High uric acid, gout should not eat sour food? Vinegar, lemon, yogurt?

I believe every friend with high uric acid and gout is full of all kinds of [acid and alkali matters]:

Gout can reduce uric acid. Uric acid is high, be careful of gout; Attention should be paid to alkalized urine…

It seems that [acid] is extremely vicious and [alkali] is good.

When faced with sour foods such as vinegar, lemon and yogurt, many friends may struggle. Is it not good to eat sour foods?

Don’t be fooled by all kinds of [alkaline products]

There has been a saying among the people that [alkaline constitution is good, acidic constitution is easy to get sick]. In fact, such a saying has no scientific basis and can even be said to be nonsense without hesitation.

Under normal circumstances, the pH value of human blood and other liquids is kept in a normal range, for example, the pH value of blood fluctuates between 7.35 and 7.45. Therefore, there is no need to do anything, human blood is also weakly alkaline and healthy. And those who are blown like magic drugs [alkaline products] are just trying to hollow out the pockets of ordinary people.

Foods that become alkaline after metabolism are good for gout.

Although [acid and alkali constitution] is nonsense, Dr. Clove has also said before that [soda water, cucumbers, carrots and other “alkaline foods” are beneficial to gout]. However, such advice is not aimed at healthy people, but is only for gout patients.

The above-mentioned foods can be alkaline after metabolism in the body, which will have a certain impact on urine pH, help uric acid excretion and reduce the possibility of renal uric acid stones.

However, it should be stressed that although foods that are alkaline after metabolism are beneficial to gout, their effects are very limited and cannot replace the treatment of drugs such as sodium bicarbonate tablets.

Food that tastes sour is not necessarily true [sour]

Our body is very complicated, not barrels, what is poured into the inside, what is filled in. After any food or drug enters the body, a series of complicated physical and chemical reactions will take place, and the components eventually absorbed are not the same as before.

Let’s analyze several common sour foods to see if gout can be eaten.

1. Vinegar or mature vinegar

This should be the sour food that everyone is most concerned about.

The main component of vinegar is acetic acid. One of the major characteristics of vinegar is acid, and its pH value is indeed less than 7. Acetic acid will undergo a series of reactions after entering the body, eventually generating carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide is discharged out of the body with respiration, and the remaining water is no longer acid.

The result is that gout can be assured of jealousy. However, it is necessary to avoid taking it with alkaline drugs such as sodium bicarbonate.

Step 2: Lemon or lemonade

Lemon, unlike vinegar, has more effective components and is rich in vitamin C, potassium, citric acid, etc., so it is impossible to analyze its [acid and alkali] effects through a single chemical component. However, at present, most scholars believe that foods rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and other metal elements have [alkalization] effects.

At the same time, because when people eat lemons, most of them are in the form of lemonade, and it is also good to drink more water for gout.

When eating, lemonade is recommended. Drinking more water virtually brings additional benefits.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a lactic acid bacteria fermented product, while milk food is alkaline after metabolism. Some friends may also be concerned about [so many lactic acid bacteria, so many cells, purine value will be very high? ].

However, the fact is that the purine value of yogurt is not high. In addition, a large number of epidemiological studies have found that low-fat dairy products are conducive to preventing gout, and yogurt is also beneficial to reducing uric acid.

Friends who like to drink yogurt should stop worrying about whether they are sour or not and drink as much as they like.