Headache, hand pain, shoulder and back pain, besides painkillers, you also need to know these

As you get older, People are always troubled by some pain. Not here, It’s not comfortable there. But, Don’t worry, In the face of pain, Dr. Clove has a clever trick. Headache around the age of 30 is usually the busiest stage in life. Normal work and life stress can cause headache. In addition, Sitting in front of the computer and working at his desk all day long, Decreased neck movement, It can also cause headache. Relief method: Deep breathing, massage or hot bath are all good choices. For people who work at their desks for a long time, You can try these three actions: The neck is extended forward or backward, the head is rotated left and right, and the head is swung left and right to make the earlobe contact with the shoulder. These movements can well relieve the headache caused by desk work. However, for the middle-aged and elderly people suffering from [three highs], Headache can’t be careless either. When headache is accompanied by dizziness, numbness of hands and feet, and inability to speak quickly, Be sure to see a doctor in time, Exclude the possibility of cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. How to prevent and deal with stroke and hand pain-carpal tunnel syndrome the main manifestation of carpal tunnel syndrome is hand pain. Repetitive movements such as keyboard tapping and wrong posture, Will increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Prevention methods: 1. Arrange the time reasonably and combine work and rest. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest when typing, sending messages or doing other repetitive actions (such as assembly line assembly). Let your fingers and wrists rest for 10 seconds every 30 minutes of using the computer; Often shake your hands and rub your wrists. 2. Pay attention to the posture when typing. The keyboard should be placed in the central position directly in front of your body, close to the keyboard at the same height or use the mouse to prevent carpal tunnel from being injured. The wrist operates the keyboard as flat as possible without bending or drooping. The working angle of elbow should be greater than 90 degrees to avoid compression of median nerve in elbow. The included angle between the upper arm and the predecessor should be kept at 45 degrees. At this time, the distance between the body and the mouse is more appropriate, and relax as much as possible to avoid leaning forward when using the mouse. Make sure your wrist is straight when using the mouse, Sit upright and preferably use a high-quality back pad. Lay your feet flat on the ground or foot pads. If the pain cannot be relieved, Be sure to see an orthopaedic doctor in time. Severe carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgical treatment. Back pain, unhealthy sitting posture, poor working environment and poor sleep habits, May cause back pain. Relief methods: pay attention to sitting posture and working environment: look at your working environment and make appropriate adjustments. Adjust the height of the screen to ensure that the head does not tilt up or lower when looking directly at the screen; Adjust the brightness of the screen, Don’t be too bright or too dark. Change your sleeping position: If back pain often occurs in the early morning, Think about whether there is a problem with your sleeping posture. Consult a rehabilitation doctor: If the pain does not improve for a long time, You can see a doctor in the rehabilitation department. Let the doctor decide whether physical therapy or drug therapy is needed. Shoulder Pain-Shoulder Periarthritis People around the age of 50 are prone to scapulohumeral periarthritis. Therefore, scapulohumeral periarthritis is also called [50 shoulders]. Washing clothes and cleaning the courtyard, which require repeated arm stretching exercises, may induce scapulohumeral periarthritis and shoulder pain. Relief methods: strengthen functional training: after 45 minutes of work or watching TV, do [nod, raise your head, shake your head] movements; Pay attention to cold protection and warmth preservation: Cold can cause muscles and small blood vessels to contract, Long-term muscle contraction can produce more metabolic substances, This causes pain. Knee Pain-Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is mainly caused by repeated wear and tear of joints. It is mostly seen in middle-aged and elderly friends. The main manifestation is that, Joint pain, joint stiffness after getting up in the morning, etc. Prevention methods: Weight control: Obesity puts an extra burden on the joints, So don’t let your weight go, The elderly need to pay more attention to exercise and diet to control their weight. Avoid heavy exercise: Sports such as climbing mountains and stairs are easy to cause extra burden to the knee joint and increase articular cartilage wear. Therefore, try to avoid these sports and choose low-load sports such as swimming and walking. The six problems often encountered by osteoarthritis have different pains at different ages. How to prevent these pains rationally and scientifically is more important than [mending the fold after losing the sheep].