How can cheongsam look good?

The beauty of cheongsam is recognized by fashion circles, clothing circles and the general public all over the world. Authentic and comfortable fabrics, beautiful patterns with traditional charm and exquisite cutting techniques set off oriental women with graceful and full charm.

Speaking of cheongsam, do you think of what?

Is it a girl in a narrow lane, in the drizzle, with a faint smell of cloves?

Is it a woman in the courtyard, behind the gauze curtain, who quietly sews lovesickness and listens to your dream?

Is it in the Republic of China, in the old days, with a smiling face and a graceful figure step by step?

Is it in the mood for love that has no intention of showing it specially but can be charming and full inadvertently?

Is it sweet and pretty but dignified and elegant, just like her tenderness?

Is it the red rose with high head and neck, arrogant eyebrow and eye, which is not perfect but has the appearance of a whole city?

Unlike other clothes, they need to be interpreted by young people. Cheongsam is worn by women with some experience, which shows more charm. If middle-aged and old friends can wear a well-fitting cheongsam, the first impression they give is that they are mature, relaxed, elegant, understand life and have stories.

However, there are always more people praising cheongsam than people wearing cheongsam. Why?

To a large extent, cheongsam is indeed a kind of [strict] clothing.

Too fat, too tight, lower abdomen protruding, shoulder wide waist round, appear bloated.

Too thin to hold up, making emaciated women look even thinner.

Similarly, without self-confidence and spirit, one cannot wear cheongsam to feel crisp and elegant.

When people reach middle age, they find it more and more difficult to maintain their body shape. Even the casual clothes they wear on weekdays have to choose styles, either to cover the meat on their stomachs or to pad their shoulders that are too thin.

Cheongsam? Forget it.

Reasons for Not Wearing Cheongsam

Why do you get fat in middle age like [watery washing coagulated fat]?

First of all, menopausal women’s muscle content gradually decreases and their basic metabolic level decreases. The appetite does not decrease, the activity does not increase, the calorie is excessive, and they naturally gain weight.

Secondly, ovarian function declines and estrogen and progesterone secretion decreases. This will promote the accumulation of fat in the central abdomen, and will cause glucose metabolism disorders, hyperappetite, etc.

Thirdly, osteoporosis in middle-aged women increases the inconvenience of exercise, reduces the amount of exercise and makes it easy to gain weight.

Finally, family history of obesity, bad eating habits and lack of sleep may also cause climacteric obesity.

The reason why you don’t wear cheongsam is that you become thinner when you

It happened that the ring is fat and thin. Why do some people just [people are thinner than yellow flowers]?

Similarly, as one gets older, the muscle content itself is gradually decreasing, so-called people [shrink].

In addition, the diet blindly pursues full vegetarian diet, lacking sufficient protein and proper amount of oil intake, will become more and more thin.

In addition, the gastrointestinal digestive function of these thin people often deteriorates, but the absorption level of the same food is much lower than before. If the nutrition is not enough, they will naturally be thin.

Finally, some basic diseases, such as chronic gastrointestinal diseases, are easy to lead to malnutrition, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other metabolic disorders, such as increased consumption, etc. If you suddenly lose weight in a short period of time, you should also be alert to malignant tumors.

The reason for not wearing cheongsam is that there is no spirit.

Some people are in good shape, but they just have no spirit. They really feel [everything is tiring]:

Daily trivia, trivial and complicated family, emptiness and boredom after retirement, and worry-free wife and daughter…

After more than half of my life, I feel that I am going to become a yellow-faced woman. How can I lift my spirits?

This spiritual head, no matter how good the clothes are, is listless, lifeless and not beautiful.

But! Although time goes by, the face grows old, and the posture is no longer compact and beautiful, each stage has its own beauty. As mentioned earlier, cheongsam, on the contrary, is interpreted more thoroughly by women who have experienced life.

One of the things health headlines have been doing is to share a correct, practical and trustworthy healthy lifestyle. This time, we want you, who are reading the article, to try cheongsam.

The matching and selection of clothes are left to the stylist, but if you want to have enough figure and spirit to support a cheongsam, you can try our method.

Fat people want to wear cheongsam to do this.

1. Step by step, increase physical activity. Walk fast, jog, square dance, in short, move!

2. Reduce the time for sitting quietly. It is also good to do exercises or housework when watching TV plays.

3. Balanced diet, eat more coarse grains, vegetables, fruits and beans, eat less refined rice flour, avoid sweets, cream, etc.

4. Actively treat and control basic diseases.

5. Have perseverance and patience in weight control.

6. When necessary, use weight loss drugs or other treatments under the guidance of doctors.

Thin people want to wear cheongsam to do this.

1. Supplement high-quality protein, such as fish, egg milk and bean products. How can you grow meat without eating?

2. Don’t be afraid to eat healthy fat. Don’t [turn pale at the mention of fat]. Foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as egg yolk, avocado and nuts are very good choices.

3. Exercise is the same, but strength training can be increased to delay muscle loss.

4. Actively treat and control basic diseases.

People who have no spirit want to wear cheongsam to do this.

1. Hold your head high and smile, implying that you want to live a life of energy and comfort.

2. After retirement, don’t let yourself idle, volunteer and try to cultivate some hobbies. It is good for noisy people to dance and quiet people to read.

3. Our bodies cannot distinguish the causes of stress, but our minds can. Think about it. Is what the cause of anxiety and lack of energy? Economic pressure, children don’t understand, or is it actually [self-pity], not as serious as thought?

4. Learn to relieve stress. Exercise moderately, chat with friends, and travel with your wife (keep saving money, why not have a good time? ). Or, adjust and try to put on a beautiful cheongsam and show it to your wife and friends?

To do all this, who said you can’t be like them:

If you have passed the age of knowing destiny, even if you are over 60 years old, you can still support a cheongsam. This is a story worth telling…

It is said that a woman’s wardrobe is always short of a piece of clothes. Is it a cheongsam that fits well in the vacant position?