[100% pure natural], does not mean there is no chemical substance

If you pay close attention to advertisements, from skin care products to food, you may hear countless slogans like [our product does not contain chemical components] [this is 100% natural].

This kind of description really makes people a little speechless, because in daily life, [without chemicals] is basically impossible.

However, this [pure natural] bad style just can’t be suppressed. Even the famous international academic journal “Nature” can’t be seen any more. It can’t help but spit out on the blog and tell everyone that “there are no products without chemicals in the market”.

You may have never heard of most of the chemicals mentioned above, have you?

As long as there is a blueberry, you will eat all of the above into your stomach!

From the water we drink to the air we breathe, everything in life is related to chemistry.

[Natural Substances] [No Chemical Substances]? You’re kidding!

Here are the chemicals contained in bananas

Wait, hard candy seems to contain much less chemicals than bananas…

Many people have a kind of [chemical phobia], as soon as they hear the name of the chemical substance, they will subconsciously feel: this thing is not good! It’s not natural!

But the problem is, to say something [bad] is to speak in quantity.

Toxicity aside from dose? Innocent!

Apple seeds contain a substance called amygdalin, which is almost equivalent to the toxicity level of thiopental sodium used for injection of death penalty. When the dosage of these two substances reaches 1,000 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, they are toxic.

But we eat apples every day? Because the content of amygdalin in apple seeds is very low, eating one or two apples will not threaten life at all.

The [natural food] in the following picture contains substances that are toxic to human body, but we have been eating them all the time, because the daily intake is not enough to cause harm to health.

Almost all substances are poisonous when they reach a certain dose. Even the water and oxygen on which we depend for our survival can cause water poisoning and oxygen poisoning when they reach a certain dose.

Natural VS Artificial

Well, well, I know that you may not be afraid of chemicals, but of [artificial chemicals].

Many advertisements deliberately distinguish between [artificial chemicals] and [natural substances]. Behind the concepts of [no addition] [no chemical substances] [pure natural], there is the [chemical harmful theory] advocated by businesses.

Under the influence of such propaganda, many of us will subconsciously think that natural plants or extracts of natural plants are definitely safer than what is produced in factories. Even if there is a lot of scientific evidence to prove that some synthetic substances are very safe, people will selectively ignore them.

Even more ironically, this tendency has nothing to do with education. Smart people are even more vulnerable to this cognitive bias. They are more careful and pay more attention to their health, but they are also more likely to be fooled.

I have many well-educated friends who are extremely superstitious [natural].

Just say a girl I know, People look good, It feels smart, too. But I don’t know, since what, She suddenly felt that the skin care products she used before were not good and contained various [chemicals]. She had to go online to buy [natural skin care products] made by merchants. Finally, she got skin allergy, her face was red and swollen, and she had to go to the hospital. After being cured, she even continued to buy them, saying that it was “natural always to rest assured, and it would be good to buy those that would not be allergic in the future”…

Natural substances are not always beneficial to health, nor are artificial substances absolutely harmful. The two are not opposed.

Superstition [does not contain chemicals], only businesses benefit.

Some businesses will tell us that their products [do not contain chemicals]. But is it really possible for us to live a life free of chemicals?

Maybe calm down and think about it, we can all understand this truth, but many consumers are scared. Those commodities that do not conform to the standards have brought us harm. Some people would rather believe that chemicals are harmful.

Learning to understand that what you eat every day is what and what you use is what is definitely beneficial to you. Blind superstition benefits only businessmen.

If you finish reading this article, you still think that only [pure natural] is good and [artificial] is bad…

Well, I wish you a life without chemistry.