Why do you always have cold hands and feet?

Most people, especially women, have experienced cold hands and feet. This often happens in cold winter, but a few people often suffer from cold hands and feet in summer, even very few people living in warm areas. So from the perspective of modern medicine, is cold hands and feet the cause of what?

Cold hands and feet are not a disease!

We have cold and hot receptor cells beneath our skin, Can feel the change of external temperature, Participate in regulating body surface temperature. Under normal circumstances, Our skin is at a very comfortable temperature, So when people touch each other, It feels good. When cold receptor cells feel cold, It closes the capillaries, Let the blood flow to the heart, lungs and other important organs, This is the self-protection function of the human body, Keep your guts warm in the cold, In this way, the amount of blood flowing to the periphery will be greatly reduced. This is why people’s hands, feet and faces are very cold in cold seasons. Even frostbite causes you to throw away your fingers and toes. Some people are more sensitive to changes in temperature. Especially women. According to a study published in the famous medical journal Lancet, The body surface temperature of women is 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit lower than that of men. But women’s nuclei are 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than men’s, Combined with low blood pressure in women, Therefore, women’s hands and feet are generally colder than men’s. There is an unconfirmed explanation for this difference between men and women. It is believed that the reason why women have high internal temperatures is that To protect the fetus, Women who are not pregnant are always ready, So you have to sacrifice the temperature of your hands and feet. So cold hands and feet are not a disease, But rather a normal phenomenon, Don’t worry, There is no need for treatment. Cold hands and feet are not caused by low basal metabolism or lack of exercise. Or too fat or too thin, But because it is too sensitive to changes in external temperature. Therefore, the exercise may be relieved, But it does not solve the problem that these people often have cold hands and feet. Be careful… but not all cold hands and feet are normal, If your hands and feet are often cold and the color of your fingers and toes changes, Attention should be paid to it, It is possible that there is a problem with the blood circulation or blood vessels in the hands. If the color of fingers or toes turns white first when the hands and feet are cold, Then it turns blue and itches, You have to consider whether you have Raynaud’s disease. This is because the blood vessels in the hands and feet overreact to the cold. This kind of disease is common in women. The age of onset is mainly between 15 and 30 years old, Most of them are found in cold areas. Patients often have a family history. The cause of Raynaud’s disease is not clear, It is possible that the body cannot adjust the temperature well. Causing local blood vessels to take such excessive reactions, To provide protection. There are special drugs for Raynaud’s disease, From the perspective of control, to avoid or reduce its onset, Don’t smoke, exercise more, control pressure, avoid drastic temperature changes, wear gloves when going out, wear gloves when opening the refrigerator indoors to pick up things, or consider moving to a warm place. In addition, Cold hands and feet may also be a symptom of other diseases, For example, low metabolism caused by hypothyroidism may lead to cold hands and feet. Iron and vitamin B12 deficiency, diabetes, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma and other symptoms of cold hands and feet. Therefore, if your hands and feet are often cold, you can go to the hospital and let your doctor check it out to eliminate the above possibility. Move! If none of these possibilities exist, Just simple hands and feet cold, Then there is no need to worry. Because this is a normal phenomenon, Especially for women. The right thing to do is to drink more water. Keep your hands and feet warm like wearing gloves and thicker socks, Exercise more and keep yourself in a state of regular activity. When you finish reading this article, Stand up and walk. Every hour you sit, you have to stand up and move. It’s not important to do what exercise. The key is to let your body move. You can run and walk. After forming habits, although your hands and feet will still get cold, your overall health level will be greatly improved and improved.