Do you eat before swimming or after swimming? Three Principles of Swimming, Eating and Drinking

I just want to ask, this summer, why is it so long? The south and the north alternately lead the highest temperature in the country. It’s really your song. We really don’t want to come on stage.

But! Without what’s high temperature, one swim cannot solve it. If there is, it will be twice.

But at the same time, many people are struggling with how to eat before and after swimming. Today, let’s talk about the three principles of eating and drinking before and after swimming.

Principle 1: Eat before swimming or after swimming?

Answer: Eat it all.

You have to eat before and after swimming. The crux of the problem lies in eating what and what.

Step 1 Before Swimming

The best time to eat is 1-1.5 hours before you start swimming. It is best to choose some foods that are easy to digest, high in energy and small in size, such as cheese, bread, biscuits, chocolate or energy bars. You can also drink a bag of milk or a sugary drink.

If you have been hungry for 2 hours (or even longer) before swimming, it is recommended to supplement sugar at this time. The time is best controlled at more than 20 minutes before starting swimming. You can specifically choose whole wheat bread, oats, skim milk, original yogurt, etc.

Step 2 After Swimming

Every time I finish swimming, I feel very tired and even hungry, right…

Swimming does consume a lot of energy, so even if you are losing weight, you should eat after swimming!

It is best to supplement enough carbohydrates and proteins, such as meat, eggs and milk. In addition, some inorganic salts and vitamins will be lost when swimming. Coarse grains such as brown rice, corn and oatmeal, and fresh fruits and vegetables are all good choices.

However, when eating fruits and vegetables, you may make salads with excellent taste, but you must be careful not to put too much salad dressing, otherwise, extra calories will come to you, especially for you who lose weight, this is a nightmare.

However, this food is also time-sensitive. Generally, it is not recommended to eat as soon as you come out of the swimming pool, otherwise your stomach will feel uncomfortable. It is more appropriate to start foraging almost an hour after swimming.

Principle 2: Can you not eat or eat well before swimming?

Answer: Neither.

1. Go swimming hungry?

Going swimming hungry is like going to war hungry, and the result is basically [self-defeating].

Swimming seems easy, but friends who have swam all know that swimming is a hard work. It is very different to go ashore and consume a lot of energy. Swimming hungry is easy to cause hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, lack of strength and even fainting on the spot.

Therefore, you must eat before swimming.

However, there are also [net reports] that eating before swimming will cause stomach cramps and lead to drowning, but so far, there has been no investigation and study to prove that going swimming after eating will lead to the drowning that everyone is worried about.

2. Eat too much and go swimming?

Of course, this does not mean that we can stretch our arms and eat before swimming.

Eating too much is also not suitable for swimming.

Because when we have just finished eating, blood may meet and concentrate in the stomach to help digestion. Swimming at this time is forcing the whole body’s blood to flow back to the arms and legs, reducing the blood volume in the stomach and causing stomach discomfort.

Therefore, it is not advisable to [be hungry] and [eat too much] before swimming.

Principle 3: Do you need to drink water when swimming?

Answer: Yes! (eh? But I drank much better when I was swimming …)

Yes, you can drink a lot of water when swimming, but in fact I don’t know whether you are drinking what…

In fact, when we were swimming, Just like doing other sports, the body will sweat all the time, except that the sweat flowing from swimming flows directly into the swimming pool without anyone noticing, and it always feels cool in the swimming pool, so you never think of sweating. However, if you look at your swimming cap after swimming, you may see sweat stains on it.

Therefore, drinking water is something to be done before, during and after swimming.

    Before swimming: Drink more water 2 hours before starting swimming, about 1 bottle of mineral water is enough; When swimming: it is best to bring some water every 15 minutes, about 1/3 bottles of mineral water; After swimming: (I am very thirsty after swimming every time! ) Continue to drink more water consciously. The principle is to drink a small amount of water many times.

However, it is good to drink water. Don’t choose caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee. These beverages themselves will accelerate dehydration of the body, such as making people feel dry in the mouth, dry in the lips, and [hiss] less… It’s really just that the more you help, the more busy you are.