With hypertension, can you still have fun in the amusement park?

Amusement park is not only a paradise for children, but also fascinates many adults. It won’t be long before Shanghai Disneyland will officially open. Are you excited? Looking forward to it?

However, can people with hypertension play as happily as before? Can I still attend all kinds of events in the amusement park?

Is your blood pressure up to standard?

In principle, hypertension patients are encouraged to take part in various sports, especially outdoor activities for the whole family.

A large amount of evidence shows that proper exercise can reduce blood pressure (systolic blood pressure can be reduced by about 12 mmHg on average), reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, and also help to control body weight and reduce blood lipid, which is of great help to cardiovascular health.

However, the premise is that your blood pressure has been controlled to reach the standard, and the blood pressure results must be measured, not just by personal feelings.

If you have high blood pressure and need to take antihypertensive drugs, but for various reasons you do not take them regularly and your basic blood pressure is not under control. Even if you just miss taking them once in the morning, it is also risky to take part in outdoor activities. A few people, the increase in blood pressure during exercise is especially obvious and needs attention.

How to judge the risk of activities?

The reason why hypertension is troublesome is not the increase of blood pressure itself, but the damage to various organs caused by long-term excessive blood pressure, especially stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure… These are all we do not want to see.

    If hypertension has already caused damage to some organs (heart, eyes, kidneys, etc.), the higher the risk. If there are factors such as diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, smoking, and family history of cardiovascular diseases, the higher the risk. The higher the blood pressure value before treatment, the higher the risk.

Four Risk Levels of Clinical Diagnosis

When diagnosing hypertension, cardiovascular specialists will divide patients into low-risk, medium-risk, high-risk and extremely high-risk according to blood pressure level, target organ damage, combined diseases and risk factors, representing the risk of dangerous events of patients and increasing in turn.

The more high-risk and extremely high-risk patients should choose more moderate activities to avoid confrontation and sudden and sudden movements, even if their blood pressure has been controlled to reach the standard. Even the activities that some children can participate in are not suitable for these patients.

Low-risk patients, under the condition of good blood pressure control, have no what to worry about and can play happily.

Which projects in the amusement park can be participated in?

1. Be sure to comply with the restrictions on amusement items.

If there is a clear statement that hypertension patients cannot participate, then even if the blood pressure is well controlled, it is better not to participate. Otherwise, once something goes wrong, it is legally wrong.

2. Judge according to the risk level of hypertension.

High-risk and extremely high-risk patients, no matter how well their blood pressure is controlled, are not suitable for participating in intense and stimulating projects.

3. Screen play items according to the degree of thrill.

Many amusement events have certain thrilling reminders, such as slow speed, slow landing, excitement, splash, rapid landing, darkness, high volume, shock, rotation, etc.

(1) 4D movie virtual ride experience, haunted house, etc.

Although this kind of experience is not so intense, it will still be exciting and frightening. It is recommended not to take risks.

(2) Roller coasters, pirate ships, speed light wheels, speed rafting, etc. are typical stimulus projects and are undoubtedly dangerous. Avoid participating.

For patients with long-term hypertension and high risk level, blood vessels have already lost the elasticity of healthy people, and the neurohumoral regulation function is not normal. If you take a short ride time of two or three minutes, you will experience acceleration, weightlessness, rotation, upside down, etc., and your blood pressure and heart rate will also experience a [roller coaster] with great fluctuations.

(3) Entertainment performances and theme activities

When you come, you must enjoy the happy time to the fullest. How can you easily put down your childlike innocence and look at it from a distance? There are various theme parades and artistic performances in the park at different times. You can dance gently to music. Sometimes there are unexpected surprises: the garbage cleaner around you may suddenly perform a music show, which is also quite wonderful.

In short, even if you suffer from hypertension, you are encouraged to participate in activities with your family, play happily and have a good time.