Mangoes can still cook? When it meets green leafy vegetables

Mangoes have always been one of my favorite fruits. I often buy some and leave them at home. Besides eating them raw, I also like cooking. The stems of green leafy vegetables are more harmonious with mangoes, or they are accompanied by shrimps and fried directly, which is delicious and convenient. Mango kale and mango asparagus are good choices for mango dishes.

Mango cooking, nutrition will be lost?

Although some of the nutrition of fruits will be lost after heating, it can be supplemented with green vegetables at the same time.

The clever combination of the two actually has higher nutritional value.

Is there no problem with blood sugar and intestines and stomach when the elderly eat mangoes?

Eating heated mangoes for the elderly will not cause gastrointestinal discomfort to the elderly, but also supplement them with rich nutrition.

There is no need to worry too much about the increase in blood sugar in the elderly when eating fruits. The increase in blood sugar in the elderly depends on the amount of fruit they eat, not whether they eat or not.

Mangoes contain a certain amount of sugar, but at the same time green vegetables can slow down the increase of blood sugar. The amount of mangoes in this dish is two, and the sugar in it will not have a great impact on the increase of blood sugar.

Do mangoes, asparagus and kale have high nutritional value?

The carotenoids in the dishes, especially lutein, are rich in content, which is very helpful for school-age children and white-collar workers who use a lot of eyes to protect their eyes.

Dishes with low fat, low sodium, low GI, high dietary fiber, high vitamins and a large amount of antioxidant phytonutrients are helpful to hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia that the middle-aged and the elderly are prone to.

Fried Shrimps with Mango Kale (Asparagus)

Ingredients: Mango 260 g, kale 120 g (or equivalent asparagus), shrimp 50 g, olive oil 5 g, concentrated chicken juice 5 g.

Specific steps:

1. Slack the concentrated chicken juice with a little clear water and add a little starch to make a bowl of juice;

2. Kale (asparagus) and mango are preferably cut into rhombus shapes;

3. Kale (asparagus) will be greener when blanched.

4. Pour a little oil into the pan, add a little chopped scallion and ginger, immediately stir-fry shrimps in the pan, then stir-fry kale (asparagus) in the pan, pour into the bowl juice and stir-fry evenly. The chicken juice is salty, so there is no need to add additional salt.

5. Turn off the fire and then add mangoes and mix well.

Calories: The total calories of this dish are 238 kilocalories, containing 24.6 grams of carbohydrate and 19.8 grams of protein. It can be filled in 1-2 bowls and is suitable for two people to share together.

Nutrition Tips

(1) Asparagus

Each 100g asparagus contains 45 mg vitamin C, 213 mg potassium, 449 g-carotene, 710 g lutein and 60 g vitamin K; 128 g folic acid.

(2) Kale/Kale

Kale, also known as kale in Guangdong, tastes crisp, clear and tender and is rich in vitamins A, C, calcium, protein, fat and plant sugars.

(3) Mango

Although there are many varieties of mangoes, the nutritional value of large and small mangoes is similar. If you enter the dish, you may choose large mangoes and cut them conveniently. You can do it according to your own preferences.

Mangoes are mainly rich in carotene, vitamins, potassium, mango protease, dietary fiber, pectin, etc. Mangoes contain polyphenols, phosphorus and other minerals, which can avoid excessive free radicals in the body, damage cells, cause body aging, eat in an appropriate amount, supplement many antioxidant nutrients, and delay aging.