23 Tips Runners Still Need to Know

1. Don’t do static stretching before running.

Research shows that, Static stretching before running not only does not reduce sports injuries, but also affects the normal performance of running level. Static stretching refers to maintaining a muscle stretching posture for 20-30 seconds. If you really want to warm your lower body before running, then choose dynamic stretching (i.e. The stretching posture of the same muscle should not last too long)! You can stand still, lift your legs high or walk fast for 5 minutes, etc.

2. Tying shoelaces can avoid many foot discomfort caused by running.

Toe spasm, heel slip and instep pain can often be relieved by different shoelace methods. The general principle is that shoelaces are not easy to loosen or tighten.

3. It is also very effective to alternate fast walking and running.

Many people also take the alternating way of fast walking and running in the marathon running process. So, why don’t you try to add fast walking to the running process? You can first follow the [Galloway Running Method] invented by [Godfather of Running] Jeff Galloway (he recommends a method that combines running with walking). Of course, you can also create a personalized running plan.

Step 4 Try shortening your workout time

If running for 45 minutes is an impossible hellish training for you. And you still want to exercise by running, why not try short-term high-intensity exercise? Any exercise lasting only 25 minutes should be complete for you, right? Of course, you can’t relax during the whole process, you should always maintain a high intensity of exercise.

5. Don’t just pursue long distances

When you force yourself to run in pursuit of long distances, Running itself has become a physical and mental torture to you. Gradually, you will not love running. However, as you slowly increase the distance of running, you will unconsciously realize that you can already run so far in one go. Now there are relevant mobile phone software to help you.

6. Create a fast-paced running song list for yourself

Studies have shown that when you run listening to fast songs, running will become less painful and your mood will be happier. You can use some related software, or try listening to some recommended running songs while running.

7. Add some weight-bearing exercises between runs.

If you have to do 100 squats after running 2,000 meters, you must have the heart to die! But if you are asked to repeat four 500 meters and 25 squats, is it easy to accept a lot? (But the total amount of exercise is actually the same). You can adjust the running speed according to your own rhythm, but the squats must be as standard and as fast as possible. In addition, you can choose other weight-bearing exercises instead of squats, or adjust the distance of each run according to your exercise time.

8. Choose a pair of running shoes that suit you

This is not a cover made up by the running shoe company. A good pair of running shoes suitable for you will not only make you more comfortable to run, but also reduce the probability of sports injuries. Go to a shop with a professional guide to buy running shoes, where professionals will choose the most suitable running shoes for you according to your gait and weight.

9. Get a disposable tattoo to inspire yourself

Research shows that positive self-motivation can make you perform better. If you want to perform better, it is better to tell yourself loudly [I can do better]! Always remind yourself that you are the best, you can do anything, and you can become a cheetah when running!

If you have the chance, why not turn your determination into a disposable tattoo and engrave it on your body?

10. Start with a [fashionable and most fashionable] hair band,

Hair bands can not only fix bangs, but also prevent sweat from dripping directly onto the face. Some people say that wearing hair bands looks super dull, but dull and lovable!

11. Create your own method to prevent headphones from being wet and smelly with sweat.

The method is very simple, wrap nice small cloth strips or rubber bands around the bottom of the earphone, and then hang the earphone on the ear instead of stuffing it into the ear.

12. Pay attention to some runners on social networks.

Look more at other people’s running photos, medals and beautiful running shoes, so that you can more easily ignite the burning fire of running!

13. Eat some delicious snacks before or after each run.

If you get up early in the morning to run or run for more than an hour, it is actually necessary to eat some snacks before or after the run. This can properly supplement energy. You can choose some snacks that look attractive and you want to eat. Bananas and energy bars are also good choices.

14. It will be cheaper to buy clothes when the season is over.

Every time you run, you have to change your sweaty clothes for cleaning, so if you have several running clothes to wear, you won’t have to wash clothes so frequently. But many high-tech running clothes are really expensive. In order to save money, why buy cheap running clothes during the season? For example, there is usually a big discount for buying clothes suitable for running in winter in summer.

15. Wool socks are best for running.

Wearing good socks can reduce blisters, avoid foot dryness, reduce friction, etc. Compared with pure cotton socks, Wool socks can absorb moisture better, keep warm when wet with sweat, and dry faster. Go to a professional sports store to buy socks. Under the guidance of the shopping guide, you can choose the most suitable wool socks from the dazzling styles.

16. Sports lingerie is extremely important.

If you feel your chest jumping up and down while running, you must be wearing inappropriate sports lingerie. When choosing sports lingerie, you should consider many aspects, such as the thickness of shoulder straps, front buckle or back buckle, etc. Each lingerie has its suitable crowd and sports category, so go to a professional sports store to find a guide to choose for you!

17. Pay special attention to the parts that are easy to rub.

There is a foreign saying that a worn nipple is the first pain in life, but in fact, any part of your body that will rub repeatedly during running makes you feel very uncomfortable. If you apply anti-friction ointment to areas that are easy to rub (such as nipples, inner thighs and armpits), you will actually feel much more comfortable.

18. Ten minutes to relieve calf pain

Many runners suffer from calf pain. The calf pain not only prevents you from running, but also makes you recover very slowly. In order to reduce the weight of your calf during running, you can do some simple actions to strengthen the muscles of your hips, thighs and ankles.

In addition, if you have any physical pain or discomfort before, during and after running, remember to see a doctor in time. Improper running will damage your health instead.

19. Wear a full set of running clothes and go out for a walk, which will bring unexpected results.

Some runners said that the most effective way they heard was to tell themselves [I only went out for 10 minutes in my running suit]. When you come into contact with the fresh air outside, you will run involuntarily.

20. Listen to e-books or podcasts while running

When you have a hard time running on weekends, try listening to e-books or blog programs to pass the long running time. You will find that when you get stuck in the plot of the book, the time will change quickly and the long running will not be as painful as usual.

21. Use your mobile app to record the distance you run on each pair of running shoes.

Ordinary running shoes will have a certain life span, Of course, the exact distance depends on your weight, how long you run and when your shoes leave the factory. When you don’t change your running shoes in time, You will find that running will bring pain or discomfort to your feet. If you don’t want to record which pair of shoes you wear and the distance you run after each run, you can choose some mobile phone applications to help you record.

22. In order to free your hands, you can choose to carry your belongings in another way.

In addition to your hands and pockets, you can choose other ways to carry your belongings, such as using a belt or arm belt to hang the money, keys and even mobile phone you need on your body. There are also running pockets and good helpers for sports.

23. Go to some interesting running activities!

Some running is as exciting and fun as attending a party. Running to the finish line is a celebration drink and various cakes, and no matter how to cross the finish line, it is really wonderful!

Responsible Editor: Huang Lijia