Wrapping a blanket can make the baby sleep longer, but it is also more dangerous! Please look at the infant guide recommended by Americans.

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In the past, there were always grandmothers and grandmothers with babies in the community. One of the most effective ways to let the baby sleep long was to pick up the baby, that is, to wrap it in swaddling clothes.

In fact, in the United States, about 4,000 infants die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) every year, and wrapping infants in swaddling clothes while sleeping will increase the risk of sudden death by 50-60%. Are these figures shocking?

In fact, it is risky for a baby to wrap in swaddling clothes. It will reduce the child’s perception ability to a certain extent. The baby will be less disturbed and will naturally sleep soundly in swaddling clothes. This is also one of the reasons why parents are willing to use swaddling clothes.

However, parents should also understand that the decrease of children’s perception of the outside world is also one of the important causes of sudden infant death.

Should swaddling clothes be wrapped or not? Today, Clove Mother will share with you some knowledge about the correct wrapping of swaddling clothes.

Sleeping posture is very important.

In order to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, the baby must sleep with his back down and on his back.

Some studies have shown that never put the baby’s back up when packing the bill, otherwise it will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the baby is fixed in swaddling clothes and does not let him lie prone when turning over.

No matter whether the baby is wrapped in swaddling clothes or not, the baby must pay attention to the following questions when falling asleep:

1. When falling asleep, be sure to keep your back down and lie on your back, and monitor at any time. Don’t let him change his back orientation when turning over.

2. Do not place soft bedding in the crib, including blankets, pillows, quilts, etc., otherwise it will increase the risk of baby suffocation;

3. Don’t put your child in an adult’s bed. Babies are the safest in their cribs.

4. Infancy will increase the risk of baby’s body temperature being too high, so don’t wrap baby too much! If you notice that your baby is sweating, wet hair, red face and shortness of breath, you must reduce the thickness of the package in time.

5. Babies within 6 months old may consider using pacifiers when sleeping at night and taking a nap during the day.

6. Children should not smoke where they sleep.

How to use swaddling clothes correctly?

In two months, the use of swaddling clothes should be stopped, because at this time children begin to learn to turn over, turning over in swaddling clothes sometimes leads to danger.

Wrapping swaddling clothes correctly can quickly calm the baby down, help improve the sleep quality of the baby, and play a role in easing the baby’s mood:

1. The first step is to lay the swaddling blanket flat.

2. The second step is to lay the baby flat on the blanket and put the head in one corner of the blanket.

3. The third step is to lay the baby’s small arms and legs flat, select one corner to start folding, and place the folded one end under the other side.

4. Step 4: Fold the lower corner.

5. Step 5: Fold the blanket on the other side and place the folded end under the baby on the other side.

6. Step 6: Ensure that the baby can move his little buttocks freely in swaddling clothes. The swaddling clothes are not particularly tight. One test method is for parents to put their hands into the swaddling clothes. The distance between the baby’s chest and the swaddling clothes is at least 2-3 fingers.

Relax, little fart

When using infant babies, small farts usually have problems to some extent.

Some studies have shown that many babies will suffer from hip dysplasia and hip joint problems to a certain extent due to the problem of too tight wrapping when swaddling clothes are used.

Therefore, when using swaddling clothes, one must pay attention to relaxing the small fart.

In short, it is not impossible to wrap children in swaddling clothes. For children within 2 months old, if there is a special person to take care of them at home, the wrapping method is appropriate, which can appease children and promote sleep.

When wrapping, the child’s upper limbs can be fixed, but the lower limbs cannot be wrapped. The lower limbs should be guaranteed to move freely, so as to reduce the risk of hip joint problems.

For children over 2 months old, for the sake of their safety, they should not wrap their swaddling clothes any more.