Eating Festival Beginning of Spring: Eat Spring Rolls in Spring and Enjoy Delicious Health!

The spring breeze in February wrinkles a river of spring water and also brings out the breath of spring. The most spring food is spring rolls.

Spring rolls, as well as its brother spring cakes, are custom snacks in the beginning of spring season. Thin cake skins are wrapped in various fillings and bite down with a full mouth of fragrance. People sit around and eat spring rolls and cakes together to pray for good health in the new year and happiness in the new year, which has gradually evolved into a custom.

There are many kinds of spring rolls and cakes.

Spring rolls and spring cakes are snacks from beginning of spring, and there are many kinds and some exquisite ones.

First of all, let’s talk about the raw materials.

The crust of most spring rolls is a dough crust, while in the Philippines [spring rolls] crust is rice crust made of rice pulp. There are more kinds of fillings wrapped in the crust, mostly crisp fresh vegetables with marinated cooked meat, eggs and seafood, as well as pure meat stuffing, or sweet stuffing such as bean paste and sugar powder.

Judging from the production method, spring cakes are usually eaten directly with the crust rolled into the stuffing, while traditional Chinese spring rolls are mostly fried after the crust rolled into the stuffing.

Exotic Filipino Spring Rolls

How do you eat spring rolls and cakes to be healthy?

Beginning of spring eats spring cakes and rolls to pray for health and blessing. So, how to eat is the healthy way?

Judging from the raw materials and making methods of the spring rolls and cakes just now, the spring cakes that have not been fried are actually healthier.

Especially for the middle-aged and elderly people with chronic diseases, eat less fried spring rolls, eat one or two, and don’t eat too much to avoid excessive oil intake.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the choice of stuffing. Spring cakes and rolls with vegetable shreds as the main part and some meat and meat as the auxiliary part are healthier choices than pure meat stuffing and sweet stuffing.

At the same time, if you make spring rolls at home, it is recommended that you control the proportion of meat and vegetable in the stuffing to 3: 7, i.e. 3 meat and 7 vegetable, and use more vegetables and less meat and meat, so as to meet the requirements of a balanced diet.

If you buy quick-frozen spring rolls and fry them at home, remember to control the amount and don’t eat too much, especially if you eat spring rolls with pure meat stuffing, you will reduce the meat in one meal.

Fried spring rolls, delicious, don’t be greedy!

Delicious spring cake, make it yourself!

Dr. Clove recommends that you eat non-fried spring cakes, which are delicious and healthy at the same time. Here, I’d like to introduce you to the practice of a spring cake, which can make you feel full of spring and healthy for a year!

Raw materials: spring cake skin (which can be purchased in supermarkets or farmers’ markets), spinach, bean sprouts, leeks, cabbage, eggs, flour sauce (or change to your favorite sauce).

Making method:

1. Wash and pick spinach, bean sprouts, leeks and cabbage, blanch them in boiling water respectively, scoop them up after cooling in cold water, and cut them into inch-long filaments to make assorted cabbage shreds.

2. Beat the eggs, add a little salt, put them into a pan, spread them into cake skins, and cut them into inch-long filaments.

3. Place the shredded assorted vegetables and eggs on a plate, add spring cake crust and sauce, and serve.

4. Roll the crust of the spring cake with shredded assorted vegetables and shredded eggs, and smear a little sauce to eat!

Finally, I would also like to remind everyone that when eating spring cakes with stuffing, remember not to put too much flour sauce, so as not to ingest too much sodium salt, which is not conducive to blood pressure control and cardiovascular system.