Distinguish between friends and foes, and a good figure can be drunk.

Many friends who lose weight have made great efforts to plan their diet during the period of losing weight, but find that they still cannot lose weight.

At this time, you may need to recall whether the drink you drank has ruined your great cause of losing weight.

Today, Dr. Clove will analyze with you which drinks are our enemies when losing weight and which drinks are good helpers when losing weight ~

These drinks are sworn enemies of weight loss.

1. Carbonated beverages

Carbonated drinks, such as Coke and Fanta, are simply the source of all evils when losing weight.


Because, every time you pick up a bottle of iced carbonated drink and drink it down, you drink a large bottle of calories.

A 500 mL bottle of Coke contains more than 200 kcal of energy-which is less than half of the calories of a meal.

Therefore, the next time you stretch out your hand to the carbonated drinks in the refrigerator, you should think twice.

Alternatively, you can choose carbonated drinks with low or even zero calories to have a mouth addiction.

2. Functional Beverages

Many functional drinks have the same calories as carbonated drinks. Although some vitamins and minerals are added to functional drinks, we can choose low-calorie foods to obtain these nutrients.

During weight loss, unless you sweat a lot due to strenuous exercise and need additional nutrients, please replace the functional drink in your hand with water.

Step 3: Fancy Coffee

If a cup of black coffee is added with a large amount of cream and flavor syrup, the black coffee with almost zero calories becomes a cup full of sugar and fat.

Fancy coffee is this evil [heat bomb].

A creamy fancy coffee contains an average of 200 kcal of calories, which is less than half of the calories of a meal.

If the bitterness of black coffee is really unacceptable, some low-fat or skim milk, xylitol and other artificial sweeteners can be appropriately added to improve the taste, so that both delicious and low-heat can be obtained ~

4. Beer

During the period of weight loss, it is best not to touch the beer of [large calorie].

A glass of 100 mL beer has 43 kcal of calories, while a bottle of 500 mL beer has more than 200 kcal of calories, which is almost equivalent to less than half a meal. Moreover, if the excitement comes, five bottles of beer a night are not included, then the extra 1,000 kcal of calories will be converted into fat that you cannot leave behind.

5. Pre-mix, cocktail

Do all kinds of pre-mixed drinks and cocktails look very tight?

But don’t forget, their calories are not low.

Take a pre-mixed wine as an example, every 100 mL contains 48 kcal of calories, so a 500 mL can of wine is less than half a meal.

Cocktails are also an undisputed caloric source, because cocktails are often mixed with fruit juice, syrup and cream.

For example, a cocktail called “White Russia” adds coffee liqueur and strong cream in addition to the main vodka, so a small cup of 60 mL cocktail can have as much as 200 kcal of calories.

If you really can’t give up the refreshing taste of pre-mixed drinks and cocktails, you can try to make a soda wine by yourself: add some low-calorie soda water to a small glass of white wine.

However, we still need to remind everyone that it is good to have a mouth addiction, but don’t drink too much.

If you must drink, please pay attention to the limit:

Men should not drink more than 2 drinks per day and women should not drink more than 1 drink per day.

The so-called [amount of alcohol consumed per serving] is roughly equivalent to 355 mL of beer, or 150 mL of wine, or 45 mL of 40-degree liquor (or only 30 mL if it is 60-degree liquor).

These drinks are [good friends] when losing weight.

1. Water

If you can change all kinds of drinks in your hand into water, you can consume a lot less calories unconsciously.

Water is the magic to repel the gluttony in your heart: drinking 1 ~ 2 glasses of water before meals can make you feel full more easily and eat less.

At the same time, water can accelerate the metabolism of the body, which means that the body accelerates the consumption of heat.

Step 2: Vegetable Juice

Like fruit juice, vegetable juice is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Even better, vegetable juice contains only half as many calories as fruit juice, and its sodium content is less than fruit juice.

For example, a cup of 200 mL tomato juice has only 41 kcal of heat, while the same volume of orange juice has 122 kcal of heat, nearly three times the heat of tomato juice.

In addition, we recommend that everyone make their own vegetable juice instead of buying vegetable juice drinks with sugar added. Do not filter out the vegetable dregs when making vegetable juice, because these vegetable dregs are rich in dietary fiber, which can help people increase satiety and relieve hunger.

3. Milk, especially low-fat milk

Studies have shown that calcium-rich foods are not only good for bones, but also can help people lose weight.

Milk is one of them. Studies have found that increasing the proportion of milk or dairy products in the diet can help people lose weight.

Even better, you can choose low-fat milk or skim milk, which can not only help us get rich calcium, but also reduce calorie intake.

4. Black Coffee

Do you want a dose of caffeine as a boost after a busy day? Then black coffee is a wiser choice than carbonated drinks and functional drinks.

Black coffee contains almost no calories and is rich in antioxidants.

Some studies have shown that drinking 3-4 cups of black coffee every day can not only help people refresh themselves and concentrate, but also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

5. Green tea

During the period of weight loss, our traditional Chinese drink, green tea, is definitely your refreshing weapon ~

Green tea contains almost no calories, and the active substances contained in green tea can help people lose weight. Although the specific mechanism is not clear, caffeine and catechins contained in green tea may have weight loss effects.

These drinks are also friends and enemies during weight loss.

Step 1: Juice

For weight loss, fruit juice is a role that is both good and evil, because:

    There is a lot of sugar in fruit juice, which contains no less calories than carbonated drinks. Fruit juice is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

The best choice is to eat fruit. If you really like to drink fruit juice, please choose 100% pure fruit juice (don’t drink too much, 200 mL is enough) instead of fruit juice drinks with a lot of sugar.

Alternatively, you can add a piece of fruit to the water, so that you can not only enjoy the sweetness of the fruit, but also minimize the intake of calories.

Step 2: Milkshake

Bananas, oranges and mangoes are mixed into milk to beat the mud-such a fragrant and smooth milkshake really makes people fondle admiringly.

However, don’t forget, milkshakes are not low in calories.

How enjoys this fragrant and smooth intake without increasing too many calories?

The answer is to choose the raw materials cleverly.

You can choose low-fat or skim milk instead of whole milk, and choose fruits with lower calories, such as strawberries, blueberries or pitaya, to make milkshakes.

Don’t touch the [high-rise model] in the restaurant. These attractive-looking milkshakes are added with ice cream, honey, milk chocolate, and the calories are almost off the charts.