Does food heating cause nutrient loss?

Seafood, red meat, salad… One of the reasons many people like to eat raw is that heating will destroy the nutrition of food, while eating raw can completely preserve the nutrition of food. Is this really the case? In fact, it is not true. To judge according to the situation: 1. Notwithstanding the loss, But eating more can make up for vegetable foods such as vegetables, They do cause some nutrient losses during cooking and heating, Such as vitamin C and B vitamins. However, These losses can be compensated by increasing consumption, Cooked vegetables tend to be easier to eat. For example, When you go to the vegetable market to buy a kilo of vegetables, you often have a large handful. It would be difficult to eat it raw, However, when fried, there is usually only a small dish. It is much easier to eat. Moreover, Some vegetables, For example, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and radish, When not cooked, it has a strong smell of sulfide. Eating raw directly is also a very difficult experience. 2. Cooked food is actually more beneficial to absorption. Proper cooking is actually beneficial to our absorption of some nutrients. For example, tomatoes, Some studies have found that after tomatoes are boiled at 88 ℃ for 30 minutes, The content of cis-lycopene, one of lycopene, will increase by 35%. Proper heating can destroy plant cell walls. Accelerating lycopene dissolution, It helps the human body to absorb it better. Lycopene is a carotenoid, Some studies believe lycopene can help reduce the occurrence of cancer and heart disease. 3. Reasonable way, time is very important. As for animal food, Many people worry that heat denaturation of proteins will affect absorption. In fact, protein denaturation does not mean that digestion and absorption rate will be reduced. Proper heat treatment will stretch the structure of proteins. Expose some buried amino acid residues, On the contrary, it is beneficial to the catalytic hydrolysis of protease in our body. Promote the digestion and absorption of protein. Of course, Too much attention is paid to everything and too little attention is paid to it. If you cook at high temperature for a long time, It reduces digestibility. So, Daily cooking should also pay attention to appropriate discretion, Try to use less high-temperature cooking for a long time, Such as frying, barbecue, frying, etc. Conclusion: Raw food is no healthier than cooking. Proper cooking can improve the digestibility of food, kill parasites and harmful microorganisms, and eliminate many natural harmful substances. Cooking does lose some nutrients, but there are also some nutrients that increase in content. Therefore, eating raw is not necessarily better.