Hamburgers contain meat and vegetables, why are they still considered unhealthy?

The answer is: the proportion of meat and vegetarian ingredients contained in hamburgers, the types of ingredients and the cooking methods make it less healthy.

Healthy hamburgers that meet the requirements of a reasonable meat and vegetable ratio should at least look like this.

This is a [healthy hamburger] modified according to the requirements of the latest dietary guidelines in our country. When you finish reading why I want to make such a modification, you will understand why eating hamburgers is not so healthy.

Step 1: Proper proportion of meat and vegetable

Point 1: Meat and vegetable ratio conforms to dietary guidelines,

First of all, let’s buy a hamburger as the starting point of magic transformation.

In my perception, The hamburger industry has the most vegetables, and the easiest to buy should be McDonald’s fresh vegetable Zunniu Castle. Judging from the types of hamburgers I see in my daily life, most hamburgers should contain less vegetables than it, and they are all lettuce, with no dark vegetables at all. At least this hamburger has a few cucumbers to fill the facade … (as shown in the picture)

Then, let’s look at the latest 2016 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, which has a balanced meal plate.

You can see that there is a requirement for the relative proportion of cereals, vegetables and meat: cereals, potatoes and vegetables, which are the absolute main parts of a meal; Fish, meat, eggs and beans are combined to squeeze such a small piece of land. The specific daily food recommendation is,

    250-400g of cereal, 300-500g of vegetables, 40-75g of livestock and poultry meat

In order to eat the maximum proportion of meat on the premise of conforming to the guidelines, we take the minimum value of cereals and vegetables and the maximum value of livestock and poultry meat, and obtain that the proportion of them should be 250g: 300g: 75g, that is, 10: 12: 3.

Please remember, this is not the best, we just imposed the minimum requirements in order to make it as close to the nutrition standard as possible.

如果我们: 1. Regardless of the fact that the density of hamburger bread is much lower than that of meat,2. The density of vegetables is reduced without considering the gap between vegetables,3. For simple understanding, the proportion seen from the side of the hamburger is directly used instead of the proportion of the real ingredients of the hamburger.

Then, in order to meet the minimum requirement of [a healthy meal] just calculated, as a hamburger with ideals, pursuits and a big responsibility, its meat and vegetable ratio should probably look like this:

If we consider that the noodles contain a large amount of air and have a relatively low density, the number of slices of bread and vegetables in them needs to be added. However, in order to make the size of this hamburger not look so horrible, let’s put this problem aside for the time being.

Feeling endless? Ha ha, if you want to eat hamburgers healthily, this is just the beginning. Let’s continue the magic transformation!

Step 2: The types of food materials should be diverse.

Hamburg contains too little vegetables, dietary fiber and vitamins. Hamburg meat, cheese and mayonnaise inside all contain a lot of fat, which is not healthy enough.

Teacher, can you give me more force?


Point 2: Improve Vegetable Varieties

According to the dietary guidelines, dark vegetables should reach at least half. Because the content of various phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins in dark vegetables is far higher than that in light-colored vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce and cabbage, and the nutritional value is higher.

This original hamburger is actually quite [ideal]. The vegetables in it include not only lettuce, but also onions and cucumbers, and the ratio looks almost half to half.

It would be much better to add purple cabbage, carrots, spinach and tomatoes to this hamburger.

Teacher, can you give me more force? Yes!

Point 3: Improve meat types and practices

At present, the meat in hamburgers is fried beef patties. But as far as nutrition and health are concerned:

1. Frying in oil is not recommended: because the fat content after frying in oil is too high;

2. Chopped beef is not recommended: because there is more fat in it, the fat content is higher than lean beef;

3. Red meat is not fully recommended: beef, as red meat, also has higher fat content than white meat such as fish and chicken.

However, considering that the iron contained in red meat is heme iron, Absorption is much better than non-heme iron in vegetables, especially for women who lose blood every month and become a high-risk group for iron deficiency anemia. So let’s ignore the problem that red meat has more fat than white meat for the time being and use beef, but it must be cooked lean beef.

Therefore, using beef tenderloin with relatively low fat content and replacing fried beef with boiled whole lean beef, the fat contained in meat pie can be greatly reduced.

Attention, the meat pie has changed (turn back to the previous one if you don’t believe it)

Teacher, can you give me more force?


Point 4: Replace or add whole grains

The bread for this hamburger is made of refined white flour. In response to the dietary guidelines requiring 50-150g of whole grains and miscellaneous beans, we will replace some white bread with whole wheat bread.

We continue to choose the minimum requirement of 50g, which is one fifth of 250g. Due to the production process and taste considerations, in fact, about half of the flour used in many whole wheat breads is refined white flour, so we need to replace at least two of the current four pieces of bread with whole wheat.

For the sake of effect, the oatmeal bread used in the drawing does not represent whole wheat bread.

Whole wheat bread refers to the bread itself made of whole wheat flour. Generally speaking, it looks like a pair of vicissitudes of life with rough skin and thick meat. It will have a relatively rough taste, which is quite different from white bread with fine skin and tender meat.

Like KFC’s latest Oat Castle series, only a few tiny oats are sprinkled on the refined white flour bread, and the bread made cannot be called whole wheat bread or oat bread at all.

Teacher, can you give me more force?


Point 5: Use less or no cheese and mayonnaise

This hamburger contains cheese and mayonnaise, both of which are high in fat to break the watch.

According to the 2013 edition of Chinese Residents’ Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake (DRIS), the fat energy supply ratio can only account for up to 30%. Based on the daily energy requirement of 2,000 kilocalories, the upper limit of fat is 2,000 × 30% ÷ 9 = 66.7 g. On average, it is about 22.2 g per meal.

Cheese is 100 grams containing about 34 grams of fat. Mayonnaise contains about 75 grams of fat per 100 grams.

Just now we have superimposed it many times, and we have already had 3 slices of cheese, that is, 20.4 grams of fat, which is almost reaching the upper limit, so we must reduce the amount of cheese and mayonnaise. Considering that Chinese people do not have the habit of eating cheese, we can remove all the cheese first and reduce the mayonnaise covering each layer of vegetables.

The magic transformation of our poor little hamburger into this is finally basically in line with the minimum requirements of the dietary guidelines in theory. Let’s press the fast forward key and look at the comparison of the three hamburgers:

Therefore, if hamburgers are usually used as all the food for a meal, they are unhealthy most of the time.

Teacher, I don’t want to transform hamburgers, can I give more force?


Point 6: Reasonable Selection of Whole Meal Match

1) Don’t just eat hamburgers for one meal.

Be sure to eat the missing vegetables and coarse grains by matching as many vegetables and whole wheat bread as possible. If you can’t finish this meal, you can eat hamburgers and vegetables for this meal and then pay attention to low-fat food and whole grains for the next meal, so as to correct the imbalance of this single meal and achieve a relative balance throughout the day.

2) Choose the hamburger meal carefully.

The set meal usually includes French fries, Coke, fried chicken wings, ice cream, etc. For example, a hamburger, One medium French fries (about 90g), one medium coke (about 473 ml), and one fried chicken wing (including a flour-wrapped chicken wing and flour-wrapped chicken wing root). Always used to this set meal with sweet drinks and fried food is also the unhealthy problem of eating hamburger fast food frequently.

    For beverages, you can choose American coffee or latte with milk (no sugar, no creamer), or buy mineral water yourself. Catering, you can choose corn salad, vegetable salad; Chicken wings and chicken nuggets can be eaten after the outer layer of fried flour and chicken skin are removed.

Perhaps the same question, people will also ask: pizza health is not healthy, steamed buns are not healthy, dumplings are not healthy, meat buns are not healthy… just remember, [there is no junk food, only junk eating method].

    If the conditions are convenient, try to make every meal more balanced. If the dietary conditions are limited and a certain meal is not balanced, remember to make up for the nutrition in the few meals where conditions permit, so as to ensure that the overall dietary structure is basically balanced and the food selection and cooking methods are as healthy as possible.

After watching such a magic transformation process, can’t you remember several key points of nutrition and health? No way.

Teacher, can you give me more force? Yes!

Point 7: Change dishes directly and cook again.

The hamburger combination finally modified is actually very bad to eat. Therefore, it is suggested to use them as raw materials, take off a tire and change a bone again, and cook again.

The dishes that can be considered include:

    Low-oil fried beef ribs + olive oil mixed with vegetable salad + whole wheat bread slices low-oil fried beef ribs + whole wheat bread vegetable sandwich.

Is it very clever?

Teacher, can you give me more force?

… …

Is it over? ? ?