Yam is a treasure. It tastes good to nourish the stomach and control sugar. Share some tips for making yam.

I often hear many people ask:

I have a bad stomach and intestines, and I am always flatulent. The health headline suggests that it is better to eat some what?

You recommend to eat some coarse cereals and potatoes every day, but I will suffer from indigestion when eating corn and sweet potatoes. What should I do?

Teacher Fan Zhihong especially recommends yam, which can be used as both staple food and food.

Yam can nourish stomach and intestines

Yes, yam can nourish the stomach.

The more people with gastrointestinal problems, the more careful they should be in choosing coarse cereals and potato ingredients.

Common coarse cereals and potatoes, such as corn, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes, are not easy to digest because of their high starch and dietary fiber content, which is easy to cause stomach distension and even stomachache.

If some staple foods are replaced by compact iron bar yam, this problem can be well solved.

First of all, yam starch particles are relatively small, which is conducive to the digestion of digestive juice. Moreover, yam has fine texture and less crude fiber content, which will not produce great stimulation to gastrointestinal tract.

Secondly, the content of amylopectin in yam starch is relatively high. No matter how it is cooked, the digestion speed is relatively fast. The softer and glutinous the taste, the higher the content of amylopectin is usually.

Thirdly, studies have found that yam may stimulate the human digestive system to produce more digestive enzymes, thus improving digestion speed.

Finally, animal studies have shown that yam can promote the proliferation of digestive tract mucosal cells, increase the thickness of small intestinal mucosa, and enhance the activity of digestive enzymes in small intestine.

Eating yam is beneficial to patients with digestive system diseases, such as patients with chronic enteritis. People with gastrointestinal mucosal damage do not have to worry about mechanical damage to gastrointestinal cells caused by eating yam.

Can diabetics eat yam?

It is said that yam will raise blood sugar quickly. Can diabetics eat it?

It’s still edible.

Whether the blood sugar response is high or low is sometimes related to [constitution].

Some friends with poor digestion ability have less secretion of digestive juice or low activity of digestive enzymes. They are not very good at digesting things that normal people are easy to digest, so even if they eat some foods that raise sugar quickly, their blood sugar can be maintained at a stable level.

It should be noted that indigestion people need to supplement a variety of nutrients more than healthy people, so for them, good food is those with high blood sugar response but high nutritional value.

Drinking white rice porridge is better than eating miscellaneous rice porridge and steamed yam.

Other studies have found that yam can reduce the absorption rate of fat and cholesterol in food by animals, and adding a small amount of yam to the diet is beneficial to the disease control of diabetics.

It is suspected that the reason may be that some components contained in yam, such as dehydroepiandrosterone, yam polysaccharide and other components, are related, which can play a role in regulating metabolism.

Eating yam in this way is healthy and delicious.

In terms of food material selection, it is best to choose yam with compact texture, soft and glutinous taste and no astringency.

Yam with excessive water content is better at cooking, while yam with high starch content can fully improve digestion.

According to the recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines, it is recommended to eat one or two sections of yam as long as your fingers in the morning and evening and replace two pieces of rice.

In terms of cooking methods, as long as it is fully cooked and cooked, it is OK.

Steamed, cooked with rice in an electric rice cooker, diced and cooked porridge, or cooked in a pressure cooker, are all OK. However, it is best not to dip in white sugar when eating, and it is not recommended to eat shredded yam often, because there is a little too much sugar and oil.

At the end, I would like to introduce a little trick to my friends:

Some people will itch when touching yam skin, so they are very upset about peeling.

In fact, it can be cooked directly without peeling.

Wash Tiegun Yam, cut the skin and steam it directly in a cage for about 20-30 minutes.

After steaming, the leather of high-quality yam is thin and dry. Use a knife or fingernail tip to gently cut the surface of yam skin and dig the place where the hair is long, and the thin skin can be easily torn off.

Now this season, fresh yam is relatively few, or a little withered. If there is no yam, buy dehydrated yam slices can also be used. Soak in advance for a few hours, even soak water and other coarse cereals together in the porridge pot to boil, or directly throw into the soybean milk machine, and other coarse cereals together into paste, which is very beneficial to digestion.