Why do you always feel tired? 14 Potential Causes and Countermeasures

Tired? Just get some sleep.

The fact is not that simple. Some small things may affect your body and mind and make you exhausted. Listen to what experts say.

Step 1 Lack of exercise

If your excuse for not exercising is that you are too tired, then this excuse is too bad.

A study by the University of Georgia in the United States suggests that after maintaining moderate or low-intensity exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes each time, you will find that you are more energetic after 6 weeks.

Because regular exercise will increase your strength and endurance and help your cardiovascular system operate more efficiently.

Suggestion: Open the door, go home and pounce on the soft sofa? No, stay away from the sofa and move. Even a simple quick walk will make you feel more comfortable.

2. Insufficient replenishment of water

Nutrition experts point out that even trace dehydration can lead to fatigue.

Dehydration will lead to a decrease in blood volume, blood viscosity, a decrease in heart work efficiency, and a decrease in the transportation rate of oxygen and nutrients, all of which will lead to or aggravate fatigue.

Suggestion: Ensure adequate water intake. Nutrition experts have recommended a simple formula, weighing how many pounds you weigh and multiplying this number by 16.3 is how many milliliters of water you need to supplement every day.

3. Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency will make you feel dull, irritable, weak and unable to concentrate.

Because iron is an essential substance for hemoglobin production, and hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen in the body. If iron is deficient, the amount of oxygen transported to muscles and cells will decrease, and you will feel tired.

Suggestion: Strengthen the intake of iron.

The following foods are recommended: lean beef, green beans, tofu, eggs (don’t throw away egg yolks), dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, peanut butter, etc. are all foods with high iron content. These foods can be combined with foods rich in vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.

However, it should be noted that iron deficiency may also be caused by other diseases, so if you have symptoms of iron deficiency, you need to see a doctor in time to find out the cause.

4. Too much for perfection

Psychiatrists pointed out that in order to pursue perfection, they will work hard, thus giving more and making themselves easily tired.

Some unrealistic and unattainable goals lead to lower and lower self-satisfaction until it disappears.

Suggestion: It is recommended to set a completion time for the work and then strictly abide by it.

You will find that extra working hours may not necessarily improve your work. As long as you finish your work effectively within the stipulated time, you can also become an excellent employee.

Step 5 Make a mountain out of a molehill out of anxiety

I am always worried that I will be fired if I don’t do my job well. I have to be careful to be afraid of stepping on the empty space when I leave the door. I have to prevent cars from hitting when I cross the road.

Always feel nervous, always feel that the worst thing is about to happen. This anxiety will make you exhausted until you collapse.

Suggestion: Proper anxiety can make your work better, but excessive anxiety is counterproductive.

Deep breathing, exercise, meditation, or talking to your friends about your anxiety can help you relieve your anxiety.

Of course, if you have been in a state of excessive anxiety, you should turn to a psychologist, which is more helpful to you.

STEP 6 Don’t Eat Breakfast

People are iron and rice is steel. After a night’s consumption, you need to add some energy to make your body run at full power.

Suggestion: A nutritious breakfast: whole grain, protein and healthy fat. For example, oatmeal and soya-bean milk, add a little peanut butter; Eggs and two slices of whole wheat bread with a cup of low-fat yogurt; They are all good choices.

7. Excessive intake of high-calorie foods

Three meals a day often patronize roadside shops or order takeout directly? Most of these foods are high-salt and high-fat foods, which have high blood sugar raising ability after eating. However, excessive fluctuation of blood sugar level can easily lead to fatigue.

Suggestion: Daily diet should conform to the dietary pagoda. If it cannot be done every day, you can manage your diet on a weekly basis.

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8. Being a nice guy is tiring

The [nice people] on TV always have a bumper harvest in their love career and a happy ending. However, the reality is not so beautiful. If you don’t know how to refuse, you will only accept it blindly. The happiness of others will come at the expense of your energy and happiness. Over time, you will also have negative emotions, resentment, anger, dissatisfaction and labor.

Suggestion: Some unreasonable demands, boldly say [no].

You will find that it is not so terrible after refusing. Leave more space for yourself and you will be happier.

9. A messy environment

Psychologists have found that too messy a desktop will make you unable to concentrate, limit the brain’s ability to process things, and easily make people tired.

Suggestion: At the end of each day’s work, leave some time to tidy up your desktop and personal belongings. A clean desktop will give you a pleasant start the next day.

10. Work on leave

It was supposed to be a pleasant weekend, but I was holding a computer and checking my work mail.

This will not make your work more efficient, on the contrary, it will put you at risk of excessive fatigue.

Suggestion: Put down the computer, go out for a walk, and let yourself really relax.

After your brain and body get enough rest, you will find that you will be full of energy when you return to work. Only when you really have a good rest can you return to work prolifically and efficiently.

11. Have a drink before going to bed

Have a drink before going to bed. The picture looks beautiful. But just think about it.

Experts point out that although alcohol can inhibit the central system and produce sedative effect, the rebound effect after alcohol metabolism will lead to excitement of adrenal system and affect your sleep. This is why some people wake up in the middle of the night after drinking.

Suggestion: Stop eating alcoholic beverages or alcoholic foods three or four hours before falling asleep.

12. Keep your mobile phone in your hand before going to bed.

Strong light from tablets, smartphones, or computer screens can inhibit melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep rhythms. Interrupted secretion of this hormone may disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Suggestion: Different people have different sensitivities to the brightness of electronic equipment, but in general, it is best not to touch electronic equipment for one to two hours before going to bed.

13. Drink too much coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning. Well, it’s a wonderful morning.

Studies suggest that three cups of coffee a day are good for your health, but inappropriate drinking time can also interfere with your sleep cycle. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows that drinking coffee even six hours before going to bed can interfere with sleep.

Suggestion: Don’t drink coffee after afternoon tea, and be careful of foods that hide caffeine.

14. Stay up late on weekends

On weekends, life goes out of rhythm? Stay up late watching movies, playing cards, playing games, and then sleep for most of the day?

If you are the same, then the experience of having difficulty falling asleep on Sunday night is estimated to be indispensable, which directly affects the normal work on Monday. If you sleep too late, staying in bed in the morning is not a good remedy.

Suggestion: Of course, don’t stay up late! If you didn’t sleep well the night before yesterday, you can also take a nap in the afternoon.

In this way, your body will not enter deep sleep and will relieve drowsiness. The 20-minute time is just right. Don’t sleep too long, or you will feel more tired when you wake up.