Stop drinking laxative tea! Teach you how to overcome constipation scientifically.

No matter how elegant and beautiful people are, It is also possible to be troubled by some minor troubles, For example, intestinal tract blockage, It makes people fidgety, There was nothing I could do. I met a lady once, She listened to the lecture on TV, Said honeysuckle can cure constipation, He hurried to buy soaked water. As a result, constipation was not solved. But the stomach began to flatter, I also feel uncomfortable in my stomach. Many other women asked me: A lot of vegetables and fruits every day, I ate a lot of [smooth intestine] food again, It still can’t be solved, How to do what… Eliminate the cause to solve constipation encountered health problems, First of all, we must have the most basic idea-eliminating the causes can solve the problems. Our body design is extremely precise. And can maintain itself. If it always has various problems, It must be the result of our neglect and abuse. If these wrong practices do not change, No matter take what [folk prescription] to solve it, The problem will reappear sooner or later. Whether it is laxatives or [detoxification] products, It can bring side effects. Because everyone’s physical condition is different, The causes of intestinal obstruction are also different. Blind follow the trend, According to the Internet or on TV, Even according to the advertisement to dredge the intestines, Often the results are not satisfactory, It may even cause more trouble. Abuse of traditional Chinese medicine with purgative effect, It is also very dangerous. Many people cannot defecate naturally after stopping taking drugs. Some people are sallow due to poor digestion and absorption, Even some people’s intestines are black and lose function. Why don’t you analyze it? The common cause of intestinal obstruction is what. Reason 1: This often happens to women who eat too little and lose weight. Once the amount of food is low to a certain extent, Not only does it cause hunger in the stomach, It also shriveled the intestinal tract, There is not enough food residue to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, Naturally, it will lose its normal excretory function. Long-term diet can easily lead to intestinal dysfunction, It is very difficult to recover. Solution: To increase the appetite to 70% full volume, one must have enough nutrients, one must have enough vegetables rich in fiber, and so on. There are two reasons: too little fiber. Although most women do not have a strict diet, they hardly eat coarse grains for staple food, or they just buy fake coarse grains such as [corn steamed bread], which are mainly made of refined white flour, and drink a little millet gruel. The quantity of vegetables is far less than one kilo. High-fiber beans and potatoes are also rarely eaten, Then there is not enough fiber in the diet. You know, The large intestine is mainly filled with fiber absorbing water. If the dietary fiber is too low for a long time, The peristalsis of large intestine is seriously insufficient, not only the defecation speed is slow, but also the risk of intestinal cancer is greatly increased. The solution: replace half of white rice and steamed bread with coarse grains, bean porridge and potatoes, etc. Coarse grains and potatoes such as oats, sweet potatoes and red beans should account for one-third to one-half of the staple food; Starch-containing foods such as lotus seeds, lilies and lotus roots also contain a lot of dietary fiber, Can be used as the choice of whole grain coarse cereals. Reason 3: The body is dry and the air humidity is low in winter, spring and autumn in the north. Winter and spring precipitation is less and windy, autumn temperature is high and low, the human body still has sweat, water loss is large. If drinking water is insufficient, it may cause dry stool. Solution: Eat less spicy food, eat more vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in soluble dietary fiber such as agaric, tremella, kelp and oat bran; Cooperate with some seeds with high fiber and rich trace elements, such as almonds, pine nuts, melon seeds, flaxseed, etc. that have not been dried and fried. Add some carrots and dark green leafy vegetables rich in provitamin A (necessary for intestinal mucosal repair), May have a better effect. Reason 4: Lack of rest and sleep, Overwork, Emotional anxiety, sympathetic nerve long-term excitement, inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis, also easy to cause constipation. At the same time, there are dry skin, dry eyes, body fever and other symptoms. To eliminate the causes of physical and mental pressure, let the body have the opportunity to rest and repair, can bid farewell to constipation. Solution: go to bed early, regular daily life time; Always take deep breaths and relax, increase leisure activities, and do various fitness exercises to improve mood; When necessary, you can take some drugs under the guidance of your doctor to make adjustments. Reason 5: Many women are not without ease because of their poor physical fitness. However, I always feel that the intestinal tract has no strength and cannot come out. This type of person is mostly soft in body, with few muscles, weak in digestion and absorption, low in visceral function and insufficient in intestinal peristalsis. Solution: Strengthen nutrition and increase exercise. Appropriate exercise can greatly improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, and thus improve intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, eat food to improve digestion and absorption, supplement vitamins and trace elements, so that visceral muscles can be recovered and excretion will naturally be smooth. Reason 6: Pathological factors Some people’s constipation and diarrhea occur alternately or even at the same time. Abdominal pain is always unbearable when defecating, Or bleeding, These are already morbid, You need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. For example, to see if there is inflammation in colon and rectum. Whether there is irritable bowel syndrome, Whether there is intestinal obstruction, Wait. There are other reasons, It is also absolutely not to be ignored. First, it is caused by adverse drug reactions. Many drugs have side effects that affect intestinal function, After stopping the drug, it can gradually recover. Second, there are organic diseases in the intestinal tract. For example, A woman has been fighting constipation for five or six years. After eating all kinds of [bowel-dredging] foods and health products, None of them worked. The final examination found that It turned out that she had polyps on her colon, Because the delay was too long, It’s cancerous… So, People with constipation who cannot be cured for a long time, Better check it out first. After the lesions are cleared, Think again about the reasons, Adjust diet, exercise and living habits, Don’t be mistaken by the so-called folk prescription, Not to mention laxatives. These are only the main reasons. It is inevitable that there will be a leak. What I want to remind most here is actually one sentence: Eliminate the cause of the disease, It is much more important than solving symptoms. Don’t always want to continue bad habits. Only one folk prescription can solve all the troubles. Relax, balance nutrition, keep fit and avoid staying up late are the best ways to prevent and eliminate diseases. Persist for a period of time and you will find that from constipation to insomnia to acne to rough and dim skin, many troubles will gradually disappear and never come back.