7 Signs Tell You to Take Vitamin D

Vitamins are indispensable nutrients for the human body. The Huffington Post published an article on April 29 in the United States, which published [7 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency in the Body] by Dr. Michael Horrick, a professor of medicine at Boston University.

1. Bone pain

Adults who lack vitamin D are more prone to bone and muscle pain, especially in winter. When you get up in the morning, your joints feel stiff.

Step 2: Depression

Vitamin D can improve the level of neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine, thus improving mood. Studies have found that vitamin D supplementation can greatly reduce the incidence of depression.

3. Over 50

The American Cancer Society said that the older you get, the weaker your skin’s ability to produce vitamin D. Older people spend relatively more time indoors and less time in the sun, which makes them more likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

4. Overweight or obese

Excessive body fat will reduce the blood vitamin D level. The reason is that vitamin D is fat soluble. The more body fat, the easier it will be [diluted]. Overweight or obese people may need to supplement more vitamin D.

Step 5: Dark skin

Studies have shown that skin pigments are natural sunscreens. Smooth sunscreens with a SPF of 30 reduce the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D by 97%. Dark people need to spend 10 times more time in the sun to get the same vitamin D as people with white skin.

6. Sweat on the head

Sweating on the head is a typical symptom of vitamin D deficiency.

7. Intestinal problems

Research by the National Institutes of Health found that Crohn’s disease and abdominal cavity or enteritis can affect fat absorption, thus more likely to lead to vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. Horrick said that in order to prevent vitamin D deficiency, it is very important to expose the skin of arms, legs, abdomen and back. Exposure to the sun for 10-15 minutes is helpful to supplement vitamin D. It is best between 10: 00 a.m. and 3: 00 p.m., and no more than half an hour at a time.