How to Make Love Scientifically for Patients with Low Back Pain

More than 60% of patients with low back pain suffer from aggravation of low back pain during sexual intercourse. As a result, many patients greatly reduce the frequency of sexual life, You’re not good, She is also the whole person is not good… Jianghu also has many body position recommendations to relieve lumbago during sexual intercourse, But most of them came from court doctors or ancient house art. These days, Without scientific data, You don’t even realize that you can have sex scientifically. From Bethune’s hometown, Professor McGill of the University of Waterloo in Canada is a man of heart. He analyzed the spinal motion parameters of different sexual intercourse positions from the perspective of biomechanics, So as to recommend the appropriate sexual intercourse position according to the patient’s lumbago. Kung Fu is not responsible for heart obsession:), the research results were successfully published in Spine magazine in September 2014. The author used electromagnetic motion capture system to collect the dynamic parameters of spine during sexual intercourse. Ten healthy adult couples were enrolled in the study and randomly arranged to have sexual intercourse with the following moves:

    Type 1 posterior (female elbow support) Type 2 posterior (female hand support) Type 1 missionary (male hand support, female hip and knee extension) Type 2 missionary (male elbow support, female hip and knee flexion) lateral position

At the end of the article, there is a lost map of the Tathagata Palm: ) that study show that, Compared with the missionary position, The posterior and lateral positions have faster movement speed. Although the range of motion of the male spine varies according to the change of sexual intercourse position, But the spine is mostly in the flexion position, And the displacement mainly occurs on the sagittal plane. After analyzing the amplitude probability distribution function, Type 1 missionary and type 2 posterior posterior position had the smallest flexion displacement, And the displacement of lateral position is the largest. According to the above research results, The author believes that patients should adopt appropriate posture for sexual intercourse according to the inducement of pain. For male patients with low back pain who are intolerant to back flexion, The authors recommend that type 1 posterior and type 1 missionary postures be used for sexual intercourse, Avoid sexual intercourse in the lateral and type 2 missionary positions, Because the latter two postures have the largest forward flexion displacement of the spine. For patients with intolerance to back extension, The lateral position and type 2 missionary position can be adopted. However, the author also pointed out that, For patients with limited exercise, It is best not to take the above posture. Patients with low back pain can also try to perform reciprocating training on the hinge of hip joint. During sexual intercourse, more hip movements are used, Not the whole spine. But this study is only a study of male exercise-based sexual intercourse. The author will also make a biomechanical analysis of female-dominated sexual intercourse in future studies, which will benefit female patients. The arrow below indicates the degree of body position that different types of patients should avoid, and these five body positions are not recommended for patients with limited exercise.