Why are parents unwilling to have a physical examination?

More and more people have noticed the importance of physical examination. Many people in the work unit routine physical examination, Also often persuade parents to go to the hospital for physical examination. When parents feel uncomfortable, they will try to persuade their parents to go to the hospital for examination. However, some parents always resist going to the hospital for examination. Let children feel that parents are so stubborn. Why don’t you want to go to the physical examination and the hospital? In fact, do we really understand their thoughts? Idea 1: I am a parent, you have the final say! Prevention is better than cure, Early detection, early diagnosis, early intervention, Prevention is the first step. But if such a view is expressed from the mouth of children, It seems that there is always not enough weight, Not enough for parents to take it seriously. Many articles analyzing the psychology and nursing of elderly physical examination patients mentioned that, Old people are very sensitive to the words of [authoritative people], such as doctors and trusted old friends. Compared with children’s persuasion, From authoritative sources, More convincing to them. Countermeasures: Choose reliable information channels-such as reliable health websites and public numbers, Choose accurate and scientific content to recommend to parents to influence their ideas imperceptibly. If there is another elder or peer in the family who has undergone a physical examination, they can be invited to persuade parents who do not want to undergo a physical examination, and the effect is often good. Idea 2: Experts have said that there is no need to go to the hospital again! Because parents are accustomed to listening to what they think is the authority, Therefore, as children, It is particularly important to help them identify true and false authorities. A few years ago, masters such as Zhang Wuben, Li Yi and Hu Wanlin were very popular. There are countless deceivers, Now they have been pulled down from the altar one after another. However, Those secret recipes for cancer, ancient rule of law paralysis, health tips, magic secret recipes and other [health care theories] are still on the rise. Be active on TV screens, friends circles and acquaintances chatting. Sadly and horribly, For profit, These theories often appear in the public media, There are still [experts and professors] appearing in various interview programs. This makes the previous generation who believed in the media have no doubt about these contradictory and erroneous contents. Countermeasures: What we need to do is to recommend the media for scientific reporting and health consultation to parents, and patiently explain to them, so that they can understand the truth and refute fallacies with science. Idea 3: In case of serious illness, it will drag down their children! Investigations have shown that, Among the elderly who do not want to go for physical examination, The two groups have the highest proportion: First, the elderly, who are especially poor, One is the elderly with higher social status. The former is worried that there will be no money for treatment after finding out the disease. Or the inspection costs too much, It is a drag on children and relatives. Therefore, I would rather drag on and on, Even after he suffered from a serious disease, he chose to give up treatment immediately. The latter is because, As [the head of the family] [the old leader], Not willing to face up to possible diseases, I hope others will care, He is also afraid of needing the care of his children and others after his illness. So as to show their [incompetence]. Countermeasures: Gently and firmly coax, persuade and reason. The so-called [old child], Children may as well treat their parents in the same way as they treat their children. In fact, more consideration and protection of parents’ self-esteem should be given to them at ordinary times. [I am also for hello], this sentence is not used to talk about it. Through actions, they can realize the real care of their children. They can also put down the [deliberate] majesty in front of their children and be willing to communicate with you peacefully. Idea 4: Instead of suffering in the hospital, live a few days! This idea is very common. Although we know that birth, aging, illness and death are inevitable, But fear of death is still human nature. As you get older, The closer to death, Not everyone has the courage to face death calmly. But there are many [ostrich spirits] that choose to avoid. Seeing relatives, friends and colleagues of the same age inserting life-sustaining tubes in hospitals, A thin and aging face, Older people will subconsciously avoid going to the hospital, It is not difficult to understand that the treatment process is [suffering]. Therefore, it is not difficult to avoid medical treatment. Countermeasures: At ordinary times, parents should be given full but not excessive care. Let them know that their children are concerned and missing. At the same time, through frequent patient and scientific explanations, let parents understand the necessity of physical examination, let parents roughly understand the treatment methods, let parents understand that the earlier the disease is found, the better the treatment, the less suffering in the hospital. Idea 5: Sub-health care is good, sick to the hospital! This is another typical idea. Some people think that, Sickness-free health care, Diet therapy for illness, Sub-health state needs to pay attention to health preservation. In the true and false jumbled information, Many middle-aged and elderly people believe that: Only serious symptoms are considered [illness], Other discomforts are just sub-health, Try the folk prescription, There is no need to go to the hospital. Many unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of this loophole, Throw out a lot of products under the banner of health care. After some [expert interpretation] [buyer experience] [on-site verification], My parents, who didn’t know it, really believed it, I really bought it. Countermeasures: We need to let parents know that, Some of the so-called “sub-health” symptoms actually do not exist, While other [sub-health] symptoms are already symptoms of the disease, We need to see a doctor in time. However, we should pay attention to the ways and means. Avoid rebellion and denial. Goodwill encouragement and patient persuasion will be better: Many Chinese families still use the “authoritative-command” mode of communication, Many parents often do not want to show weakness, It is also very difficult for children to ask themselves for something. In fact, Families with good communication, business and quantity, Parents are mostly more enlightened, And the relationship between parents and children is more harmonious. The more mutual respect and trust between parents and children, The more parents are willing to consider and accept their children’s views. The idea that some elderly people are unwilling to undergo physical examination does not come into being in a day or two. There may be economic, psychological, family and other reasons. In the face of such a situation, don’t think about a word or two to change their mind. It’s the same sentence. Patience and care for family are important. For children who are far away from home, remember to make frequent phone calls. The important thing is not to talk about what or whether they have to talk, but to dial a phone and the bell rings.