What food safety problems should we pay attention to when making homemade fermented food?

In our life, we will make many fermented foods, such as pickled cabbage and spicy cabbage. What problems should we pay attention to?

First, pay attention to avoid mixing with miscellaneous bacteria, especially pathogenic bacteria.

Such as botulinum.

At present, most of the foods causing botulinum toxin poisoning in our country are homemade fermented foods, such as broad bean paste, stinky tofu, etc. Every year, botulinum toxin poisoning incidents caused by homemade foods occur.

In addition, when eating, it is best to heat it thoroughly as far as possible. Heating thoroughly can kill most bacteria. In case of leakage, it can also play a role in leak detection and compensation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Second, pay attention to nitrite.

Some homemade fermented foods, such as kimchi, may have nitrite risks.

The peak of nitrite content in common pickled pickled vegetables is generally about 4 ~ 10 days. It is related to some factors such as temperature, salinity and types of vegetables. It is generally believed that the peak will be reached in a week or so. After another 10 days or so, the nitrite content will tend to be flat. Therefore, it is generally recommended that pickled vegetables wait until pickled for 15-20 days or so. If you make your own fermented pickled vegetables, you must pickle them thoroughly before eating them.

Finally, I would like to remind friends who like to make food at home that before making food, it is best to have a full understanding of its safety risks, operational precautions, etc. before starting work.

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