Buy Buy Buy Guide: How to Buy Gifts for Parents

I have always felt that the New Year does not begin on New Year’s Eve, nor does it begin on the first day of the New Year. It started when everyone in the streets and lanes was busy buying New Year’s goods. It started when my parents called you to say that the house was properly packed and asked when you would come back this year.

Therefore, half of my joy came from [preparing for the New Year]. Dr. Clove offered a little advice this year, hoping to help everyone prepare healthier and beneficial New Year gifts for their parents.

Why do you want to consider buying what especially for your parents?

It’s not like parents have experienced youth, Many young people, including myself, Because I didn’t go through the process of celebrating the New Year, We must not know all the physical and mental changes of our parents. Therefore, whether we live in the same city or residence with our parents or not, we may not know. Therefore, even if our parents look healthy and hale and hearty, we must also pay attention to the risks in their old age.

The sensory system, the central nervous system, the musculoskeletal system and many other systems are sensitive to age. It means that these system organs will decline with age. For example, the degeneration of skeletal muscle system function will affect the elderly’s mobility, gait agility, strength and tolerance, making the elderly unstable in walking or fine operation, prone to slow walking or unstable holding of objects, etc. Degeneration of the central nervous system will affect intelligence, muscle strength, muscle tension, sensation, reaction ability and time, etc. Therefore, accidents such as decreased digestion ability, traffic accidents, choking and scalding are also common in the elderly. The sensory system includes vision, hearing, touch, vestibular and proprioception, etc. Problems in collecting information by the sensory system will also aggravate the above-mentioned series of problems.

Take a fall as an example, According to the “Guidelines for Intervention on Falls of the Elderly” published by the Ministry of Health of China, Every year, 30% of the elderly over 65 years old in the United States fall down. China has entered an aging society. The number of people aged 65 and above has reached 150 million. According to the incidence rate of 30%, it is estimated that more than 40 million elderly people will fall at least once a year. The incidence rate of falls among the elderly is high and the consequences are serious. It is one of the important reasons for the disability and death of the elderly. The author of this article also feels deeply hurt about this problem. Therefore, during the New Year, I would like to introduce some experiences to you. I hope that the gifts you prepare for the elderly of parents or grandparents can avoid accidental injuries as much as possible and are festive and healthy.

If you want to buy new clothes for your parents,

1. Clothes should be light and weighed.

2. Pants should not be too long or too loose, to avoid stepping on the bottom of the trousers and tripping;

3. Choose materials with lines on the sole and anti-skid materials, and avoid wearing slippers or sandals or shoes with unstable high heels.

If you want to buy food for your parents,

1. Don’t buy deceptive health food, scientific purchase;

2. Avoid foods with high salt, sugar and oil. Light grains, vegetables and fruits should be preferred. In addition, calcium-rich gifts, such as milk, can be prepared.

3. If you send soft food, you should choose food with little or no bones, but you should be extra careful when sending sticky food, such as glutinous rice balls, gel sugar and glutinous rice paste, etc.

If you want to buy electrical appliances for your parents,

1. Check all electrical appliances, wires and sockets for parents, and repair or replace damaged supplies;

2. To check the plug-in in parents’ homes, to avoid connecting too many electrical appliances to the same socket, resulting in overload;

3. To check flammable items beside stoves or electrical appliances, clean and remove newspapers and compressed sprays (such as insecticidal water, cleaning spray, etc.);

4. Choose a heater or electric blanket that meets the specifications, and tell parents about the safety of use.

5. If you choose cooking utensils as gifts, you should ensure that there are overflow, dry burning and short-circuit power-off protection functions, and there will not be too many problems when your parents forget to turn them off when they go out.

If you want to buy furniture or decorate a house for your parents,

1. To make the home well lit, prepare night lights or bedside lights for them to get up at night;

2. The floor should be kept dry and avoid waxing. If there are uneven places, attention should be paid to repair them properly.

3. To handle the position of the wire, and remove debris on the ground, so as not to trip;

4. For the older elderly, the bathroom should be equipped with handrails of appropriate height and firmness, and the ground should be equipped with anti-skid pits.

5. If you buy other desks, chairs and cabinets, you should pay attention to the height. You should stay where your parents can reach to avoid danger caused by bending over or climbing when taking things.

If you want to prepare a family medicine cabinet for your parents,

1. Do not purchase health food and drugs with unknown ingredients by yourself;

2. If necessary emergency drugs are prepared, the doctor’s prescription should be passed and the contact information of the doctor/hospital should be prepared in the medicine cabinet.

3. If taking prescription drugs from doctors, take them at the specified time and quantity.

4. It can help parents prepare separate medicine boxes, and emergency drugs of different systems are placed in different places.

5. Clean up the medicine cabinet for parents once, clean up expired or invalid drugs and replace them with new drugs, and urge parents to carefully read the drug labels before taking the drugs.

Choose gifts that help them build healthy lives.

1. Science books, many popular science books are now simple and easy to understand but interesting. Science books are a magic weapon to win in order to fight against the health preservation books of friends.

2. Sports products. For parents who have sports habits, they can prepare all kinds of sports equipment. If parents who are only ready to start cultivating sports habits now, they may as well bring them a pedometer, sports bracelet or body fat scale to help them maintain sports habits and pay more attention to their bodies.

I believe that no matter giving what gifts, what they care most about must be the care and attachment they are full of.

Responsible Editor: Xiao Xi