Healthy dessert for children

Cakes, snacks, chocolates… All kinds of desserts are children’s favorites, but eating too much desserts will have a bad impact on teeth and weight.

Dessert is not a healthy snack, but parents can’t bear not to let their children eat it at all when they look at their children’s eager little eyes.

Although Ding Ma has always advocated a healthy and balanced diet for her children, it is not related to what to let her children eat some desserts occasionally, but only the amount and timing need to be paid attention to.

How should children eat sweets?

When do you eat in what?

Dessert prepared for children should be eaten together with the main meal, and at the same time, attention should be paid to reducing the amount of staple food correspondingly to avoid children’s obesity caused by excessive calorie intake.

How often?

If children do not like dessert, that is of course very good, but if children have a special liking for dessert, it is also acceptable to eat 2-3 times a week.

However, parents must not use dessert as an exchange for children to eat obediently and brush their teeth.

How much do you eat each time?

For dessert for children, it is best to control the calories within 150 kilocalories each time, and the daily sugar intake should not exceed 25g.

How to educate children to eat less sweets?

The children’s food education work is just like Dayu’s flood control, which is not blocked.

Instead of doing everything possible to prevent children from eating sweets, it is better to cultivate their good habit of eating vegetables and fruits from an early age.

Wash fresh fruits or vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.) that can be eaten raw directly, cut them into small pieces suitable for entrance, insert toothpicks decorated with cartoon patterns, and put them in a place convenient for children to take, which will easily attract children’s attention.

In addition, it is also possible to learn to make some healthy desserts for children to change their tastes occasionally. For example, natural ingredients (sweet potatoes, pumpkins, etc.) with outstanding sweet taste can be used instead of refined white granulated sugar during making, and the amount of food eaten each time can be controlled, which can not only satisfy the small greedy insects in children’s stomachs, but also cultivate children’s healthy eating habits from an early age.

Here are some healthy desserts suitable for children for parents.

Yogurt and sweet potato puree


503 kcal/3 people (enough for 3 people to eat with the following ingredients ~)


    1 sweet potato, about 300g original yogurt, 180g mixed nuts in a handful (10g peanuts + 10g almond) and raisins in a handful, about 10g


1. Chop raisins and mixed nuts;

2. Wash sweet potatoes, steam them in a pan for about 20 minutes, and press them into mud with a spoon.

3. Add a spoonful of yogurt to the mashed sweet potato and stir evenly;

4. Spread sweet potato puree on a plate and use a spoon to make the children’s favorite shape.

5. Pour yogurt spoonful by spoonful;

6. Sprinkle raisins and nuts.

Ding Ma’s Comments on

Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber (2.5 g/100g), and its sweet taste is sweet and sour with yogurt, nuts and raisins, which is deeply loved by children.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein, which can improve the dietary quality of children. Probiotics in yogurt also have a very positive effect on children’s intestinal health. Children suffering from acute gastroenteritis can also help their weight return to normal level by eating yogurt during treatment.

Tofu brownie


869 kcal/whole piece and 96.5 kcal/small piece (the following ingredients can be made into about 400 grams of brownies, cut into 9 pieces and eat one piece at a time)


    Lactone tofu 200 grams of egg, about 50 grams of whole milk 15 grams of low gluten powder 40 grams of dark chocolate row (cocoa content not less than 60%) 70 grams of fine granulated sugar 15 grams of almond about 30 grams, 30 grams


1. Break dark chocolate into small pieces and melt them together with milk in water.

2. Lactone tofu is crushed with a cooking machine or an egg beater. If you want to taste more delicate, you can sieve it again.

3. Add eggs and granulated sugar into tofu mud and mix evenly;

4. Adding the sieved low gluten powder and mixing evenly;

5. Add melted dark chocolate;

6. Place almond in a fresh-keeping bag, beat it to pieces with a rolling pin, and then add almond to batter;

7. Pour batter into the mold and scrape the surface flat with a rubber scraper;

8. Put it into a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes, leave it in the oven after baking, cool it naturally to normal temperature, then take it out and demould it.

9. It is better to put it in the refrigerator for a night.

Ding Ma’s Comments on

Using lactone tofu instead of butter can not only reduce calories, but also increase the protein content in dessert and improve nutritional value. Moreover, tofu can effectively reduce beany smell after baking, which is a good alternative for children who do not like to drink soya-bean milk and eat tofu.

Banana Oat Soft Cookie


240 kcal/4 yuan (don’t be greedy, eat 1-2 yuan at a time is enough)


    1 cup of combined oats and 1 ripe banana, about 200g


1. Put the comprehensive oats and bananas into a sealed bag and beat them into mud with a rolling pin;

2. Use a scraper or a small spoon to arrange the mixed raw materials in the baking tray, and the shape can be brought into full play;

3. Oven 180 degrees, bake for 20 minutes.

Ding Ma’s Comments on

Bananas are a natural source of sweetness. Instead of honey, white granulated sugar can effectively reduce calories and provide rich potassium. Moreover, using fast-cooked oatmeal instead of ordinary low-gluten flour, cookies made in this way reduce calories by nearly half compared with cookies on the market.

If you have a baking mold at home, you can also use the mold to make cookies into the shapes of various small animals, which can stimulate children’s appetite.

Sweet Soup with Red Bean and Pumpkin


344 kcal/2 person


    Pumpkin, palm-sized piece, about 200g yam, half root, about 100g red bean, 1 full porcelain spoon, about 30g peanut, 1 full porcelain spoon, 20g

Brown sugar is just for you to see


1. Wash pumpkin and yam, steam in a pan for about 30 minutes, and easily pass through with chopsticks.

2. At the same time, add a proper amount of water to red beans and peanuts into the electric rice cooker, and boil them until soft and rotten with the [porridge] function;

3. Steam pumpkin and yam, cool, peel, cut into small pieces, and put into a bowl;

4. Add the cooked red bean soup. Those who like sweet osmanthus can also sprinkle some on the surface to increase the flavor.


It is better not to peel yam before steaming, otherwise it will change color quickly and the mucus sticking to hands during peeling will also itch. After steaming directly in the pan, it not only peels well, but also keeps the white color in the air after peeling, which is very pleasing to the eye when matched with the orange-red pumpkin.

Ding Ma’s Comments on

Pumpkin, yam and red bean have fresh sweet taste. The aroma of peanuts and sweet osmanthus enriches the taste of sweet soup and is very suitable for children to eat.

If the weather is hot, adding a small amount of ice cubes or milk shaved ice at the bottom of the bowl is a good summer ice product, which can replace ice cream for children to enjoy.