With romantic heart-shaped pupils? It’s a troublesome eye disease.

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Xiao Wang in Wuhan has had a little trouble recently.

He found that his pupil was heart-shaped. When his girlfriend saw it, she exclaimed [how romantic], how proud she was.

As a result, as soon as the picture was posted to the circle of friends, the doctor and friend in the circle told him: This is a disease and must be treated!

Is it what, so magical?

The peculiar pupil shape is the inflammation in the eyes.

The news said that Xiao Wang was jealous and his eyes were uncomfortable after being tired. This is actually an inflammation of a structure called uveitis in his eyes, which is called uveitis.

If you get this disease, you will usually feel eye pain, vision loss, fear of light, tears, etc., and the disease is easy to recur.

What should a normal pupil look like?

The poet said [the night gave me a pair of black eyes], this [black] is actually the color of the iris in the eyes. Everyone’s iris color may vary greatly, but it is not [pure black]-Chinese iris is mostly brown, while Westerners have blue, green, gold and other colors.

No matter what color iris, its center will form a round hole, which will be large and small for a while. The hole looks like a black hole inside. Under the illumination of flash light, it will show orange reflection. It is the pupil. Light can pass through the pupil, shine into the eye, and enter the fundus of the eye. Only then can we see the colorful world.

Our iris is dark in color, so we can only see the pupil when the light is sufficient. The normal human pupil is [equal to the circle in the center], that is, the pupil is round, in the center of the black eyeball, and the left and right eyes are of the same size.

During the rescue, the doctor used his flashlight to shine his eyes on what?

The normal pupil can shrink when the light is strong and enlarge when the light is weak, which can adjust the light entering the eye. This phenomenon is called [reflection of light]. These actions are completed by the corresponding muscles in iris tissue.

The pupil’s reflex to light is controlled by a series of complicated cranial nerves. In some critical situations, observing the pupil’s reflex to light is an important way to quickly judge the disease condition. This is why doctors always use flashlights to look at the eyes in the rescue scenes of TV plays.

Like humans, other animals have pupils that reflect light. However, the shape of pupils in animals is very strange. For example, the pupils of many cats are vertical spindle-shaped, while those of other animals are horizontal bar-shaped.

Why do pupils become heart-shaped?

The reason why Xiao Wang’s pupil becomes heart-shaped is that the inside of the eye is inflamed, which makes the iris in the eye stick to the structure behind it. In this way, once the light becomes weak, the pupil in other directions can normally dilate, except that the iris in that place sticks to the original place, forming a heart-shaped appearance.

If it is not treated in time, the inflammation will continue to worsen, which can also cause multiple adhesions of iris, forming [plum pattern] pupils, even sticking to 360 degrees throughout the week, and the pupils cannot dilate normally.

How can this [romantic] disease be treated?

Let’s look at this foreigner, blue eyes, heart-shaped pupils, incidentally red fundus reflection, [romantic] don’t want it!

Stop talking about it and go to the hospital.

Once the disease is not well controlled in time, it will cause permanent iris adhesion. Once this is stuck to death, not only will the eyesight deteriorate, but also cataract and glaucoma can be further caused, with endless future troubles!

In order to control inflammation, prevent adhesion and avoid recurrent attacks, The disease requires early and standardized treatment. Usually, several eye drops are used in combination. In severe cases, injections or saline suspension are required in the eyes. After the inflammation is well controlled, if iris adhesion has formed, or more serious problems, surgery may be required.

In addition, besides uveitis, there are other diseases that may lead to abnormal pupils, such as glaucoma, optic neuritis, brain tumors, etc.

In a word, it is not a good pupil if it is not a pupil of the same size as the circle in the middle. Once discovered, you should know how to see a doctor in time.

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