Does CPH4, which develops brain utilization, really exist?

In the newly released science fiction movie LUCY, A drug called [CPH4] was mentioned. The movie describes this magical substance as follows: When the mother is 6 weeks pregnant, she secretes a small amount, which acts on the brain development of the fetus. This process is an important reason to endow the human mind. However, this crystalline sapphire-like thing is a drug that can kill the adult if inhaled in a small amount.

Leaving aside the plot setting, let’s discuss this mysterious substance and other brain and mental problems in the movie.

CPH4Does it really exist?

When the film director Luc Besson was interviewed by the media, he made it clear that CPH4 was just a specially invented name in the film. As a diehard academic, I was still curious and went to Google Academic, a literature search engine, to find it.

1. CPH4 in medical literature

I did not find any reports of [CPH4] in embryonic development, let alone promoting intelligence. However, there is a chemical recorded in Wikipedia: 6-carboxytetrahydropterin, alias CPH4.

FIG. 1. CPH4, 6-Carboxytetrahydropterin

This substance is a small molecule nucleoside, and dozens of nucleosides are routinely synthesized in organisms. Different nucleosides are widely involved in various physiological functions and have no special effects. Moreover, the current research on CPH4 is all about bacteria.

It can be basically concluded that,CPH4It’s just a virtual magic drug in movies, science fiction, and the current scientific research has not found any similar phenomenon in human development.CPH4The substance of.

2. Is there [CPH4] in life?

From the moment the fertilized egg starts, and then after 10 months of pregnancy and maturity to delivery, hundreds of various factors and proteins that affect the development of the nervous system will be produced in the fetus during this period. When they appear, when they disappear, and what role they play have not been thoroughly studied.

Of course, there is no reliable evidence that taking any drug during pregnancy can promote the healthy development of the fetus. However, folic acid deficiency may cause various neurological defects, so pregnant women are generally encouraged to start supplementing folic acid when preparing for pregnancy. As for other drugs that are called “intelligence-improving” drugs, care should be taken.

The human brain is really only used10%, and dolphins used20%?

This statement, which is common in life, is totally untenable in science.

The statement comes from an experiment nearly 100 years ago, when a researcher tested the relationship between brain damage and memory in mice and found that cutting off part of the brain did not necessarily affect mice to find food in the maze.

However, from the current perspective, the rigour of this experiment is as unreliable as the funny study that inferred that flea ears are on legs.

The truth is that the brain of mice is 100% used, the brain of human beings is 100% used, and the brain of dolphins is 100% used. 1. [Burning] brain

The brain is the most complex and energy-consuming organ in the human body. Twenty percent of the oxygen we inhale and the food we eat every day are supplied to the brain. Whether awake or asleep, the brain maintains such a high-speed [burning energy] state.

This state of maintaining high brain consumption is a necessary condition for our conscious activities. Just like computers, if the voltage is insufficient, it is impossible to start up and run.

2. Different kinds of creatures have different brains, and these differences ensure the survival of different races.

Mammals and human brains are similar and can be considered to be relatively [advanced] and have certain intelligence. However, dolphins are not necessarily special about human brains. For example, human brains are very good at recognizing human faces, while dolphins are probably very good at recognizing ultrasonic waves.

There is actually no difference between the two functions that the brain has evolved separately. There is no possibility that the potential of the brain can be exploited to produce specific functions. Such conscious activities do only change the speed at which the brain consumes energy a little. However, research has now found that the so-called “extra energy consumption” is actually a temporary [borrowing] of one part of the brain from another, that is, we cannot make the brain stronger.

Figure 2. The special ability of the human brain to regard objects as human faces.

At present, there is no technical means, whether drugs, surgery or special training, that can improve intelligence through [developing the brain].

Is there any smart medicine to take?

One thing in the movie is correct. There are indeed many drugs that can affect the working state of the nervous system.

1. Psychoactive substances that make the brain smart

For example, caffeine and theophylline can keep us awake. Nicotine in tobacco also has this effect, and it also brings pleasant feelings.

However, tobacco is extremely addictive, not to mention other drugs. Although in a short period of time after using drugs, it will produce wonderful hallucinations, happy or sad emotional feelings, wonderful sexual impulses and complete relaxation, once the drug effect is over, the strong desire will pull people back into the abyss.

2. Attention-enhancing drugs

There are some drugs that do resemble [smart drugs].

It is rumored that special forces around the world will distribute some similar drugs to refresh their players and concentrate when fighting. Doctors all know that some drugs for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have the same effect.

For ADHD patients, such prescription drugs can calm them down. However, taking one tablet for ordinary people can not only keep calm, but also obviously improve their concentration. This kind of drug was once circulated privately among some European and American student groups, especially those students who actively prepare for the exam. Taking one tablet the night before the exam is worth endorsement for two days.

However, in medicine, [drugs] and [drugs] have always been one family, and their dividing line is not obvious.

3. [Drugs] [Poisons] No Family

The drugs mentioned above, treated equally with morphine, belong to the most strictly controlled mental prescription drugs. Because these drugs are as addictive to ordinary people as drugs such as morphine and heroin.

Although the day of taking medicine may enjoy a little [intellectual improvement] pleasure, once trying forbidden fruit, many people will never stop. After that, this kind of medicine will slowly reveal its ferocious side: changing people’s temperament, sometimes losing control of emotions, sometimes insane; Arrhythmia, liver and kidney function damage and other problems may also occur on the body.

Smart medicine is always just a wish in a fictional world.