20 words, teach you scientific prevention of hemorrhoids

There are various common sayings describing the high incidence of hemorrhoids. What has ten men and nine hemorrhoids and ten women and ten hemorrhoids. This shows how common hemorrhoids are.

Clinically, the incidence rate of hemorrhoids in adults is close to 50%, and it will occur at any age. Moreover, with the increase of age, more and more people will get sick and the symptoms will worsen.

Hemorrhoids are actually a mass of blood vessels. Most hemorrhoids are actually in a static and asymptomatic state. Not every hemorrhoid will make you feel uncomfortable. If there are symptoms, it is basically blood dripping after defecation, or some blood stained on toilet paper, hemorrhoids prolapse, anal pain, pruritus and other symptoms at the anus.

Although hemorrhoids are not serious diseases, they affect the quality of life very much. Can how prevent the symptoms from getting more and more serious, or avoid hemorrhoids from the beginning? Teach you 20 words.

How can prevent hemorrhoids?

Step 1 Concentrate on going to the toilet

Do your best not to play with your mobile phone when defecating. Whenever you feel comfortable, go to the toilet immediately. Concentrate on defecation and do not be half-hearted. Don’t have the habit of holding your breath hard to defecate. Constipation, more specifically, difficult defecation, endless defecation and stool induration will all lead to an increased risk of hemorrhoids.

When defecation is difficult, do not use too much force. Press the left lower abdomen with your hand to assist defecation. If it does not work, you can use Kaiselu or oral lactulose to help soften feces.

Step 2: Have a good meal

In terms of diet, we should have a good life rule, drink enough water, and normally ensure 1 500 ~ 2 000 ml of drinking water a day.

On the premise of ensuring nutrition for three meals, eat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and staple foods in a suitable proportion every day, so as to keep defecation once a day as far as possible, and it is advisable not to dry up defecation. On this basis, the proportion of whole wheat food can be appropriately increased. Even if there is no constipation symptom, an appropriate increase in whole wheat diet will still reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

Vegetables and fruits can be added with high fiber foods, such as celery, spinach, mushroom, apple, etc., according to their preferences and defecation conditions.

3. Exercise at ordinary times

In addition to regular exercise at ordinary times, you can also consciously lift the anus at ordinary times, that is, slowly lift and contract the anus.

4. Hygiene after defecation

Keep the anus clean, change underwear frequently, pay attention to hygiene and prevent perianal infection.

Asymptomatic hemorrhoids do not need treatment.

In fact, hemorrhoids without symptoms do not need treatment. Only when hemorrhoids are complicated with hemorrhage, prolapse, thrombosis and incarceration should they be treated. Moreover, the treatment of those symptomatic hemorrhoids also focuses on alleviating or eliminating symptoms, not radical cure.

Doctors will choose the most suitable treatment method for you according to your condition. Of course, it is conscientious doctors, not the kind of cheater doctors who want to peel you off when they see you.

Therefore, what we ordinary people need to know is that when their anus has various discomforts, they should go to the anorectal doctor in time when they still cannot eliminate the symptoms by adjusting their diet structure, keeping stool unobstructed and taking a bath in warm water, keeping anus clean and other methods for a period of time. Therefore, it is still the 20 words mentioned above.

Finally, I adapted a slogan to wish everyone:

Hemorrhoids go without trace, buttocks are more outstanding;

Good defecation habits, levator anus exercise;

Clean and sanitary grasp, buttocks smile blossom.