Can plastic products be used safely? This article solves your confusion

Plastic is used more and more widely in life. When people always have various worries. For example:

Can plastic bowls and cups commonly used cause cancer?

In fact, as long as it is a regular qualified plastic product, it can be used with confidence.

If you turn over all kinds of plastic containers you usually use, you will find that most of the bottom or the side near the bottom have the following icons.

Can’t remember the meaning of classification? It doesn’t matter, keep looking down.

Can plastic tableware be heated in microwave oven?

The numbers 1 to 7 mentioned above refer to plastics of different materials and correspondingly represent whether it can be heated.

Regular products will be clearly marked accordingly [this product can be heated by microwave oven/whether it can be heated by microwave oven].

    A great advantage of No. 4 PE is that, Can handle cold drinks and hot drinks freely, Can withstand the high temperature of 90 ℃ or so, It can also be well separated from water and is also very safe to pack food. No.5 PP is relatively heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures of about 200 ℃. It can be heated by microwave oven and will not have problems if heated repeatedly. No.1, No.6 and other plastics have relatively poor heat resistance. It is best not to heat directly, nor to load too hot food. Of course, it cannot be used repeatedly.

Can plastic pots and cups hold hot water?

Don’t worry about washing and bathing with hot water in plastic pots.

Because plastic ingredients do not affect the human body through skin contact. It is also impossible to eat into the stomach, is it?

As for the cup used to drink water, it is still the same as before to distinguish the materials.

For example, No.5 plastic PP has high heat resistance and can be used for hot water or heating, such as microwave oven heating.

Can I still drink bottled water after exposure?

It is said on the Internet that after the mineral water put in the car is exposed to the sun, chemical reactions will occur, which will release carcinogenic substances, as well as plasticizers dioctyl phthalate (DEHP) and bisphenol A.

The plastic used in beverage plastic bottles is No.1 plastic PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This kind of plastic has poor heat resistance and will deform when exposed to boiling water at 70 ℃.

It is true that hot water cannot be recycled. It is better to discard it when it is used.

However, it is exaggerated to say that bottles exposed to high temperatures for a long time will have health hazards.

First, PET bottles contain trace amounts of heavy metal antimony, but research shows that the antimony content in beverages is very low, far lower than the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, and will not pose a risk to health.

Second, plasticizer and bisphenol A are not needed to manufacture PET, and the rumors are groundless.

In short, as long as it is the product of a regular manufacturer, it can be used with confidence, and the exposed water can be drunk.

Can empty beverage bottles be used to hold oil and vinegar?


There are indeed some fat-soluble small molecules in No.1 plastic PET. If it is used to pack edible oil everyday, some substances will penetrate into vegetable oil.

However, regular plastic products may dissolve very little substance, which can be safely used to contain oil, vinegar, soy sauce… everything to eat.

Even pretending to be… You can do it.

However, edible oil is recommended to be stored in dark light and shade, and beverage bottles are not a good choice.

Can food in plastic bags be poisoned chronically?

Not necessarily.

Many people in life will use [non-edible plastic bags] to pack food in order to save or not pay attention to it. If you use them occasionally, you don’t have to worry too much about chronic poisoning. Whether you are poisoned depends on the cumulative amount of harmful substances dissolved out.

But in fact, the packaging of food is required to meet the food hygiene standards. As long as it meets the national quality requirements, there will be no safety problems.

Therefore, it is suggested that everyone try to use plastic bags marked with the words “food grade” to contain food that will come into direct contact.

Can’t disposable packing boxes enter the refrigerator?

It can be used with confidence.

Rumor has it that the plasticizer will dissolve out when the disposable packing box is put into the refrigerator, and nitrite in the leftovers will cause cancer.

The three kinds of plastics mainly used in common packaging boxes do not need to use plasticizer in the production process, and there is no danger of plasticizer.

Is the greater the taste of plastic toys, the greater the harm to the body?

As long as it is a regular toy product, it can be used with confidence.

Some toys have a great taste of plastic. In fact, the substances in the plastic are slowly released. Long-term contact may indeed have an impact on health.

Plastic toys produced by some small enterprises may not meet the safety standards, and there are indeed quality and safety problems.


    If there is an obvious unpleasant smell, don’t buy it. Try to choose regular big brand plastic toys, and the safety guarantee is better.

There are also rumors that plastic products can cause sexual dysfunction in children.

At present, there is no evidence to prove that plastic products can cause sexual dysfunction in children.

The state has strict quality regulations on plastic products. As long as they are regular products, they can be used with confidence.