Can’t you eat bananas and pineapples when you get up early? It’s time for these [experiences] to rest…

If you have to say that there is something what can’t do in the morning, I hope it is-can’t get up.

If we have to put a deadline on this matter, I hope it will be-forever.

Dr. Clove has always felt that for those who have difficulty getting up, getting up on time is already a victory. Is there anything what can’t do?

Can’t you eat bananas and pineapples when you get up early?

Bananas contain more magnesium. Eating bananas on an empty stomach early will affect the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body, inhibit cardiovascular diseases and affect the body.

This is probably the most common saying about not eating bananas.

First of all, bananas do have high magnesium content, but guess what? There are many foods with high magnesium content! For example, spinach, raisins, tomatoes, corn, green beans and mung bean cakes, etc. Why should bananas be targeted?

Secondly, any food eaten is slowly digested and absorbed. The body will always monitor the magnesium content in the body, and if there is more magnesium, it will drive them out.

Therefore, for people with normal kidneys, there is no need to worry about eating bananas that will affect their health.

Pineapple contains strong enzymes, which will hurt the stomach if eaten on an empty stomach. Its nutrients must be better absorbed after eating.

The so-called [enzyme] is actually a kind of protease. You must have had the experience of astringent mouth and mouth pain after eating a lot of pineapples, that is, protease is affecting oral mucosa.

However, after pineapple is eaten into the stomach, the enzyme activity will be lost soon, which will not have much impact on the stomach, nor will the nutrition absorption of pineapple be affected.

Therefore, I remember Dr. Clove’s words: As long as you don’t eat pineapple, there will be no problem.

Can’t you get up early and drink cold and white?

Getting up early and drinking cold boiled water on an empty stomach will make people sleepy, chest tightness, shortness of breath, memory loss, and may also cause some reproductive function problems.

Drinking water is to supplement water. It has neither too many magical effects, such as detoxifying and beautifying skin, nor will it hurt the body just because you drink a few more saliva.

After a night’s sleep, the body loses water. If you get up early and drink a cup of plain boiled water of about 200ml, it is quite good.

As for salt water, honey water, fruit juice and so on, there is nothing special except giving the body more salt, sugar and other ingredients.

Can’t you wash your hair when you get up early?

In the morning, human blood runs slowly and the skin on the head is sensitive. Once shampoo has the stimulation of water, especially cold water, it will accelerate the blood circulation in the brain and cause a large load on the blood vessels in the brain. It is conceivable that this is not conducive to health.

It is really hard [conceivable].

No study has confirmed that washing your hair in the morning will have a bad effect on your health.

If the scalp is stimulated by cold water to increase brain load and hurt the body, how do we and our heads survive in the cold winter?

Can’t you get up early and urinate immediately?

Getting up early and suddenly going to the toilet, the bladder empties rapidly, which is easy to induce hypotension, causing transient cerebral blood supply insufficiency and urination syncope.

This remark is only half right. If you hold your urine for too long and suddenly sprinkle it out, it may indeed cause urination syncope.

But the question now is, if you don’t urinate in the morning, do you have to wait until you have to urinate your pants? The longer you hold your urine, the greater the impact on your body.

Moreover, the little urine that is usually suppressed in the morning will not make people faint, because before it reaches that level, urine will wake you up and urge you to climb out of the warm bed and urinate.

Can’t get up early and do strenuous exercise?

Getting up early to do strenuous exercise is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

In fact, what’s calculation of [strenuous exercise] varies from person to person. The physical training that professional athletes can do, a lazy person accustomed to Ge You paralysis may catch his breath after running twice, right?

In the morning, I get up to do sports just to make myself comfortable. Dr. Clove is not good enough to suggest that it must be good to do what sports or what sports, so it is not good to evaluate the what impact of doing certain sports on everyone.

If you get up early and like to exercise, just choose the ways that you feel comfortable.

Finally… others said that one cannot rub one’s eyes when one gets up in the morning. If dr. Clove’s eyes are already covered with eye excrement, can one rub them?