Why is your [fire boil] old? Do you owe me again?

English writer Graham Green once expressed his enthusiasm for writing with this passage:

Writing is not up to me. For example, I have a boil. Once the boil is ripe, I have to squeeze out the pus.

However, to the doctor’s ears, this sentence is simply unbearable, because furuncle can never be squeezed.

[Furuncle] is a skin infection

Furuncle is commonly known as [fire boil], Like to grow on people’s face (face), neck (neck) and buttocks (buttocks). It was initially just a small red induration centered on hair follicles. It still feels a little painful. If it is not handled in time, it will fester in two or three days, and it will become more and more painful. Then it can be seen that pus plugs form in the induration center. Sometimes pus may flow out, and sometimes pus deposits under the skin, which still feels fluctuating.

If you can discharge pus, it will get better quickly. If you cannot discharge pus, you must ask a doctor to find a way to draw the pus out, but you cannot squeeze or dig it yourself.

Why can’t [furuncle] be squeezed?

The essence of furuncle is a purulent infection of a single hair follicle or around the hair follicle. [Squeezing] This action can cause the infection to spread downward or to the surroundings. Once it affects multiple hair follicles, it will form [carbuncle]-looking from the glyph alone, you can think that the word [carbuncle] is like a fusion of multiple [furuncle] characters-and carbuncle is also a fusion of multiple furuncles. The focus of carbuncle is larger and it takes more time to handle.

In addition, due to the abundant lymph and blood vessels in the face and the communication with intracranial blood vessels, if the furuncle on the face (especially around the nostrils and upper lip) is squeezed, the infected area will spread, which may lead to intracranial infection and is very dangerous.

Although this kind of situation is not bound to happen when it is crowded, once it happens, the consequences will be very serious, so one must not try one’s life.

[Furuncle] Is it excessive internal heat?

You may have had such experience that if you or others have a boil, a warm-hearted person will immediately say:

This is caused by excessive internal heat! You have to go to the fire!

I am constipated, you say I am irritated, my throat is sore, you say I am irritated, I have a boil, you also say I am irritated, how omnipotent is this [fire]?

In fact, furuncle is suppurative inflammation caused by bacteria, and the main culprit is some bacteria mainly Staphylococcus aureus.

If it must be related to fire, it can only be said that furuncle, like suppuration of other superficial tissues, also has the characteristics of [redness, swelling, heat and pain], especially the local skin temperature rise, which makes people feel like fire. However, this feeling of fever and pain is the result of the disease and is not the cause of the disease.

The cause of furuncle is either what’s mysterious and unpredictable fire or a real bacterial infection. The naked eye can see pus thrombus, pus, tissue sections under the microscope can see white blood cells group resistance, surrounding the focus, if you still don’t believe, take pus culture, can raise a lump of pathogenic bacteria in a petri dish, this is called irrefutable evidence.

How to treat boils?

Furuncle is bacterial infection, of course to anti-infection treatment. Everyone can always have a mupirocin, fusidic acid ointment, found small red papules, or have a boil but not festering, early application good. In addition to pregnant women, lactation women and children under the age of 2 need to be used under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists, the general population can rest assured to use.

If a boil is found, It is no longer a small red pimple, It festered, Even it feels like there is a sense of fluctuation like liquid inside. Nine times out of ten there is still a pack of pus under it, which needs to be treated in the nearest community hospital. If necessary, it may be necessary to cut and discharge pus. If boils fester and have systemic symptoms such as fever and headache, it indicates that inflammation has spread, and it is more necessary to see a doctor in time and may require systemic medication.

Why do some people get boils repeatedly?

For recurrent and recurrent boils, it is clinically called [furuncle]. This is mostly due to home vaccination, in common terms, it is the hand (zuo) owe (si)!

I have a boil and can’t help touching it. After touching it, my hand is contaminated with bacteria and I touch other parts, causing it to spread. To end this endless nightmare, I don’t need a panacea, but I need to stop my hands and wash them frequently.

If you have paid great attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and still have recurrent attacks, or are always not good, you may need to go to the hospital to check these:

    Serum zinc value

Some furuncle patients have zinc deficiency. If the serum zinc value is determined to be low by blood tests in the hospital, doctors may prescribe zinc sulfate orally. When the serum zinc value returns to normal, furuncle is not easy to recur.

    Blood sugar

Bacteria love sugar. Once superficial infection such as furuncle occurs in diabetic patients, it is not easy to heal. At this time, blood sugar must be controlled within the normal range and combined with antibacterial treatment to heal.