Who said you were old? As you get older, you don’t have to be old.

In old age, you are always worried about illness, loss of ability and lack of energy. However, these worries may only be caused by the psychological stereotype of “thinking that you are already old”. Growing old does not necessarily require getting old, and you can continue to grow at this stage of your life.

The choice of life in old age also varies from person to person. Maintaining a healthy body and a young mind and actively participating in favorite activities can help the middle-aged and the elderly to continue to live happily and fully.

First, face retirement life with a positive attitude,

Have a realistic and positive attitude towards life, plan your social life and time arrangement after retirement, and contact with new ideas and explorations.

Second, cultivate interest and discover joy.

Carry out activities beneficial to physical and mental health, maintain regular diet, daily life, housework, etc., in order to increase interest in life, cultivate the ability to adapt to normal life.

Three, new and old friends, share life together

Find some activities that can be carried out with the same people for a long time, such as square dancing, Taijiquan, fishing and tea tasting.

It is good for the mind to have thought-stimulating communication in a pleasant social atmosphere. Some people are busy after retirement but still feel lonely because they fill their time with short or lack of interpersonal activities and have no chance to meet new friends.

Four, participate in the game, the brain will not grow old

Any game that requires brain use or recollection of events can be used, while interactive games such as bridge can speed up the operation of the mind because memory and strategies need to be used.

Five, go for a walk, record the experience of walking

You can visit museum exhibitions near and travel far away. You can also consider writing, painting and photographing to record your experience.

Six, believe in yourself, not too worried about health

As an elderly person, one should realize that with the growth of age, one’s physiological condition is different from that of one’s youth, including sleep, diet, senses, etc.

Especially for chronic diseases, we should not only attach importance to and actively treat them. It is also necessary to relax and not worry too much. In a sense, if you are psychologically optimistic about the disease and ignore some, you can get better therapeutic effects.

Seven, adhere to study, life is richer

Lifelong learning will bring about lifelong growth and development. In the process of learning, you can also make new friends.

Eight, part-time or volunteer, not out of touch with the society

Although the energy and physical strength of the elderly have declined, they are experienced and can still continue to contribute to society.

Many retired elderly people continue to work part-time or as volunteers to provide themselves with opportunities to contact with the society and realize their self-worth. Keeping close contact with the society can reduce their dependence on family members, reduce anxiety and withdrawal behaviors, enhance their social adaptability and delay mental decline.

Nine, write autobiography, gifts to family

Autobiography is not the exclusive property of celebrities. Making memoirs, genealogies or family history is a precious gift to family and friends. It may also set the elderly on a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. You can also consider [telling] your past to a tape recorder or camera, which can also save your voice and images.

Ten, clove doctor App, scientific and reliable

This is a family doctor that can be carried with you. It not only brings reliable health information to the elderly, but also has the most intimate medication reminder. (Click here to download App)

The above includes lifestyles that are beneficial to the mind, creativity and interpersonal interaction. As long as you start to do them, you are half the battle. Active and active participation in social activities will let the elderly understand that this stage of life is not a decline, but full of possibilities to improve your life, improve your skills and realize your dreams and hopes.

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