Cervical spondylosis

Common Manifestations of Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is not all neck pain, but also has many more serious symptoms.

If the body has the following manifestations, it is necessary to think about whether there is a problem with the cervical spine: walking with the feeling of stepping on cotton, frequent neck and shoulder pain, neck discomfort, numbness and radiation pain of upper limbs, walking with fatigue, headache or migraine that cannot be cured for a long time; Dizziness that cannot be cured for a long time; Persistent tinnitus or hearing loss of non-ear causes; Unexplained arrhythmia, symptoms similar to angina pectoris, etc.

Treatment of cervical spondylosis

The treatment methods of cervical spondylosis are divided into surgical methods and non-surgical methods.

Most cervical spondylosis can be relieved by non-surgical methods such as physical therapy and massage, while for some serious cervical spondylosis, surgical treatment may be required if the effect is not good.

Others, such as correct lifestyle and working posture, are also a very important part of treatment.

Prevention of cervical spondylosis

1. Whenever you work at your desk for too long, you should look up and move your neck and shoulders for a few minutes before working.

2. Strengthen the exercise of neck and shoulder muscles, and do forward flexion, backward extension and rotation of head and upper limbs during or after work;

3. Avoid the bad habit of sleeping on high pillows. Pillows should not be too high or too low, and avoid [rest easy]. Generally speaking, pillow height should be 8 ~ 15cm, or calculated according to the formula: (shoulder width-head width) ÷ 2; Pay attention to the neck and shoulder to keep warm, avoid head and neck load, avoid excessive fatigue;

4. Try not to doze off when riding. If you sleep, find a good fulcrum to rely on.