer is coming, and it will be very refreshing if my friends can drink a can of ice cola after exercise. As for all kinds of fruit juice, it should also be the favorite of most people. However, these beverage lovers must master the correct drinking method.

How can colas hurt teeth?

Have you seen < < Why don’t I like sugar and worm teeth still come to me? > > Readers of this article all know that dental caries requires four conditions: sensitive host, the effect of oral cariogenic flora, suitable substrate (food residue) and sufficient time. Carbonated beverages and fruit juice represented by cola are rich in sugar and are very suitable substrates for bacterial growth. And they can remain on the tooth surface. If you happen to meet a person who has a long-term and large-scale eating habit, you will satisfy another of the four factors-enough time.

For another reason, Carbonated beverages and most fruit juice beverages have low pH values, We know that the hard tissue of the tooth is more acidic, That is, demineralization occurs when the pH value is low: In short, Even if the hard tissue is acid [dissolved]. Of course, there is no need to worry too much. The saliva in the mouth is a buffer, It can keep the pH value in the oral cavity relatively stable, A sudden drop in pH value can return to normal in a short period of time. However, after the pH rises, Calcium and phosphorus produced by demineralization on the tooth surface will be [remineralized] and [softened] the teeth can be [hardened] again. However, if a person uses cola as thirst quenching water without stopping, the pH value in the oral cavity will remain in a state that makes the teeth [demineralized] and cannot be [remineralized]-then the teeth will suffer substantial damage.

Is there any other disadvantage?

Because many drinks are colored, such as cola and most fruit juices. These pigments are likely to adhere to the tooth surface, especially for people who eat them for a long time. If you really get ugly pigment, please go out and turn left to look at < < Save you with what, my rhubarb teeth? > >.

In addition, there is some experimental evidence that such beverages will also cause certain corrosion to the prosthesis for people who have had their teeth repaired or dentures inserted. For patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, acidic drinks will affect the adhesion of metal brackets to the tooth surface. Therefore, this group of people should avoid excessive drinking.

Can we still have a drink happily?

Of course!

Although cola and fruit juice have various shortcomings, we cannot kill them with one stick. After all, these sour and sweet drinks can also cheer the mood, dispel boredom and even improve work efficiency. Therefore, as long as we abandon bad drinking habits, we can effectively avoid their negative effects.

1. Refuse to drink in large quantities for a long time

Above all, It is a long process for hard tooth tissues to be eroded by acid or cause tooth decay. If a person drinks cola, fruit juice every day, every hour and every moment, Even some people have become possessed and have replaced drinking water with beverages, so this quantitative change can easily accumulate and eventually produce qualitative changes. Therefore, drinking at a normal amount and frequency will not cause irreversible damage to teeth.

2. It is not unreasonable that straws are so popular.

Perhaps it is because the drink flows through the tip of the tongue and filling the mouth can bring continuous sweetness, especially children like to contain the drink in their mouth for a long time and refuse to swallow it for a long time. However, this is really not a good habit. The recommended drinking method is to use a straw to minimize the contact time between these drinks and the tooth surface.

3. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking

Some people say that since drinking drinks is so harmful, I will brush my teeth after drinking! In fact, this is also a bad habit. Foods with higher acidity, Especially fruit juice, fruit, Will cause the tooth surface to soften to varying degrees, If you use a toothbrush to mechanically stimulate the tooth surface immediately at this time, it will lead to tooth wear. The correct method is not to brush your teeth immediately after drinking the drink, and it is not too late to brush your teeth after the acidic substances on the tooth surface are neutralized by saliva, a powerful buffer medium.

Step 4: Regular dental visits

This is a common way to prevent all kinds of dental and oral problems. Regular visits to dentists and comprehensive examinations should be conducted. The diseases that should be treated should be treated and the habits that should be observed should be strengthened and maintained. In this way, everyone can not miss the refreshing pleasure brought by various drinks and keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Responsible Editor: Fei Fei

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