Why is the skin of private parts darker?

There is a saying circulating on the Internet: [Goddess is black fungus]. It implies that although beauty is gentle, she has already had sex, blackening her perineum and showing her disdain, as if as long as a woman has a blackened perineum, she is worthless.

In fact, this is not the case at all.

Privates are inherently darker than normal skin.

The depth of skin color depends on the number of melanocytes.

Melanocytes are located in the basal layer of the epidermis of our skin. They are like factories that constantly produce melanin.

However, the distribution of melanocytes in different parts of the body is different. For example, the density of melanocytes in facial skin is twice as high as that in trunk skin and higher in perineum. The number of melanocytes is large, and the color of local skin color is naturally darker.

Is it because of sexual friction that the private parts are dark in color?

Then why is it that the skin color of the perineum of a little girl wearing open-backed pants is basically the same as that of other parts of the skin, and the perineum of an adult woman is blackened, isn’t it because of sexual friction?

This is really not.

The endocrine system affects the efficiency of melanocytes, Sex hormone can obviously promote melanocytes [increase production]. After entering puberty, sex hormone level rises, secondary sexual characteristics begin to show, boys will appear Adam’s apple, voice becomes low, external genitals begin to develop, girls will appear menstrual tide, breast development. At the same time, both men and women will find that their perineum has turned black.

This is because skin color is already affected by sex hormones, and melanocytes in perineum are much more than in other places, and the impact is of course much greater, so obvious pigmentation will occur.

Even if an adolescent girl has never had sex, she will still go through such a process. This is a normal physiological change. Everyone is so and there is no need to feel ashamed of it.

In the words of my physiology teacher: [Who laughs at you for being black? Can that person’s still be white? ]

Does sex make private parts darker?

You may have noticed that the skin color of people’s knees, elbows and other parts that are often rubbed always seems darker and coarser than other parts.

This is because long-term friction will stimulate the local stratum corneum to thicken. Although the stratum corneum is translucent, the color should be deepened when the stratum corneum is piled thick.

This is actually a kind of self-protection mechanism of the body: long-term friction of the common epidermis can thicken the stratum corneum, so that the parts that often need to bear friction will not feel pain or even be bruised.

However, the epithelium in the female external genitals is not ordinary epithelium. Seen from a microscope, It will be found that women only have cells from the lateral epidermis of labia majora and the common epidermis. Morphological structure is consistent, The inner side of labia minora and labia majora is different from ordinary skin, and the degree of keratinization is much lower. Therefore, at least it can be said that the skin color depth of labia minora and labia majora is not related to the thickness of cutin, which is already thin in this place. It is really difficult for ordinary people to grind the labia minora to the point of excessive keratinization by sexual behavior.

In addition, no matter whether you have sex when you are young or not, whether you have sex frequently or not, even if you have given birth to ten children, melanocytes in your skin will decrease by 10% every 10 years in old age. Coupled with the withdrawal of estrogen and progesterone, the promotion function of sex hormones on melanocytes will disappear. Therefore, the vulva of elderly women is usually gray than that of young women.

What are the possible reasons for the sudden change of private parts in adulthood?

1. Excessive and inappropriate cleaning

Under normal circumstances, as long as you wash your vulva with clear water when taking a bath every day. Only some women suffering from vaginitis, urethritis and other diseases may need lotion.

However, some women seem to be paranoid about the cleaning of perineum. There are no special circumstances. They also need to buy their own nursing liquid and disinfectant and clean them repeatedly every day.

Long-term use of lotions with too strong alkalinity may cause local skin color to deepen, and some medicinal ingredients contained in some disinfectant may also cause pigmentation after long-term use.

2. Pregnancy

Progesterone also has an increase in melanocytes. Pregnant women’s nipples and perineum will show obvious pigmentation. After delivery, this pigmentation usually slowly and naturally fades away. Some women will have obvious changes in perineum skin color before and after the menstrual period every month.

3. Endocrine system diseases

For example, Chronic adrenal hypofunction. With this disease, Due to damage to both adrenal glands, Can’t secrete enough adrenal hormone, The pituitary gland in the central nervous system, Will be very anxious, Crazy secretion of more adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) to urge the adrenal gland. Unfortunately, Half of ACTH looks very similar to-melanocyte stimulating hormone (-MSH). Melanocytes often admit that they are trying to produce more melanin …-MSH can significantly improve the efficiency of melanocytes in producing melanin, thus deepening the skin color of patients, especially the face, areola and perineum.

The color of private parts, what also does not represent

The color depth of private parts is mainly affected by sex hormones, while there are many secondary factors. The influence of sex life on private parts is even slight to negligible.

It is unreliable to speculate whether a woman has sex with her skin color, but it is even more unreliable to speculate whether a woman’s character is correct with her sex. As long as it conforms to the three principles of voluntariness, respect and no harm, sex is beautiful.