With the company of the father, the baby’s growth will be more complete.

Many families take care of their babies, and their mothers take the lead. In fact, the role of fathers in child-rearing is also very important.

Dr. Clove sorted out the moment when Bao Pa took her and shared it with everyone. Dear Bao Pa, see if he was the same as what was in the article.

In fact, at that time, apart from surprises, I did not know that I would face what in the future.

Looking forward to the arrival of the baby with your mother,

It’s different from what I imagined: how [ugly] is my baby

Baby, why are you so young

But don’t be afraid, Dad will protect you with his own arms.

Bless the baby to have a good appetite and grow strong.

Dislike stink, but change diapers still need to be done.

Coax to sleep, and then fall asleep first.

Chief Player

Dare to be angry and dare not speak

Be especially patient with your baby.

No matter how busy you are, you must accompany your baby.

There are also times when I am exhausted.

The first step to witness the baby

Crazy with you

Dad will teach you everything

Accompanied by reading picture books, not to mention

Practice a pair of skillful hands for children,

Sit high and see far

He and Er Talk about Life Together,

Explore this magical world together

Of course, there are also times when people quarrel.

Facing the unknown, have father to accompany you.

Sometimes, let go of love

Be a good opponent

He is also a good partner.

You grew up so fast

In an instant he was white-haired

However, the time passed together will be like an old crystal, engraved in the bottom of my heart.

Finally, Dr. Clove would like to say, fathers, your company is the longest confession to the children.

The healthy growth of the baby cannot be achieved without the strong companionship of the father.