Buy Buy’s Buying Guide: Time-saving and Labor-saving Artifact with Babies

Since the birth of the baby, I think mothers have also purchased a lot of parenting products. Have you ever encountered any good parenting products that make you feel [meet and hate each other late] universal?

It is said that it is a good thing, mainly to save worry and effort to please the mother. If it is universal, it will be recognized by most mothers. Because there are many so-called [artifacts] that have limitations. For example, milk warmers can actually be replaced by hot water. For example, sterilizers, in fact, boiling water disinfection is the same.

Next, Dr. Clove will recommend real practical and irreplaceable good parenting products to everyone so that you can spend less money.

Travel article

1. Trolley

Recommended Index:

Reason for recommendation: liberate adults’ hands, go out to buy vegetables or travel far away, with complete functions, long service life and high cost performance.

Raising babies is not a matter that can endure in three to five days. It is definitely a protracted war. Xiong Haizi will only sink day by day. If you want to take them out easily and free up your hands to do something, the trolley must be the first recommendation. A suitable trolley can be used from birth to three to five years old, and the cost performance is absolutely high.

For the choice of price, don’t blindly chase high, compared with thousands, hundreds of dollars is not necessarily bad. Most of the time we just take the children around to have a look, basically light and easy to store, have two-way handles, can have a certain space to drain water, snacks and other sundries is enough. The function is too complete but cumbersome and expensive.

2. Waist stool

Recommended Index:

Reason for recommendation: It is more flexible than a cart, suitable for walking at close range, the baby has a wide field of vision when facing the outside, and the things are small and do not occupy an area.

For children under one year old, waist stool is still very practical. Most of the time, if you don’t go far away, you will stroll around the community. You will feel tired when you hold it and feel burdensome when you push the car, so waist stool is especially practical.

It should be noted that the use time of the waist stool is also exquisite. It is generally recommended for babies aged 6 months to 1 year old to use it. If used too early, the baby’s neck curvature and waist curvature are not yet mature, which is difficult to sit firmly and is not conducive to body development. However, when the baby gains weight after one year old, the mother’s waist is hard to bear.

Try to choose waist stools with reliable quality and reasonable design, because some inferior waist stools are unscientific in mechanical design, which will increase the burden on the waist.

Safety Section

1. Child safety seats

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Safe and Rest assured

Safety always comes first.

Many parents will feel uneasy because they do not have safety seats when taking taxis outside. If safety seats are installed in their cars, mothers will not have to worry about the whole journey, but can focus on the interaction with their children and worry more.

However, the selection of child safety seats is also exquisite. Please look here: < < How to select child safety seats? > >.

2. Floor mats

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Safety, Let Baby Fall in Love with Exploration, Liberate Mother’s Hands

The floor mat allows the baby more time to play. The baby can explore on the floor mat at will, which is also helpful to cultivate his ability to be alone without worrying about the potential safety hazard of falling.

At this time, my mother can also take time to cook a meal or do some housework, or even watch TV for a while.

Eating and Drinking

1. Dining chair

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Let the baby form the good habit of eating independently from an early age,

The earlier the use of the dining chair, the better, it is best to start from the baby’s first meal complementary food, which is conducive to the baby to establish the association of dining chair and eating. Sit on the dining chair to eat, down to have no food. Develop such awareness and habits, can avoid adults all kinds of chase feed, forced feed trouble.

However, it is still the same sentence. When choosing, you can choose what suits you. You don’t have to blindly seek new things and perfection. The selection of dining chairs is nothing more than following the principles of safe materials and workmanship, convenient access and no other fancy functions.

Too many functions to spend money, many times really don’t need. Of course, local tyrants are free.

2. Waterproof bib

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: The most is the mess all over. Leave it to me to handle it for you.

Eva eats, especially when she eats something sticky in soup, water and water, it must also be the time when mothers are the first two big-this meal must be ugly.

Therefore, a waterproof bib covering the whole body, including hands and feet, is essential! Be sure to choose the style that can be stored in three dimensions at the bottom, so that the clothes will not be soiled and most of the food residue dropped will be caught. Moreover, the waterproof fabric design is easy to wash and dry.

3. Supplementary Food Machine/Grinding Bowl

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Make Mud and Paste Supplementary Foods Easier to Make

Although most muddy supplementary foods can be made manually, steaming, boiling, grinding and chopping are really troublesome for the child-rearing life, which can be full of conditions in every minute.

Therefore, a good product such as an auxiliary food machine is especially important. All kinds of food materials need not be put in, just wait for the harvest.

If there is no auxiliary food machine, it is better to prepare a set of grinding bowls, because the ingredients cooked by oneself need to be reprocessed to be made into mud paste. Special grinding bowls usually integrate grinding, squeezing and other functions without any effort.

I don’t know what kind of supplementary food to give my baby. Please look at this: < < There is a need to add supplementary foods, and the timing is not right and the harm is much > >.

4. Freezing compartment

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: See supplementary food every day, but don’t have to do it every day.

Babies who eat complementary foods can only eat a little bit per meal, and cannot do more than enough. At this time, the frozen ice grid can be used. Do more at a time, freeze it in different categories, and then take it out at any time to thaw and heat it, which is convenient and fast.

There is one thing to pay attention to when choosing the frozen compartment. Try to choose the silicone material, so it is still easier to take it out even if it is frozen into ice. Otherwise, taking out the frozen supplementary food every day is enough to make you mad.

5. Divided heat preservation bowl

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: If the food is packed in a bowl, it will not be afraid of cold food in winter.

The biggest advantage of the heat preservation bowl is that it can inject cold and hot water through the water injection port, keeping cold in summer and keeping warm in winter. Of course, it is not necessary to keep cold in summer, but keeping warm in winter is quite important.

Babies usually eat slowly, the food will be cold for a while, water insulation bowl can let the baby always eat warm food. In addition, insulation bowls usually have several separate, different meals in different lattices, such a bowl can hold the next meal, don’t have to put on several small bowls, also is another convenient place outside insulation.

Step 6: Straw Brush

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: The Nemesis of Straw Dirt

The most difficult corner of the straw cup to clean is the thin straw. No matter how you scratch it outside, the dirt inside cannot be washed clean anyway.

At this time, the straw brush will come in handy. A small thin brush can be inserted into a straw of any shape and cleaned by twitching back and forth.


Step 1 Bath Bed

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: One person can also bathe the baby,

Bath beds are most suitable for babies of several months old. Babies of this age cannot sit alone in the bathtub. It is especially difficult to operate if the mother holds the baby with one hand and bathes the baby with the other.

If the baby is placed on the bath bed or the bath net, the mother can completely free her hands to bathe the baby, making bathing much easier.

Step 2 Shampoo Hats

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Babies are no longer afraid of washing their hair,

Most babies don’t like to wash their hair because they are afraid of the dark in front of them and the feeling of water flowing into their eyes. Shampoo cap can completely block the water flow, and babies can freely play with their eyes open, which is a big artifact.

But only three stars are recommended, It is because there are still many babies who don’t like to wear things on their heads, and you will tear them off as soon as you put them on. For this kind of baby, you can give them a shampoo hat as a toy to play with in advance, or tell the baby to wear this hat especially beautiful, and take them to the mirror to see, but the strength boasts good looks, and many babies are still very boastful.

Through these methods, the baby will first have a favorable impression on the shampoo cap, and then slowly guide them to wear it.

3. Faucet extender

Recommended Index:

Reason for Recommendation: Let the baby fall in love with washing his hands and stop wetting his clothes.

Babies usually can’t reach the faucet installed in their homes. When washing their hands, adults need to hold them. Babies bend down and stick them on the sink to wash. Adults and children have difficulty.

If you make a faucet extender (which should also be available online), move a stool when washing your baby’s hands. The baby does not need to bend over when standing on the stool, but can wash it as long as he reaches out his hand, and his clothes do not need to stick to the edge of the pool and get wet.

I have also made such an extender for my child. Although it is not good-looking, it is really easy to use. My baby also loves washing his hands because he can play with this extender every time.

[Good Buy] Is King

There are many other good parenting products, which will not be listed one by one.

    For example, if you pack Xiong Haizi into sleeping bags in different seasons, you won’t have to get up all night to cover them with quilts, and your mother can also have a good sleep. For example, the special washing machine for infants and young children, if conditions permit and at the same time worry that adults’ washing machines are not clean and pollute babies’ clothes, start with an artifact that also saves a lot of housework in minutes. Another example is diaper mat. For babies who do not use diapers or are undergoing toilet training, using one when sleeping will definitely save you a lot of confusion.

Last but not least, I would like to remind mothers that they must be rational when buying drastically. In the same sentence, buying more is not as good as buying well, and buying impractical things is only adding to the chaos. I wish sisters can buy their own satisfactory parenting products.

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