Exercise helps lower blood pressure, which is more effective.

Moderate exercise is an indispensable part of a healthy life. It can help us maintain a healthy figure, make friends and relax. For hypertension patients, the contribution of exercise to blood pressure reduction cannot be underestimated.

Some patients with slightly elevated blood pressure can control their blood pressure within the normal range through long-term persistent exercise.

If you want to make sports a healthy partner, the following tips can help you.

1. Choose your favorite sports

The benefits of sports can only be reflected by long-term persistence. If you choose your favorite events, you can have more fun from sports and stick to them.

There are many kinds of sports, including running, swimming, dancing, yoga, etc., as long as you feel your body becomes active and your heart beats faster.

As long as you exercise for 30 minutes every day, you can experience the benefits of exercise. If you are busy with your work, you can exercise for 5 days a week.

Little reminder: Strength training is also good,

The benefits of aerobic exercise are well known to all. Many hypertension patients know to choose aerobic exercises such as fast walking, jogging and square dancing to help reduce blood pressure and lose weight.

In fact, strength training also has many benefits for hypertension patients, which can improve the efficiency of weight loss and help regulate blood lipid and blood sugar.

Under the condition of good blood pressure control, you can properly cooperate with some strength training, go to the gym for some equipment exercises, or do simple push-ups and squats at home.

2. Ensure safety

When the blood pressure is not controlled at 140/90 mmHg, it is best to ask the doctor if he can do sports.

If you are doing some sports that require skills, such as swimming, yoga, strength training, etc., when you do not master the skills, you must ask a professional coach to guide you and do not study by yourself to avoid danger.

3. Use spare time to exercise

If you are really too busy at work, you can make use of your spare time. For example, take appropriate activities for 10 minutes after getting up. Walk quickly for 10 minutes after lunch. If you are tired from work, you can simply exercise for 10 minutes to achieve the goal of 30 minutes of exercise every day.

4. The intensity gradually increases

If you don’t have exercise habits, you should start with low-intensity exercise to be on the safe side and slowly increase the intensity of exercise.

For example, start walking briskly for 15 minutes every day, gradually extend the time to 30 minutes, and stick to it for a period of time. If there is no discomfort, gradually increase the intensity and replace fast walking with jogging.

Little Reminder: Don’t Be Brave

The benefits of exercise are reflected in long-term persistence. In the process of each exercise, don’t blindly pursue exercise intensity and exercise duration. In the process of exercise, if dizziness or chest discomfort occurs, immediately stop exercise, when necessary, go to the hospital for emergency treatment.

5. Monitor heart rate from time to time

Excessive exercise intensity may lead to danger and is not conducive to long-term persistence in exercise. Patients with hypertension are suitable for moderate intensity exercise. Monitoring exercise intensity can be judged by counting pulses.

The appropriate heart rate during exercise can be calculated by the formula (220-age) × (75% ~ 80%). For example, for a 50-year-old person, the appropriate heart rate is (220-50) × (75% ~ 80%), which is about 127 ~ 136 times per minute. You can use the exercise bracelet to monitor your heart rate or count your pulse.

There is also a relatively simple judgment method, that is, there is slight asthma during exercise, you can talk to people, keep smiling, but you cannot sing.

Little Reminder: It’s Better to Exercise Together,

When exercising, it is best to go together with relatives and friends.

    Mutual supervision is more conducive to adherence. During exercise, you can talk properly to judge whether the intensity is appropriate. Once there is an accident, it can be handled in time.

6. Cooperate with Healthy Diet

A healthy diet should include:

    You can eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, and you should also have low-fat dairy products. Minimize saturated fatty acids in your diet and add sugar.

The most important point: eat less salt

    Daily intake of sodium content should be less than 2.3 mg (about equal to 5 g of salt); Try to avoid pickled foods, such as pickled vegetables and processed meat; You can use more spices, tomatoes, lemons, etc. to flavor.

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