Which parts of fish cannot be eaten?

Most of the time, when a fish completes its development mission and is placed on the chopping board, its fate has already been written down.

After experiencing lingering with various pots, when served and then eaten, except meat, they were brutally left behind. Therefore, can other strange parts of the fish’s body be eaten?

Don’t worry, Dr. Clove will analyze one by one.

Fish head

When it comes to fish heads, it must be the love of many people.

The rich EPA and DHA in fish head and fish meat are of great help to the development of nervous system and brain of infants, but they have no effect on adults.

Therefore, let’s give up our resistance. We will definitely not be just a few fish heads away from Einstein.

The fish head is delicious, but it is recommended that you try to avoid some fish with high mercury content, such as tuna, sailfish, swordfish, shark…

Fish scales

Fish scales grow beautifully, but the taste is not very good.

However, as a food, one can always find a reason to eat-legend has it that fish scales contain collagen, which can be used in beauty beauty and cannot be lost.

Yes, there is, but not as much as pigskin.

Besides, collagen is not a high-quality protein in what. It cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by the human body, nor can it play the role of beauty beauty at all.

The taste is so bad, don’t force yourself.

Fish skin

Fish skin is creamy and really delicious.

However, we often cannot put fish skin firmly into our mouth because of rumors that it is easy to be contaminated by heavy metals.

There is no experiment to show that all fish skin is polluted by heavy metals. Moreover, even if there is, the total amount of fish skin in a fish is so large that there is no need to give up one’s love with pain.

In a word, fish skin can still be eaten. The key is to choose fish with less pollution.

Fish gill

Fish gills are an important respiratory organ of fish. They look very red because they often exchange blood and gas.

It is rich in iron. Apart from its different taste, it tastes a bit like chicken blood and duck blood.

However, if you don’t like the taste, don’t force it.

Fish seed

Fish seeds are the eggs of fish, which feel like exploding when bitten down at the entrance.

It has a considerable amount of lecithin, which is helpful for the development of nervous system.

But because lecithin is also a kind of fat, if you eat it with all your strength, it will be easy to last for a month and a half…

Although fish seeds are harmless, they cannot be said to be nourishing. They can be eaten if they like, and they can be eaten boldly if they are not afraid of getting fat.

Swim bladder

The swim bladder is also called flower glue, which is a little literary and artistic, that is, an organ that allows fish to rise and fall freely in the water.

Dried flower glue is a kind of food with high protein and low fat. The protein can reach more than 75%, but it is not rare. Beef jerky has no less protein than flower glue, and the fat is similar. Importantly, the taste is better.

The biggest feature of flower glue is that it is rich in collagen. As for the legendary flower glue, which has the effects of promoting lactation, nourishing yin and enriching blood, and beauty beauty, it is actually fake.

If all this is true, pigskin will become the biggest winner in the food industry…


When eating fish, my throat stuck for a moment, hoping that all the fish in the world would not grow thorns.

However, fish bones and fish bones are edible. Although they are rich in calcium, the amount absorbed by the human body is indeed too small.

Although the taste is not good, if you really want to eat it, remember to mash it.

Fish eye

Legend has it that eating fish eyes improves eyesight.

Fish eyes do contain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, which are beneficial to retinal health.

However, the amount contained is not prominent. It is really useless for improving eyesight. The taste is so poor, so don’t force yourself.

Fish gall

Fish gall not only cannot improve eyesight, but also cannot be eaten in many cases.

Many fish gall is poisonous, such as gall-poisonous fish. Eating the gall of such fish is likely to poison or even endanger life.

Common bile poison fishes include grass carp (also known as grass carp), carp, dace, herring, crucian carp, silver carp (also known as silver carp) and big head (also known as silver carp or bighead carp)…