How about sugar-free moon cakes and health-care moon cakes? Doctor Clove teaches you how to eat healthily during the festival.

I don’t know that since what, everyone has also begun to treat moon cakes cautiously. The biggest problem with moon cakes lies in their high sugar and fat content. Moon cakes have less water and more oil and sugar. And oil and sugar are such things that have very high calories. One gram of sugar or starch has 4 kilocalories. One gram of fat has 9 kilocalories. Not to mention young people who need bodybuilding, for old friends with chronic diseases, especially diabetes, these calories are severe tests of body functions. So, aren’t there various [healthy moon cakes] introduced by businesses now, such as sugar-free moon cakes and health-care moon cakes, etc. Are these healthy moon cakes really healthier? Sugar-free moon cakes are not true [sugar-free] 1. It is just that sugar-free moon cakes [sugar-free moon cakes] have become quite popular in recent years. It claims to have no sugar and will not raise blood sugar, which is a blessing for diabetics. Is it true? In fact, [sugar-free moon cakes] just have no sucrose, From a technical point of view, It is actually an unqualified claim, It also raises blood sugar, Diabetics also can’t eat more. 2. Starch is also sugar. Sugar is actually the common name of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates include not only sucrose, which we usually eat, It also includes starch, flour and other polysaccharides. China’s nutrition labeling standards stipulate that, If a food is to be claimed to be [sugar-free], It is required to meet the requirement that the sugar content in solid or liquid food should not exceed 0.5 g (carbohydrate) per 100g or 100ml. Moon cakes are mainly made of flour. Even if no sucrose is added to it, its main component is carbohydrate such as starch, which is also a source of carbohydrate and is difficult to meet the national standard of sugar-free food. Thus, [sugar-free moon cake] is not [sugar-free] in the true sense. 3. [invisible sugar] have you ever paid attention to it? In fact, businesses claim that sugar-free mostly just does not use sucrose, but uses sweeteners, such as xylitol, etc., but it does not mean that there is no sugar at all. Lotus seeds in moon cakes, beans, starch in nuts, sugar in fruits, flour in moon cakes’ skins, can be converted into glucose and will also raise blood sugar. How do diabetics eat? For people with diabetes and hyperglycemia, There is still a need to limit consumption, You might as well cut the moon cakes into one-fourth or even one-eighth pieces every time you eat them. Eat a small piece at a time, You can taste a variety of flavors, Don’t worry too much about blood sugar rising too fast. Besides, Although sugar-free moon cakes do not add sucrose, But it still contains grease, It belongs to high-fat and high-energy food. Nor do you eat mooncakes in large quantities. [Health Care] Moon cakes, Not healthy, many businesses claim to use bird’s nest, shark’s fin, abalone and other delicacies in their moon cakes, They claim to have health care effects. But these mooncakes may have these problems: 1. Not more nutritious abalone, shark’s fin, bird’s nest, etc. Although it is a delicious food, Nutritional value is good, However, they are not more nutritious than other common foods, and their so-called health functions do not have sufficient scientific evidence. Most of them are just marketing methods. What’s more, abalone, shark’s fin, bird’s nest and other ingredients are only added in a small amount, which can play a limited role. Even if there is a so-called health care function, how many moon cakes do you have to eat to play a role? 2. There is a risk of pollution. If abalone, shark’s fin and bird’s nest are not properly handled and moon cakes are not properly preserved, There will be greater security risks. In addition, Adding animal raw materials such as abalone and shark’s fin will also increase safety risks because they are more likely to breed bacteria. 3. Salt exceeding the standard These salty moon cakes may add salt in order to match the flavor of the ingredients. For patients with hypertension and other diseases, excessive consumption of these [health care] moon cakes will easily lead to excessive salt intake. How do patients with hypertension and gout eat them? Seafood, abalone and other health moon cakes, As it contain seafood and aquatic raw materials, Patients with gout and high uric acid should eat as little as possible. However, people with higher blood pressure, When buying moon cakes, try to choose less salty moon cakes, Such as ham moon cakes, egg yolk moon cakes, cinnamon pickled mustard tuber chestnut paste moon cakes, Because the sodium content of these moon cakes will be relatively high. Five-kernel moon cakes, You don’t understand that love five-kernel moon cakes are moon cakes made of five kinds of nut kernels. It is mainly peanut kernel, sesame kernel, walnut kernel, almond and watermelon seed kernel. A few years ago, the Internet noisily [blackened] the five-kernel moon cake for a while. It is said that the five-kernel moon cake tastes bad, A lot of people don’t like it. But, In fact, for old friends and friends with chronic diseases, Five-kernel moon cakes are actually a healthier choice. Peanut kernels, sesame kernels, walnut kernels, almonds and watermelon seeds in five-kernel moon cakes are all very good nuts. Rich in high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, eating some properly also has benefits. Moreover, these nuts can also reduce the postprandial blood sugar reaction of moon cakes, so, five-kernel moon cakes are actually a good choice for diabetes, hypertension, middle-aged and elderly people, etc. However, of course, the energy of five-kernel moon cakes is also very high, and the amount should be controlled when eating them. How to eat moon cakes healthily? 1. Delicious and not greedy. The biggest problem with moon cakes is their high energy. Therefore, it is best not to eat more every time you eat, For example, only half a large moon cake is eaten every day, Or a small moon cake. 2. Control the total energy balance. Worried about the high energy of moon cakes, But moon cakes are only part of the daily diet, If you are worried about getting fat, If you eat more moon cakes, Reducing other foods appropriately, Just control the total energy not too much. For example, Eating moon cakes in the evening, Rice or steamed bread and other staple foods for dinner, You can reduce it appropriately. 3. You should also go out for more exercise during holidays. Generally speaking, The holidays are only a few days old, There is really no need to be disappointed by worrying about getting fat, You may as well take advantage of your holidays to go out for more activities. Not only can you breathe fresh air to relax, It can also lose more energy and fat. So, Don’t stay at home and play with your mobile phone during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Go out. 4. Diet balance, eat more vegetables and fruits, not only love big fish and big meat. During the holidays, many people like big fish and big meat, but also eat a lot of moon cakes. However, for the sake of health, we may as well pay attention to adding more vegetables and fruits in our diet, which can increase the intake of dietary fiber and is also good for health. How can there be no crabs if there are moon cakes? The so-called “no crab, no Mid-Autumn Festival”. Do you know how to eat crabs for chronic patients?