How can one be healthy and not gain weight when eating out every day?

First of all, it is stated that this is not an advertisement post.

In this article, there will not be any restaurant name… However, Dr. Clove will give you a series of recommended cuisines and tell you how to eat them in order to be healthier.

Canteen, take-out, home cooking

This is probably the most common working meal, with rich dishes, but there are many problems.

1. Very salty and greasy

Eating too salty will increase the risk of hypertension, and the latest research shows that people with heavy tastes are also at higher risk of obesity.

Solution: Don’t eat vegetable soup.

Vegetable soup is a gathering place for all kinds of grease, salt and sugar. [Vegetable soup mixed with rice] is the next choice.

2. The diet structure is not balanced.

Most people only think about taste when ordering food. More meat and less vegetables are the most common problems, especially takeout.

Solution: More vegetables.

How much vegetables should I eat?

It’s about 50% of your meal, and 99% of the people don’t have enough.

If the vegetables in the canteen are few or too oily, you can bring some cucumbers and tomatoes by yourself, or burn some vegetables before going out in the morning.

Maocai, Hot Pot, Malatang

Maocai, hot pot and malatang are actually very similar. We need to be careful about the following points:

1. Easy to eat too much

[More orders] are common. Especially hot pot, it is often either eaten or wasted in the end.

Solution: Always order 2/3 of your expected food.

If it is not enough, you can add more at any time.

2. Sauce

In fact, hot pot, malatang and Maocai could have been very healthy! It’s just that with these foods, they are often high-oil and high-salt sauces and pan bottoms.

Solution: Rub off the vegetable soup and oil soup, dip in chopsticks before picking up the vegetable.

Try to choose clear soup bottom and soup bottom with less fat. You can put more scallion and garlic vinegar on the dip and chop pepper instead of chili oil. Sesame paste and peanut butter are high in calories, so don’t put too much.

There is a way in the United States, that is, dip the tableware in the seasoning first, and then go to the food to eat, which has a certain taste and is healthy.

Lamian Noodles, Spaghetti, Various Powders

Lamian Noodles, cold noodles, spaghetti… are essential for pasta lovers, but…

Only staple food!

Although these flour and flour foods are convenient and taste good, they are only staple food and lack protein and vegetables.

Solution: Feed!

You can add any protein you like: beef, shredded chicken, eggs, shrimps, tofu, etc.

For example, when ordering cold noodles and skins, you can also ask the master to put more cucumber shreds, radish shreds and bean sprouts.

Pizza, hamburger, sandwich

As a role in [junk food], hamburger sandwich pizza has a complicated mood…

1. High calories and fat

Even so, these Western fast foods also contain a lot of protein. If you eat less, it is also a good source of nutrition.

Solution: Pack half before eating.

The United States has the simplest method. It calls on everyone to pack hamburgers before eating them, which helps to control the amount of food eaten.

Moreover, this fast food is very convenient to reheat, whether it is in an oven or a microwave oven, it is delicious.

Step 2: Salad dressing

Salad dressing is rich in fat. In some hamburger sandwiches, mayonnaise Thousand Island dressing can be found in many kinds of dressing.

Solution:Change! Or scrape it off!

Many restaurant salad dressings are provided separately, and you can choose and adjust them independently. We can also ask the restaurant waiters to put less or no salad dressings.

If not, please open the hamburger manually and scrape off some salad dressing before eating it.

Fried chicken, kebabs, roadside stalls

The fried chicken kebab roadside stall is really unhealthy, but it is really delicious!

1. Oil! Very oily!

Not only will it gain weight, it will also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Solution: Peeling.

Fried chicken braised chicken skin, kebab stripped off the burnt place, where fried, where there is more oil, stripped off, eat the rest.

Fried chicken skin is the best to eat. I also eat wool after stripping it.

The way to have both delicious and healthy is to eat less. If you only eat fried chicken once a month, you don’t have to pay too much attention to skinning.

2. It’s all meat

When it comes to kebabs, most people only order meat + wine, which is very dangerous.

Solution: Add vegetables, add vegetables.

Generally, where you can eat skewers and fried chicken, there will be cold dishes to order. Is it always possible to take a cucumber? Don’t go to roadside stalls. Food poisoning is not an hour.

Cakes, drinks, ice cream

1. Sugar, good polysaccharide

Dessert cake ice cream contains at least half of the sugar. Eating too much not only tends to gain weight, but also increases the risk of various diseases.

Solution: Eat slowly + drink water.

Eat a mouthful of cake, drink a mouthful of water, eat another mouthful of cake, drink another mouthful of water. The aim is to help you slow down and control your dessert desire in time.

2. Appetite Outbreak

Sugar is addictive. Seeing beautiful cakes and attractive ice cream, it is very easy to eat too much.

Solution: Don’t be too depressed and buy less at a time.

Sometimes the more depressed you are, the easier it is to overeat. Therefore, when you feel that you especially want dessert, just buy yourself some to relieve your craving and eat less staple food.