Women are old, ugly and lifeless: is it premature ovarian failure?

Aging is the most feared and concerned problem for women. Various beauty products to delay aging emerge one after another on the market. Women seem to have been fighting against aging since puberty.

The Appearance and Temperament of Adulthood Look at Ovary

Ms. Zhao is nearly 40 years old, However, his outstanding appearance, graceful figure and unconventional dress taste, Wherever you go, you will become the focus of the crowd. No one can guess her true age, Knowing that she has a daughter who goes to high school, one cannot help asking how she keeps her young and beautiful. But in the past six months, I don’t know why. The always punctual aunt postponed to stop visiting, At first, I thought it was busy at work and a little disordered. I didn’t care too much. But gradually, the hair lost its luster of the past, and the skin that could have been comparable to that of young girls began to dry. They could not sleep at night, and they had no interest in making out with their loved ones. They were upset and inexplicably wanted to lose their temper. The daughter even said angrily after being reprimanded by her, “Mom, you have always made a mountain out of a molehill recently. Is menopause coming?” She looked at her gaunt face in the mirror, which could not even be covered up by cosmetics. [What’s the matter? Am I really getting old? [Zhao Nvshi went to the hospital for a series of examinations, Finally, the doctor gave a diagnosis-premature ovarian failure, It occurs in women who have regular menstruation before the age of 40, Persistent amenorrhea and atrophy of sexual organs due to ovarian dysfunction, Clinical manifestations are accompanied by premenopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, hyperhidrosis, vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, etc., often with an increase in gonadotropin level and a decrease in estrogen, with an incidence rate of about 1% ~ 3%. It is mainly divided into two types, one is the loss of follicle number (follicle depletion type) and the other is the disappearance of follicle function (normal follicle number type). [Why? Aren’t many people menopausal in their 50s? ] Zhao Nvshi did not think that this distant medical term would fall on her body. Aging is terrible enough, but she is getting old before she gets old, which is even more difficult to accept. In my impression, the ovary is only responsible for menstruation and giving birth to children, and even the appearance can be affected. Since it is so important, why will it decline ahead of schedule? Ovarian vitality is affected by many factors. Ovary is the reproductive organ located in the female pelvic cavity. One on the left and one on the right, The ovaries of adult women weigh about 5-6g, In addition to pregnancy and lactation, The ovary changes periodically once a month and ovulates. Maintaining reproductive function, At the same time, it can synthesize and secrete estrogen, progesterone, androgen and other hormones and growth factors. It controls the youth and vitality of human skeleton, immunity, reproduction, nerve and other systems. Estrogen not only promotes and maintains the development and function of female genital organs, It can also moisturize skin, brighten hair, Gather subcutaneous fat to make the body graceful, Once secretion is reduced, In addition to atrophy of the reproductive organs, It can also obviously affect women’s appearance and temperament. The ovaries grow with age, A series of changes will take place: When a woman is born, her ovary has about 150,000 to 500,000 follicles. Only about 400 ~ 500 follicles mature and ovulate once a month until natural menopause, the average natural menopause age of women is between 45 and 55 years old. The causes of premature ovarian failure are various: chromosome abnormalities, genetic factors, environmental factors, immune endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, virus infection, etc. As more research finds out, If the ovary or fallopian tube has undergone surgery, mumps, exposure to chemicals and so on are all high risk factors, Especially today’s working women, The pace of life is fast, the work pressure is great, It is easy to affect endocrine function and human immune function, It is also a hidden danger of premature ovarian failure. Diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, It is necessary to combine medical history, carry out gynecological examination, vaginal B-ultrasound, hormone level, etc. If the age is < 40 years old, the amenorrhea time is ≥ 6 months, the blood follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is > 40 IU/L twice, and estradiol (E2) is < 100 pg/ml, the diagnosis can be obtained. Chromosome, thyroxine level, immune antibody series, etc. may need to be checked when considering different causes. Premature ovarian failure has been diagnosed as premature ovarian failure with regular therapy. Zhao Nvshi is more concerned about [can it be treated? The commonly used method in medicine is hormone replacement therapy, Replenish the body’s hormone levels, Depending on individual circumstances, Standardize medication, Through estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy, Regular hormone level monitoring and follow-up. Many people have scruples about hormone replacement, All kinds of hearsay, For example, it can cause cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer and so on. Doctors will know the patient’s condition in detail before using it, Reasonable use in the absence of contraindications, Can effectively relieve a series of symptoms caused by hormone level decline, thus improving the quality of life and promoting family harmony. In addition, to prevent osteoporosis, it is recommended to take calcium 1000-1500 mg and vitamin D 400-800IU/day every day. Of course, as these elements are also found in food, please consult a doctor to determine the amount that needs additional supplements. At the same time, we should carry out necessary physical exercises. Walking, swimming, yoga, To keep the bones strong. If the amenorrhea is short, Ovulation induction therapy can be considered for follicular premature ovarian failure. For patients who are determined to have immune factors, Immunotherapy may be used as appropriate, However, because there is no clear and unified medication standard for immunotherapy at present, Therefore, immunosuppressants cannot be blindly applied. For women who have reproductive requirements, We can also consider methods such as embryo transfer and ovarian transplantation. Ovarian maintenance is really unreliable. Zhao Nvshi remembered that the beauty salon she had been to had ovarian maintenance programs. I don’t know if it’s useful for her situation. In fact, under normal circumstances, The ovaries are located deep in the pelvic cavity, Abdominal skin massage does not touch the ovaries, As for the essential oil massage ovary proposed by many beauty agencies, The function of essential oil itself remains to be discussed, Massage also cannot affect the ovaries, At most, it penetrates into the skin layer, Therefore, the possibility of maintaining ovaries through essential oil massage should not exist. Infrared and other physiotherapy instruments can only improve local blood circulation. It is impossible to play a role in ovary. The female physiological cycle forms a pathway interaction through hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary-uterus. The function of each organ is affected by the previous organ, The ovaries alone do not affect the function of other organs, If the ovary itself has a cyst, May grow rapidly due to excessive stimulus, Some beauty agencies even use drugs containing sex hormones, Drug abuse, It backfired. So, From a scientific point of view, The so-called “ovarian maintenance” on the market is groundless. The maintenance of ovarian function should start from daily life. Avoid extreme emotions, to strike a balance between work and rest, Reduce irritant foods, Don’t stay up late, Don’t eat health care products indiscriminately, Attention should be paid to the intake of enough vegetables and fruits, tea or mineral-containing water. Through regular work and rest, good mentality, balanced diet, It can reduce the risk of premature ovarian failure. Women with a family history of premature ovarian failure or other high-risk factors should consult medical advice in advance to avoid premature ovarian failure through lifestyle changes or other interventions. In short, a healthy and upward lifestyle is the biggest secret to delay aging and maintain youth.