Daily Life Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Years ago, I went to the professor’s clinic. There came a bank governor from a southern city. Suit and tie, The movement and speech frequency are very fast. The patient has always had intermittent elevation of amylase for more than 20 years. At the same time have stomachache, diarrhea, He can pull five times a day when he has more. The local hospital suspects that he has pancreatic problems. Because of abdominal pain, elevated amylase is a typical manifestation of pancreatitis. However, B-ultrasound, CT, MRI, gastrointestinal endoscopy and even PET have been performed several times. There was no hint that there was a problem. The president’s illness was related to emotion and stress. The professor looked through his thick previous examination data. He said leisurely: [The direction is wrong. Don’t look for problems with the pancreas. There is no problem with the pancreas on the film, but the whole process of intestinal expansion should be a matter for the intestines. When the intestinal tract is faulty, it can also cause amylase to rise. Is your disease related to emotion? [Yes! When under great pressure, when angry, when seeing superior leaders, when accompanying leaders to dinner and toast, it is easy to attack. Just stay in the hospital for a few days and rest] [You have a typical irritable bowel syndrome. You should try your best to adjust your psychological mood and living habits to be as calm as during hospitalization. Take some pinaverium bromide tablets to control the symptoms during the onset of the disease, Let’s try this for three months.] During this period of time, He came to the clinic again, Enter the door and say: [Professor, It is very clever of you, The problems that have troubled me for more than 20 years, Much better now, When I was busy during the New Year, I took the medicine as soon as the symptoms broke out. The symptoms disappeared immediately, After the beginning of the year, I was angry with my subordinates because of my work. Symptoms began to appear again, Take the medicine again and it will be all right. I’ll prescribe some more medicine today.] The meaning of irritability and syndrome is the above case of a typical irritable bowel syndrome patient. This is a functional disease, Rather than organic, Simply put, the current examination methods cannot find any obvious abnormalities in any tissue or organ. However, patients have symptoms such as abdominal pain and changes in defecation habits. The so-called “irritability” means that many factors such as mental factors, psychological factors and even certain foods will “irritate” the intestinal tract very [easily]. Causing dysfunction, Changes in defecation habits occur, It can be diarrhea, It can also be constipation. The reason why it is called “syndrome” is that In addition to the symptoms of the digestive tract, There are also a series of other symptoms, Including insomnia, anxiety, depression, dizziness, dizziness, etc. The speech and behavior of the bank president mentioned at the beginning, You can see that he is a relatively impatient and irritable person. In addition, there are more social parties of the nature of the work, Therefore, the incidence of diseases is more frequent. Daily Life Management: Six moves to deal with literature reports, The incidence rate of the disease in Beijing and Guangzhou is 7.3% and 5.6% respectively. It is as high as 10-20% in European and American countries. Irritable bowel syndrome is no longer a rare disease. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to you the daily management of this chronic disease: 1. Remove or evade triggering factors such as the president’s summary in the case. The promoting factors of his illness are high pressure, anger, meeting leaders, social parties, etc. We should find ways to avoid these events. 2. Take the initiative to adjust emotions and mentality. Secondly, many promoting factors cannot be avoided, so we should adjust our mentality. First of all, don’t be too anxious about this chronic disease and face it calmly. You know, human gastrointestinal tract is [thinking], and most people have encountered distress and feel that [tea does not want to eat]; There have also been good things, In an instant [appetite increases]. For example, Many taxi drivers have stomach trouble, It is because I have been traveling in traffic all the year round, The degree of mental stress is higher than that of ordinary jobs, Gastrointestinal tract also secretes more gastric acid stimulation with this tension. Long-term in such a psychological and mental state is definitely unfavorable to gastrointestinal tract. You should see a psychiatrist if necessary, Or read some relaxing books, Listen to some light music, Find ways to adjust the state of mind and mood to a gentle state. 3. Proper exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, yoga, tai chi, etc. Exercise itself can promote gastrointestinal activity. After abdominal surgery, doctors always rush patients to move to the fields as soon as possible. Don’t let them lie in bed, I just want to promote gastrointestinal tract function recovery through activities. In addition, exercise can also adjust mood, Improved sleep. 4. Drug-assisted irritable bowel syndrome itself has no treatment drugs, But you can prescribe the right medicine according to the symptoms. For example, pinaverium bromide prescribed by the professor in the case, It can selectively act on gastrointestinal smooth muscle, Relieve abdominal pain, And improve the symptoms of diarrhea. In addition, If the patient has anxiety, depression, insomnia and other symptoms at the same time, You should also take drugs. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into a vicious circle of [bad sleep-bad mood-irritable bowel-worse mood-worse sleep]. 5. Pay attention to diet Yes, Western medicine also says taboos. Irritable bowel syndrome should try to avoid alcohol and tobacco spicy, raw and cold oil hard, these things are somewhat stimulating gastrointestinal tract, the average person eats it doesn’t matter, but who makes your gastrointestinal tract so irritable? Eat more foods rich in crude fiber and easy to digest, In addition, some good yogurt can be added. 6. Watch out for other diseases Although irritable bowel syndrome is not accompanied by organic diseases, But as the patient grows older, You can also get other organic gastrointestinal diseases, Just because you know you are irritable bowel syndrome, The possibility of pathological changes is ignored. If the following symptoms occur, Still need to check again: Weight loss, diarrhea, bloody feces, anemia, low fever, Especially when they are over 50 years old. The above is called “alarm symptom”, Once there is, It may indicate other problems, It needs to be taken seriously. The more complicated it is, The more simple the cause of irritable bowel syndrome is still unclear, The clinical manifestations of patients are variable and repetitive, And there are large individual differences, and there is no effective and ideal clinical treatment plan. Therefore, the adjustment of diet and lifestyle, as well as daily life management measures such as mental and psychological intervention, have played a more and more important role in the treatment of the disease, which benefits but does not cost. Why don’t you try it?