Why didn’t you know before? Video games have so many benefits!

For you who like to play games, you must not have heard less of such words as the following-

Is playing games important or learning important?

Can playing games get you into college?

Can playing games be used as food?

Many parents and teachers always bitterly equate video games with the promotion of violence, but is playing games really so [unbearable]?

The fact is that mothers also make mistakes. Scientists tell us that playing video games properly can add points to many aspects of the body and play new heights of health.

More active brain

Some video games can make the areas of our brain responsible for managing spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning, fine hand movements and other abilities very active.

Uncle Mario in Super Mary is probably a lot of childhood memories of the post-80s and 90s. In fact, taking time to play Super Mary every day can make some areas of the brain get good exercise. It is also for this reason that doctors are also trying to make video games one of the treatments for some diseases, such as schizophrenia and senile dementia.

Representative Game: < < Super Mary > >

Brain hole big… open

Players who often play some strategy games will become flexible and easy to use, especially when they need to deal with many things at the same time, their processing speed and accuracy will be better.

Representative Games: < < StarCraft > >

Delay aging

In the process of playing many games, players need to [watch six directions] [listen to all directions] and mobilize their senses, which takes a lot of brain time. However, this can just slow down the speed of brain [rusting] [aging].

This is the same reason that people who exercise regularly have more developed muscles.

Representative games: < < World of Warcraft > >, puzzle games

Improve dyslexia

Fast-paced action video games can help children with dyslexia to speed up reading and have higher accuracy.

This may be because such games will allow them to involuntarily enter fast-paced plots, virtually improving the duration of their concentration, which is very important for reading.

Representative Game: Lehman 4: Crazy Rabbit > >

Can actually improve eyesight

Shooting games can actually help people improve their eyesight and make their eyes sparkle!

These players are often very sensitive to the subtle changes in the images in front of them and have strong discrimination ability, which is very important for people who drive at night.

However, we should remind everyone that we must control the time we play games every time. If our eyes are dry and astringent, we should also talk about the improvement of what’s eyesight.

Representative Games: < < Unreal Arena 2004 > >, < < Call of Duty > >

Keep the brain busy [snubbing] the pain.

Virtual reality video games can obviously relieve the anxiety or pain of patients caused by treatment or chronic diseases themselves.

When playing this kind of game, the patient needs to use both hands and feet, and the whole body moves along with it, thus leaving the brain and body in a [busy] state at the same time, which will naturally reduce the attention to pain. This is the same reason that after being lovelorn, the patient either works hard or goes out to the waves heartily.

At the same time, playing games will also stimulate the release of certain hormones in the brain, making us [feel] more comfortable ~

On behalf of game consoles: Xbox Kinect, Nintendo Wii

Help stroke patients recover

The recovery process of stroke patients is really quite long and even impossible. However, the recovery of hand movement ability of some patients who play games is far better than that of patients who play traditional rehabilitation exercises.

This may be because in order to achieve a specific goal, patients will naturally plan and think more about the actions they want to do, which is of great benefit to the recovery of brain function. Moreover, I have to admit that games are indeed more fun than traditional rehabilitation exercises!

On behalf of consoles: Xbox, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

In this way, the next time your mother won’t let you play games, she will silently transfer this article to her…

However, Dr. Clove also wants to remind everyone that although some video games are good for the body, the time and intensity of fun games should also be controlled. After all, [sedentary] [eyes can’t rest for a long time] and other conditions will make the body unbearable. Don’t pick up sesame seeds and throw watermelons.