Why do nurses’ uniforms have pink?

A few days ago, Dr. Clove talked to everyone about why the doctor’s white coat is white (why is the white coat white and the surgical suit blue? ), many readers have left messages asking why the nurse’s uniform is pink.

Pink? !

The nurse’s uniform is obviously colorful! For example, there are quietly elegant sky blue, gentle soft pink, and fresh light green, and even they will change into the style of small garden flowers.

Why do nurses’ uniforms come in so many colors? Speaking of which, it is also a story.

White: Trust

White is the most common color for nurses’ uniforms. Most nurses’ uniforms in general wards of hospitals will choose pure white. White symbolizes holiness and trust, and at the same time gives people the impression of being clean and sterile.

When we want to get the impression of “doing things cleanly”, we might as well try white clothes. The same is true for hospitals. Whether it is white coats or white nurse’s clothes, it will virtually increase patients’ trust in medical staff.

Blue: Relax

Some hospitals also choose to replace pure white nurses’ uniforms with quiet light blue nurses’ uniforms.

In a blue environment, the brain will be more relaxed. Watching nurses’ sisters wear light blue nurse uniforms will make patients less nervous and anxious.

Some hospitals have combined the advantages of white and blue very sweetly, and the nurses’ uniforms in the two colors are changed.

Pink: Gentle and kind

The clothes of pediatric nurses are often colorful and soft. For children, the hospital is undoubtedly a place where they feel extremely annoying and even afraid-whether it is the strange ward environment, horrible needles or various bitter tablets.

As early as 1992, Some studies have told us that Children are extremely concerned about the color of the nurse’s dress, And they like colored work clothes. Recent studies have also shown that, Colorful nurse’s clothing can help children not so anxious. Therefore, more and more pediatric nurse’s clothing chooses light pink as the main color. Hospitals hope that through this soft color, children’s resistance, fear, impetuousness, bewilderment and other emotions can be comforted, giving children a gentle and cordial feeling.

There are also many hospitals that use fresh light green, quiet light blue or dreamy light purple for paediatric nurse clothing.

Green: Safe

In the fast-paced emergency room with 24-hour circulation, the nurse’s clothing is mostly light green.

Green is a synonym for freedom, peace, freshness and comfort, and always gives people a psychological hint of [safety]. Light green nurse’s clothing can help people relax and relieve the tense atmosphere in the emergency room.

And… It’s not just color that’s changing

Of course, there is currently no uniform standard for the color and style of nurse’s clothing, so there will be some differences in nurse’s clothing in each hospital.

Some hospitals will also add a cute little bow tie to the collar of the nurse’s uniform for decoration. However, some hospitals have chosen the nurse’s clothing with rural fresh and small floral style, which really makes people shine at the moment!

In short, different hospitals and departments will choose the color and style of nurse’s clothing that is most beneficial to patients and medical staff according to actual needs, just hoping that everyone in the hospital can treat or work in a more acceptable environment.